Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby & What a Home Birth Is Like

Cupcake in the morning...(day 9)...
I am amazed every moment that I look at her..and think she was perfectly formed like this, in my tummy just a week and half ago! And now I get to hold her and look and her angelic little face!

I wanted to share with you all what a Home Birth is like...
which is funny because I used to think that I'd never have a home birth...that is was somehow gross or messy... ha ha ha...and we're just all conditioned (well at least in the US)...that a hospital is where you go to have a baby!

How funny...to see how wrong I was about Home Births! And now after 4 labor & deliveries of all my precious babies...that my HOME BIRTH experience was the most incredible birth ever!

From Home Birth Skeptic...to Home Birth Advocate! ha ha ha
My midwife team with my mama, Shannon!
(I love these ladies!) 
Sheri Uhrig (doula and birthing coach), Tiffany Hoffman (midwife assistant and massage therapist), Sherry Asp (my amazing midwife!)...and my mom, Shannon-who's been my labor coach for the last 3 babies!
if you want to find out more about MIDWIFERY (I think that's such a funny sounding word..."mid-wiff-ery)...you can go to my midwife's, Sherry's (the one next to my mom) website:
AND her doula assistant and Hypno-Birthing Instructor (you're not hypnotised, just an incredible way to relax during labor and delivery):

I love these girls...I wish they could be there for each of you that are going to be having a baby!

So if you want to know what's a home birth is like...let me tell ya!

PS... To all my precious kandee family that are in medical school or are doctors...just want you to know that, I know there are fabulous, caring doctors...just my personal experience, not so much with  the doctors, but the hospital's procedures and protocol have been "not so great" for me! ha ha ha
I think it's a wonderful gift  that doctors can help save lives, and if something were to go wrong I would be so thankful for a great doctor!

This home birth experience, is just something I wanted to share...with you all...no matter how your baby gets here....the baby is the miracle!
huge hugs and love....your friend, kandee


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