Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Get Compliments:

just wear a panda jacket! ha ha ha ha

Cupcake (AKA ELyse) gets soooo many compliments on her Panda jacket!
This was a Target...Harajuku jacket, I know I love their stuff!

And leap year doesn't like me blogging on it...have had computer probs all morning!

panda and leap years, kandee

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roomspiration Kids Edition: chandeliers, tutus & R2D2

 I love room ideas....
especially kid's and baby room ideas....
So yesterday when we went to The Grove, I always love to whirl through Pottery Barn kids...and this is what I saw....
Okay, the adhesive tree with the paper butter butterlies, chandelier with fabric cord cover, white wooden trim- sold- I love it all!!!
 Next, this scrumptious summer sky blue is called HEAVEN ON EARTH by BENJAMIN MOORE paints.
 Metal Letters with prints on them- adorable....but looks like "A" is in many more names than they thought, since "X" does not come before "b". ha ha ha ha
 My little Elyse, checking out all the "bee-bee's"....her favorite, also knows to you and me, as babies.
 I think these modern "flying bird" mobiles are so's boy blue......and
and pink...this would be one amazing idea to hang over a "baby changing" area...maybe it would keep baby's attention long enough to get a diaper, in a very "amused" manner.

I just love the "sailor-esque", classic navy blue and white, star pattern pillowcase....this was on a little toddler bed, next to a crib with the same pattern. Love this! You know me and stars!

 Look at this retro play kitchen in pink!  Two words: I LOVE!
 Anytime there's a chandelier anywhere.....I'm instantly endeared. Please, look at the "tutu" like bedskirt.
 Now, because I have boys...I appreciate the boy decor too...and this R2D2 pretty droid, cool!
 And then with a turn of the rug rack, we're back in the pink! How timelessly adorable is this pink rug?
this rug has one of my favorite color combos: light pink and pale sage/lime green
this lavender rug...with this white design......I la-la-la-love....

 I just think these ruffle curtains would make any room so girly and's like a dress for any window that wears it. This would be so romantic in a beautiful bathroom with white french doors or floor length windows. And any girls room would look so soft and adorable! I am in love with these!
and last but not least....the little paper flags are so charming and adorable....I asked the guy if they sold them and he said no, they made them by just cutting out all the triangles from paper with cute prints, punch holes in them, then wove a ribbon through them and hung them. He said it took sooooo long. But it was adorable and worth every second, I think!

Hope this gave you some fun roomspiration ideas to adopt and add to the already amazing ideas you have in your head!

hugs and thanks for "virtual shopping" with me! The best part is, neither one of us spent any money! ha ha haha

chandeliers, kandee


Monday, February 27, 2012

I wish it was Sunday...Cause that's my Fun Day...

 ..but it's just another Manic Monday.
Facts of Life: Did you know the Bangles, sang that song and that Prince, wrote that for them.
See you learn things when you read my blogs. 
Ok, that was not a fact of life, at all, but as you will see above, some "fun of life", is when you realize your nail polish matches the outfit of your little love-bear.
Punkin' in her Harajuku outfit, but the pants have gotten all "bally", you know when the fabric gets all "fuzzy-balled-up", need to bust out my "lint-ball" tool.
(in case anyone wants to know, it's Greycian Goddess, I think, nail polish from L'Oreal)
 We had such a fun, fun, fun Sunday.....I will blog more about it, but it's 12:46 am and my camera is sitting next to me with it's memory card still in it, full of pics to go through, and I am a wee bit too tired to upload and go through them! ha ha ha These pics were just from my good ol' iphone.
My earring disappeared faster than a slice of cheesecake placed in front of me!
So this is the only earring I took out tonight, since the baby pulled the other one out at dinner and the back fell off. I set it on the table and it must have been swept into the plates when the guy cleared out where to be found.

Ha ha ha ha....I people wonder why I wear mis-matched earrings! ha ha ha ha
But really, when you wear the mis-

AND- best compliment I got all day: The girl that recognized me from Youtube, that was our waitress, told me she has met other Youtube gurus who weren't very nice, but she said, "you are so sweet! And you're just like you are in your videos!"...

leaving a trail of earrings everywhere I go, your kandee


Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm On A Plane

 This is how I look when I travel....
This is me on a plane...
You gotta love Southwest bags, baby!
As you all probably know, I was born in LA....moved to the boonies....moved back to LA (which is where I really got my start in make-up) I live back in the boonies...but I travel to LA...allllllllll the time. (plus all my family is there, so for birthdays and especially when my sister has her baby- I'm gonna be on stand-by on the phone- to race to the airport when she goes in to labor- she asked if I'd be there to help her!)
The last 2 months, I think I 've been here for work like every other week...for some kind of shoot or filming of something. The awesome part is, everyone that I work with knows I have a baby, and works with my "baby schedule", usually during a shoot- when everyone else takes a lunch break, that's when I go feed baby (still nursin') and get her to go to sleep for a nap with my mom, then go back and the time she wakes up again, I'm done! It is so great. Even when I worked on How Do I Look, for the Style channel, baby was with me on set (and my precious mom, who has helped me with all my babies, including Jordan), and everyone was so great- they even bought her a travel baby swing!
I don't work on long shoots anymore, because it's too hard to work a long day like that with all my little ones.
Quick trips, even flying, can be exhausting...and my "mom-tourage" comes with me....
Like when I got to go to the Emmy's - all the kids and my mom, got to visit with my sister right next door to the Emmy', then I ran back as soon as I had a chance. And Alani thought I looked like a princess...which totally made my whole night!

But now that baby is walking, it makes things a little trickier in the airport, because she just wants to go everywhere...she wants to walk down the aisle in the plane... she wants to wave at everyone, she even tried to pat the guy's hair, who was sitting in front of us while we waited to take off! ha ha ha
 The screeners at security always "love" my Zuca bag- they're like, "what is that"...."what are all those things in your bag", from all the metal or magentic palettes or other things in my make-up kit! ha ha ha

The Oscars are today. Now, boy do I wish I got to go to that! I will not be at the Oscars at all...but we can all pretend we are there together ok! What are you going to wear our "imagination" trip to the Oscars?

I've been thinking about doing a "how to travel with your make-up" video and maybe "what to take when you travel with your kids" or "what to take when you travel with a baby" video...because I travel a lot with not just my make-up gear, but my all my babies' gear too!

Plus, while I'm here I'm trying to set up something really super cool to film to show you guys on youtube- like this is going to be a pretty huge before and after, if I can do it! We'll see- but if I can, this is gonna be soooooooooo fun to show you guys!

Let me know what videos you'd like to see. I better go for now, I'm so tired, it's like 12:47am and my whole "mom-tourage" is asleep already is not sleeping that well because of her teething, she wakes up a lot during the night, so I better sleep while I can, because we are certainly not getting much sleep during this teething time of life....huge hugs from the City of Angels....I love when I'm here, I just wish I had more time to visit with all my family and friends,


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lil Love and Her Fancy Stuff

Get ready because this blog post  is prett-teeeee fanceeeeeeeey!
This is my lil' love, who brings so much joy to our whole house - from the moment she wakes up with her big, 2 tooth, smile, to just watching her sleep.
But back to the fancy-ness!
And nothin' says fancy like striped leggings and a "fancy" shirt! Oh, and sitting on a fancy chair!
This was her first official "purse" and that blue and hot pink thingy, under her arm, is her "first lipstick" that came with her first purse. I know, it just keeps getting fancier and fancier.

And if you want to know where we got our fancy chair- good ol' Home Goods! I love there!
Baby Style breakdown:
I think her leggings are from Target.
And I'm having a hard time remembering where the shirt came from..I know it came with pants and a jacket- but we don't wear those. hmmm, maybe Ross, I don't's late and my brain isn't that great when it's tired.

see you in the flip-blog- that's the equivalent of "the flip side"...
sha-fancy flance flam, kandee


Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventure Walking

we have a little trail we've discovered we like to go walking on....(well, this is on ly the 3rd time we've done it! ha ha ha)
This picture was taken with my one arm way over my head to see if she was still awake. After she was asleep I pulled the lil' sleeping shade over her head and we finished our walk.
Or as we called it the other day, "A treasure walk"....because Blakey found a really cool treasure- a golf ball.

Little lady, Elyse, fell asleep shortly after leaving the house and me singing songs... yes, no one was around to hear me, so it was ok.

We've discovered that she loves to be in the Ergo Carrier when she's on my back! Alani and Blakey loved riding in it, front style- but every baby is different!

This ERGO CARRIER is one from their super cute Petunia Pickle Bottom prints....

these are soooooo cute!
We love our Ergo....Alani was always in hers.  All day at Disneyland. Grocery Shopping. While I would do chores around the house, going for walks, anywhere!

It felt so good to be outside in the sunshine, breathing in fresh air and hearing our steps in the dirt! I suggest everyone take a "treasure walk", wherever you live this weekend! Walk by yourself with your music or enjoy the company of a friend or your little ones....
it's amazing how relaxing, calming, and just good for your soul...a walk can be!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Ready for an Exciting New Video!

I love this picture for 85 reasons! ha ha
I know I already blogged about how you guys may have seen me featured as a"guest mommy blogger cool-baby-stuff-picker-outer" on Walmart's website! 
So even though you can see me and my "right after baby was born" picture on the Baby Days event page, and all the cool "kandee-esque" baby things under my picks....
I thought it might be a fun time to do an "Our Baby and kid -tested, Mom approved" picks of things we love from good ol' Walmart!
Especially since I just did our "Target Haul (aka shop n share!)"...and you guys had asked for a Walmart haul too!
 Look at her crack me up- I love this little face!
(and ofcourse her Hello Kitty outfit and purple leggings are from Walmart too)
We need a new name for Walmart, like how Target, has Tar-jay...ha ha ha
 Oh me and my little love bugs had so much fun making this video together..Alani and Blake even make a sneak peek to show off their favorite things! (but you don't see their faces....since my ex-hubby, asked me not to show their cute lil' faces, upclose on youtube- and they got pretty upclose! ha ha ha)
Some cozy up to the monitor for a second and watch little Elyse (aka Cupcake, AKA Ellie)- steal the show! No one even probably will listen to what I'm saying because she's so much more entertaining to watch!

You can see all the things on the "Kandee Johnson Mommy Blogger Picks" here:
Here's the links to all the stuff we love in the video (I couldn't find the link to the Hello Kitty dress though):
V-Tech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo -

Graco Spree Travel System (in Twister print) -

Graco 2-in-1 SimpleSwitch Highchair in Twister -

Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed-

Graco Swing Me 2 in 1 Portable Baby Swing in Twister -

Graco Pack n' Play Playard in Twister-

Disney Minnie Mouse Chair-
Baby Boom Zebra Diaper Bag

So now I did my Target haul, walmart haul- that you guys asked for- now I just need to do my Whole Foods haul! ha haha

1. I was dressed like I was gonna have time to work out in this video- I never made it to fit in a work out! ha ha ha
2. I moved my flower ball, lamp and table (I got both at Home Goods) to use because my room looked empty, and I love it so much, I left it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We saw Justin Bieber at the store: he's really quiet.

Me and Ellie, who wanted to hold and touch everything, everywhere....and walk and walk and walk and walk.....
My little "Pop of Color" in the store....
Be prepared when your baby leans to walk- it will take you much longer to go places, because they want to walk all over the place. Usually in a zig zag pattern, or just walk in circles. But we were prepared- so we just patiently walked all around with our "mini-mover"!
 Blaker was mesmerized by all the "talking" and "light up" toy demos boxes- brilliant idea toy companies!
 My, two "pop" of colorfulness brightening up the aisles....Alani loves to walk around with the baby.

Then we saw Justin Bieber in the store. He was a little more quiet than I thought he'd be. We said hi to the Beebs, checked out and headed for home.

from me and the Beebs, have an awesome, colorful day, kandee


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Wake Up Happy (with messy hair)

Too cute
Two pictures
Two tooth smile
Morning hair makes us laugh...
Princess jammies make us cozy
And since glo-worm went flying into the toilet on accident, the other day...."glo sea-horse" has now stepped into the "glow" spotlight.

Oh, how my heart jumps for joy at the sight of all my little ones with messy hair, in the morning...
Elyse, is all smiles, the second her eyes are open...
Blakey, is my smiley, love bug, asking, "what did you dream about?"....
Alani, is my slow-waker-upper....that just prefers to silently cuddle....
And not much of a morning person...(but not sure too many teenage boys are)....
And I'm smiling the second my eyes are open...because I know I get to see all these little eyes, waiting for me to look at them with loving eyes, shower them in loving words,  wrap them in loving arms...
just filling them up with love, confidence and joy...

as a mom, I love knowing that even though the world may be cruel and unkind sometimes...that our home is always a place of safety, love, kindness and encouragement...
kids need to know that there is one place they know they will always be love and encouraged and safe...
and that is at home.....with lots of morning messy hair, that we love!!

messy hair and yummy breakfast, your kandee


Monday, February 20, 2012

Me and Baby Video: What's in your Target Bags Lady!

Sometimes me and baby make videos together- the tutorials would be hard to do, holding her, so that's when my mom comes over to help! ha ha ha
 She loves her baby and says "bay-beeeee", all the time!
 And, most of the time she just wants to just get really close to the video camera and grab it! ha ha ha As you will see in this video!
 awww, we really love baby dolls!

And since everyone always asks me to do a "haul" (I still don't like that name, but everyone still calls them that...), for what I bought at the grocery store, like Whole Foods or what I buy when I go to Target or's the first one I went to, Target (AKA Tar-jay)...I will do a Whole Foods and Walmart haul too, for everyone that asked!
So get cozy...and come see what I have inside my Target bags!
Finally, I upload a new video to my "The Kandee Johnson Show" channel on Youtube- my random vlog and mommy/baby video channel!

So, let's go see what I got, from baby to beauty stuff! (I know, the trash bags are not exciting!):

my favorite part is when she tries to grab the camera and get right in front of the lens...ha ha ha

huge hugs from me and baby, Kandee

PS. Yes, I know- my imovie is still going nutso and adding clips back in that I removed when I export it- like the "double"  and imovie are gonna have a talk!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

How To Party Like Your 15

Me and Jordan, my birthday boy...who is so much taller than me it's scary. 
He said for his birthday he wanted to have a bunch of friends over, to spend the as I type this, Jordan's room is full of his friends. 
5 pizzas were ordered to feed them.
Lots of milk glasses were filled to wash down their birthday cake.
And they all went to movies, while I finished baking and icing the cake.
 I thought it would be funny to buy big fake gold chains for all Jordan's friends for his birthday....and lo and behold, as I walked into Target the other day, near the dollar area in the front, they had these "gold dollar bling" necklaces in the St. Patty's day stuff!
 I finally remembered my "world's best chocolate cake recipe"! And I found my "world's best chocolate icing recipe too!".....and yes, I filmed me making it so a "how to" video will be on it's way soon!!!

BEST COMPLIMENT OF THE NIGHT: After the boys started eating the cake one said:
and another one said:
and another one said:

 Jordan said the only way they'd all wear the "gold bling" necklaces I got them, to the movies, was if  he could pick out what I would wear, and it would all be all clothes from his closet. ha ha ha ha He should know by now, that I would probably say "ok, I would"!
 Jordan may be 15 now, but he's not too cool to still hold his baby sister. He picked her up and took her to go meet all his friends when they came over...he's such a good big brother.
And Blakey was in heaven to get to hang out with the guys in Jordan's room! He even ate 3 slices of pizza with the boys at the table. He was so excited to get to sit with them.

And when Blakey gave Jordan his present, which was a box full of some of his matchbox cars- Jordan was so sweet and told him they were "so cool!" and his favorite cars. And Alani remembered that Jordan had said how he liked the game Clue, so she picked that out to give him. And Jordan and one of his other friends said, she made it a party by giving him that! She was so excited!

Jordan said this was his favorite birthday...
but maybe it's because he can't remember the year I made him a big cake that looked like a monster truck arena, and had monster truck everything! ha ha ha Well he was about'm excited he said this was his favorite!

going to get another slice of chocolate cake, your kandee


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swinging, Walking, Walmart & Almost Party Time

 Yesterday after I finished typing my blogs in Starbucks, while my mom played with the kids...
We took baby for her first time in a swing....
as you can see, the look on her face is: not impressed
and about 2.5 seconds later, she was back in my arms
after lunch of sandwiched and soup...more walking...we picked Alani up from school
and headed to hunt for Jordan's birthday presents...his birthday is tomorrow!
this was baby nearly "running" with Nana (AKA my mom) and Blakey! Gotta love my blurry iphone pics!
And this is Sir Jordanicus (AKA Jordan)'s favorite cake- which I cannot find my recipe for anywhere...OR the recipe for my famous chocolate icing! I though I had blogged about my recipes for this cake and icing- but I can't find it anywhere! I can't find where I wrote down my recipe on paper, anywhere either! I have to make this in about an hour too. And I made the recipe up, so I can't search for this recipe anywhere! ha ha ha

So I have to get ready because, my house is going to get a bit crazier with the arrival of 6 teenage boys who will be spending the night. I had to go buy extra food last night- they eat a lot of food!

And last but not least, I am so excited-
Especially since the 2 stores I go to the most are Walmart and Target!
Walmart asked ME, if I'd like to be their guest "baby picker" and pick some of my favorite baby products AND pick out some things that I think are the best deals, cute stuff, and a few different things I think are cute from all different price ranges for the Baby Days!
They don't carry my favorite big carseats, Britax- any they are kinda pricey (but worth it), so there are some "budget friendly picks" too!
And if you go to today, look who's there!
A lil' picture of me- I almost had a heart attack! And I love that I have no make-up on in the picture they used! ha ha ha
No, I'm not a Walmart ambassador or spokesperson  (even though I feel like I could be the Walmart and Target spokesperson, because I shop there and talk about them so much! ha ha ha But it's because I really do shop there ALL the time!)
No one pays me to shop there, no one pays me to say I like them- I just really do!
The people at walmart are so nice, and they told me that by being the "guest baby picker", they'd feature me on their website- I just didn't know when, or what picture they'd use...but it turns out- it's up there today...and I did not send them that picture of me right after baby was born, with no make-up on! ha ha ha
you can see it here...
(Everyone asked me to do a "what you buy at the grocery store or Target or Walmart video so-I just finished doing my "what we bought at Target video- still need to upoload it- maybe I'll do one of all our Walmart goodies too!)

Now I'm off to go hunt for that cake recipe and finish wrapping Jordan's presents!
And hopefully not have to run to the store, because I think I am missing ingredients from my missing cake recipe!

off and running for my baking apron, your kandee



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