Friday, February 10, 2012

This is how we don't match...

Looking at this picture made me wish me had "mommy and me",  matching outfits....
ha ha ha ha
We don't match at all....her in sailor stripes and be in neon and checkers! ha ha ha

Today we put together our new took a while because I spent more time taking apart what I thought I put together wrong
I'm gonna test out the stroller first and if I still like it as much as I think I do today, I'll tell you guys about it..and tell you about the other strollers I've tried or used (with all the babies I've had) that I loved and others that were a total waste of money! ha ha ha

I've meant to do more posts about "baby reviews" for some of my fav baby items and essentials, but let me know what you guys would like me to review or what you'd like to know more of what my "baby favorites" are.
huge huge huge hugs, kandee


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