Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick Days, Soup and Stache Mugs

some people call them sick days...I like to call them, "cuddle and love you better days"....
and I filled my mustache mug up numerous times with hot water and Yogi's Nursing Tea (I'm still nursing, so it's the only tea I drink- no weirdy herbs that might not be good for baby)
I've been battling a cold and my ear problem and today the score was:
Kandee - 0
Virus - 100
The doctor said this "is going around"....I don't like when things are "going around"...because with Jordan and Alani in means they always get to bring home whatever is "going around"....then it gets a go at our house.
I want to get a door mat that says: If you're a virus, you're NOT welcome.
 I poured yummy bowls full of Butternut Squash Soup for me and all my lil "patients"....
 Alani got the minty green bowl....and as you can see her "soup dipping" bread looks like it's running away from the bowl....
"and baby bear's bowl was just right....." ...even my littlest "bear" loved the Butternut Squash soup...
I love being able to fill my babies up with love and bowl fulls of warm soup, refill water glasses,
wrap them in cozy blankies, and hugging, loving, and making them as comfy as I can.
 And my little bear (Elyse) and my big bear (Jordan) seem to be doing better than everyone else. We had more soup for dinner...soup just sounds yummy when you're sick. I hope every else who might not be feeling well, reading this, starts to feel much better!

Bowls of yummy soup and some extra get-well hugs, your kandee

*and if you're resting in bed and want to what my DIY Mustache Mug HOW TO Video, here it is:



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