Friday, December 31, 2010

once upon a new year's....

here's a picture of me and my friend Saori, on the rare new year's where I actually left my house! ha ha ha
Most New Year's have been me...sitting at home, watching the ball drop in New York..from a couch.
I think I can count on one hand the times I've gone out...and usually it was so crazy...I sort of wished I had just been home. One year, when I was a teenager....I remember people were throwing glass bottles from the rooftops..and people were getting hit with them...the police were raiding the crowds with plastic shields...craziness!
This year I have no plans and my big baby belly will probably just curl up in bed or on the couch...and be cozy...and silently rejoice that we made it through 2010...and no matter how hard it was, or what heart aches took thankful that we made it through 2010...together.
And pray my way into 2011...that I will make it a great year...and that I would be honored to touch lives and hearts again this year! Thank you all for being a part of my life and heart...I rejoice at your comments...and my heart filled with so much love from all of your words! Thank you for letting me into your lives too! I am glad to be your "best friend" or "sister" or just plain ol' friend..too!

huge love...and don't feel bad if you have no plans for new year's...neither do i!!!!!!
yay for no plans of doing anything super "cool"...ha ha ha ha...kandee


Thursday, December 30, 2010

This IS NOT underwear!

Next up for Victoria Secret...fishnet, sock-like, panties that look like a headband!

I was so excited to get my home birthing kit in the mail....I had visions of aromatherapy goodies, candles...and other home birth goodies. Darn you imagination!

Watch with me as we discover what other awesome things come in your home birthing kit!
I really am so excited to have my baby at home...and now I feel officially prepared! ha ha ha

If you want to know where to get a Home Birthing Kit...this is where I got mine, at the obedient instruction of my midwife, Sherry.

watch my "what you get to have your baby at home" kit....ha ha ha...and sneek peeks of my little people!

fishnet fancy pants....kandee

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coming Soon!!!

baby will be here sooooooon! The countdown has begun.....I officially have
2 weeks and 2 days
until she gets here!!!!
And since this is my 4th time doing this....I know what I'm in trying not to be nervous about the labor and delivery! ha ha ha
I could write about how empowered I feel but, as much as I try to think that way..a little part of me is still like......"OH MAN!!!!!!You know what this is like!" ha ha ha ha
I'll be posting a video about my "home birthing" kit I just got too and preggy update tomorrow! I thought I'd have time..but
the exterminator is here to fix the mice problem...
as well as my landlord who's mixing the bathtub that doesn't turn on...
and the shower in my bathroom that sprays sideways! ha ha ha
...and the towel racks that fell out of the wall...
and I have to go get my computer and phone fixed at the apple store...
upload a video..type my other blog...
and seeing if there are any used school buses that I can buy to fit all my kids! ha ha ha (just kidding)
And did I mention how I only have time to look at all the unpacked boxes and wish that an unpacking fairy would come put everything away! ha ha ha

me and my big belly are off and running (well really just waddling!)...kandee

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snuggle Bugs!

my favorite part of the morning:
when my "love bugs" come to snuggle with me in the morning!
What my day looked like:
*spend 2 hours 37 minutes on tech support to fix a a bunch of crazy charges from Jordan's Xbox live (didn't fix anything and have to call them back to finish! ahhhhhh)
*call to try to get the mice problem is grossing me out (and I can't get  a cat because I'm allergic to them)
*had to try to edit a video and type both my blogs
*upload video to youtube
*help people go pee and poop like 28 times
*make breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks
*settle fights and arguments since Alani wanted to play with Blake's toys and vice versa
*more calls for things
*oh yeah I took a shower sometime
*did laundry
*stared at all the the things I need to unpack for  a few minutes
*had to call my bank to try to help with all the xbox charges...even more of a mess
*had to go to the store
*tried to make it to the Bath & Bodyworks sale (i thought it was the last day, but it wasn't)
*bought  the clearance room fragrance things they had left in Twisted Peppermint
*put sleeping Blaker in bed
*read Alani stories
*stayed up til 2am editing a video
*researched more cloth diapers until 2:30am
*last look at my phone.....said 3am
*and woke up to my little bed bugs again
(felt wayyyyyyy too early.....)
I gotta rest more!
So much to do..unpacking, business call, editing, blogging, taking care of all my babies, uploading...being a chef...a maid, a referee and mouse hunter yuck!

off to conquer more things and go to my midwife appointment!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Treasure Hunters!

When I was little I hated going to Antique stores with my mom and Nana...
it felt like hours that we'd walk around and look at "old junk" and my sister would dread the word "antique" anything being said!

ha ha ha...little did I know that over the years...I would become a huge vintage "anything" lover...scouring antique stores for vintage clocks and goodie at where else but  ANTIQUE STORES!
ha ha ha ha

We headed out to buy Blake a dresser..he doesn't have one...and antique ones are cuter, made better, and are way cheaper than the new ones. This dresser was only $100
, the new one I was looking at was like twice that and made out of particle board!

he loves the movie CARS...I surprised him with "CARS wall decal borders" that I got at Target to make his new room feel extra special! When I was reading him his bedtime story (A Very Hungy Caterpillar)...he said, "I yuv my room mama!"....I love them so much, this morning as they both crawled in my bed, then Blakey was crawling in the ground with his feet up in the air not touching the ground..he said, "Look I'm crawling like a baby, with my feet in the sky!".....I couldn't help but feels tears watering my I am so blessed to have these little angels in my love them and guide their little hearts!
look at this amazing chair..imagine a coat of super high gloss white...and hot pink velvet upholstery!
I loved this little doll head...wouldn't that be cute to hang all your necklaces on?
ME taking a picture of me in the mirror...ha ha ha...I was really taking a picture to show my mom this cute mirror!
We received a wonderful compliment from the ANTIQUE store owner: she said that Alani and Blake were the most wonderful kids she's had in her store! She gave the each a ginger cookie and a sticker!
They liked her cat named Snickers!

END RESULT: new red dresser and alani got a little princess figurine that the booth owner said she would give us a discount because Alani loved it so much!

Kids said, "look at all this stuff!"..Fav Blaker Saying: "Mama come over "ere" and yook at this!".....

old dusty trearsures....Kan-tique   ha ha ah

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning in Kandeeland!

A peek into Christmas in Kandeeland! Me my great gramma, and mama!
Alani and her dollhouse! I would have LOVED this when I was little! She was the first one to come crawl in bed with me and tell me it was Christmas! Then Blaker, who said he was ready to open the "buh-prises" (surprises AKA presents)!

Blaker (in his Woody jammies) playing with his new toy!
oh my goodness....homemade hot chocolate....Jordan had 2 giant cups!
 me and jojo...he did the famous arm-hold for the camera!
Look what my mom got me!!! A Pink Leopard jewelry rack thingy! I love it!

cinnamon rolls
mom made her famous french toast
yummy homemade hot chocolate

We are now hungry again...and trying to see if any theaters are open to see Yogi Bear!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a fun little peek into out Christmas Morning!

christmas cookies and candy canes..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pregnant Video Adventure!


Yes, here's a fresh from the oven "preg-venture" video on my "newer" youtube channel:

come with me! only 3 weeks left til baby's here!!!!!! or at least that's my due date anyway! ha ha
get your pillows out to stuff in your you feel pregnant with me! ha ha hag

big round bellies and even bigger smiles....kandee and her jolly baby belly

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Me and my midwife!!!

My midwife Sherry, just left from my "at home" appointment! We went over everything I need to get ready to have the baby...
Since I will be having the baby at home...I have to go get some things...and order my "at home birthing kit"...
I am soooooo excited to have this baby at home! I was a little worried about the "mess"...but she assured me, that there's no mess, she cleans everything up, and it will be like nothing ever happened! Hooray!
She went over what to do if I have to deliver the baby myself too! I am not even scared! I can do it! It's a natural thing to have a baby...women have been doing it thousands of years! ha ha

I am off to go buy the things I need to get, just to be prepared.

I can't wait to be at home, comfortable, and have my baby without all the "traditional" hospital ways of doing things. I could tell you all the awful stories of things they did wrong in the hospitals with each of my babies...but I don't want to really scare anyone that is having their baby in a hospital! ha ha ha

Off to go get baby things.....I'll unpack all my stuff someday! ha ha ha

I'll be doing a pregnancy update video too!!! So keep a lookout!

huge love and even huge-er belly...kandee

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glamorous moving look....ha ha ha

Me: snug in my car with another load of things to move!
And yes, I know I will be getting lots of "hair tutorial requests" for my hair style! ha ha ha ha
(that was totally kidding!)
And what better way to move than in a glamorous sweatshirt... ha ha ha
And the make up is what I like to call "moving-make-up-with-no-time-for-make-up"..ha ha ha
I had 1 minute to swipe on some foundation, eyeliner and that's speed beauty!

Today I'm off to get my last ultrasound...just to check on a few things that were concerning my midwife (well me too...but we are praying that everything is fine!)...I don't even want to talk about it unless it is need for any extra negative talk about stuff!
And ultrasounds sometimes misdiagnose a lot of things...I've have heard of so many people  that were told there baby would have clubbed feet or down syndrome...and they were worried the whole pregnancy and then baby comes out without anything they had been told was wrong!

PS. If anyone has any cloth diapers they've used and loved...please comment below...I need to get some as soon as diaper-ly possible! ha ha ha

Look out for a new preggy update video since I only have a 3 weeks left!!!

off to shower for my ultrasound....kandee

Monday, December 20, 2010

My lil' Mover...

oh how this little man melts my heart everyday....
he put his own belt on..and insists on wearing his hat like that...
I could listen to him say, "I yuv you, mama!" all day long!
I told blake the other day, "You are getting so big and you have such big muscles!"...he smile at me and said, "thanks mom"....he is so cute!!!
(and yes, I have to "heart"out his face, because my ex-husband has asked me not to show their faces on the interweb, just incase that seemed weird that there's a heart on his face!..ha ha ha...)

Alani was busy running around her new room....and Jordan was busy helping move things with his muscles!

I think I'm chronically tired! ha ha ha After unloading the uhaul truck....i sat and researched cloth diapers and watched Project Runway until like 1am! ha ha

Off to return the uhaul truck...and begin the unpacking process...yay!!!!!
craving crepes......kandee

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"old" House Tour

I am still moving..(the snow and rain...and not being packed, has really made this a slow move! ha ha ha) but here was my Christmas house last year...
please know that this was after toys had been put away!
since I moved out and had to move in with my mom and great gramma for the last almost 8 months...I am so excited to move into my own house again...thank God for answering my prayers!!!
Someday I will be excited to buy a home and paint the walls how I want..until then I'll rent and use wall decals! ha ha  ha
me with my "chandelier" decorations, and christmas "poppers" in the background...I love twist the paper popper and a little surprise presents pop out..and sometimes a little paper crown and a joke, with the reflection of my mirror "mustache" decals!
even the kitchen got a decorated!
Alani's princess room...
I am so excited to move into a house again!! After living out of tupperware drawers in my moms room! ha ha ha It's so funny, how unglamorous my life can seem. My sister thinks it's hilarious...she says, form the outside it would look like you live this glamorous life...traveling all over to your glaminars. then you have to go home and try to type your blog at gramma's house, you don't leave her house for days at a time...and you have to type from Gramma's kitchen table while she blares the tv, her phone rings, and gramma asks you a million questions...ha ha ha ha
Like I posted on my other life is imperfect...and the truth of life is always more interesting than the "pretend"...ha ha ha
from the real tired, pregnant moving lady..that is trying not to be frustrated that I can't move anything myself! ha ha ha...kandee

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm moving...

and this is what the weather was...snowing, non-stop! ha ha ha ha (this was Blaker who insisted on wearing his sunglasses....the snow is very bright!
It's funny because the week before the weather had been great until moving day...waking up to snow everywhere! ha ha ha ha

I'll try to post some pictures of our snowy moving tomorrow...but for now....I'm too tired to even eat the dessert I have waiting for me in a to-go box! ha ha ha

off to sleep and wake up early for round 2 of moving in the snow...VERY SLOWWWWWWW....ha ha ha

I'm just thankful that I am packing cardboard boxes and not sleeping in one....
xoxo kandee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

FABULOUS-NESS from my Baby Shower!!!

Zarah, me walking into the shower, and my sister, Tiffany
When I was in LA for the last of my Glaminars....I was given the most glam baby shower and Glaminar Alumni Re-Union, by the beautiful, Zarah...who I met in downtown LA..and I was captivated by her beautiful sparkly smile, and stunning purple sparkle eye make-up!
 Zarah could have a career in party planning...this was so fun and pink and glamorous! This was such a fun and amazing baby shower!

there was even a cotton candy machine!!!
you know me and cupcakes!
this was the best cake I've ever placed on my taste buds!!! (and look at the zebra print and bow!!!) Zarah got it at Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica! Ridiculously delicious!
opening presents....everyone got the cutest things..from the leopard print dress, to handmade diapers!
Nathalie Rattner, who is an award winning artist, even sent these drawing she hand...these are amazing! They look like photographs! I was so honored to have her draw me!!!
my "kan-tourage" that came with me (well, we're missing Jamesa, that came with us too!)
my lil neice, Syndey, my mom, Shannon, and my lil sissy...Tiffany

the group shot from all the precious, shower girls...second from the right on the bottom with the hot pink dress and dark hair, is the beautiful Zarah...
ZARAH: thank you so much for such an unforgettable, beautiful baby shower....I loved and appreciated every detail from the zebra balloons to awesome hot pink signs guiding us to the shower! Huge hugs and love to you precious sparkle more than diamonds! I loved my shower soooo much!
This was such a fun day....thank you Zarah!!!
love and huge slices of cake....kandee

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Pink Christmas Tree!

YAY! Pink Christmas trees! Like cotton candy on a Christmas tree! I love it! I even love that this picture came out blurry and makes the twinkly lights looks so pretty!

I've always wanted a pink christmas tree...and my mom bought Alani a little pink christmas tree last night at wal-mart...that she decorated with all pink plastic ornaments (the glass ones are not safe for little people...broken ornaments are not fun!)
Blakey even loved it! Him and his fresh from the bath hair...squealed with delight over the pink tree! He was fast asleep when Alani was decorating her tree last night! We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie...while Blaker had gone to bed early, because he's still getting over his Bronchitis! poor lil guy! He slept a little better last night, and I got almost 6 hours of sleep! So excited...!
I've still got some serious dark circles under my eyes...ha ha ha ha
pink trees and Christmas cookies..your kandee

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Help for stretch marks AND SCARS!!!!

 (no these are not my boobs or my stomach...just in case anyone was a wonderin'..these are just stretch mark examples! ha ha)
No one wants to be visited by the Stretch Mark Fairy!!!
She'll get you with strretch marks on your butt, boobs, back, legs, arms, thighs, anywhere!

So I'm back with more help more not just pregnancy stretch marks...but since everyone asked for more info on stretch marks and's some more HELP!!!!

I am addicted to all things my Mama Mio...(now you can see why stars like Jessica Alba love it too!)
one glance at their website and watching some of their videos and you will be sold too!!!

SO HERE's help for scars...Whether your scar is old or new, from a C-section, appendix or cosmetic surgery, our See-No-Scar Solution
will help magic away the reminders of any serious or surgical scars Use it on yourself, your kids, everyone. This is the MUST HAVE addition to everyone's home first aid cabinet, too!
HELP for if you already have been visited by the stretch mark fairy!
GOOD BYE STRETCH MARKS is here to help!! So, whether your stretch marks are new or old; whether they came from pregnancy, teenage growth, weight gain, weight lifting (big old muscles) or cosmetic surgery, you will see a difference. 


may this scare the stretch mark fairy from even thinking of coming near you! hee hee
love and wonderful skin...ha ha ha...kandee

Monday, December 13, 2010

Proud Mama!

my precious Jordan, who stands taller than me...wrote this paper for school about Heroes, and it made me cry...
I am so proud I wanted to share it with putting it on GIANT refrigerator door! ha ha ha
I could tell you how amazed I am at his writing...but I'll just let you read it.....

What Defines a Hero?
    Henry David Thoreau said “Cowards suffer, heroes enjoy.”  At first I thought this was just an interesting saying.  That’s why I chose this quote in the beginning, but then I read it over a few times and realized the power that these words had.  I thought about it and noticed that if you’re a coward then all you feel is the pain of failure. If you act courageously like a hero you get to feel success. Henry was extremely accurate when he said this. It is a very powerful saying that probably inspires people to have more courage. I honestly think that if you’re a coward, then you suffer from failure, and if you’re a hero, then you enjoy your success. That is why I strongly agree with this saying. In this paper, I will explore further into the definition of a hero, and what a hero is to me.
    The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines a hero as, “a man of distinguished courage, a person admired for their good deeds, an individual with noble qualities.”  All of these definitions are very accurate. I think they’re accurate because all of the heroes I’ve seen, all have distinguished courage, they all have been admired for their good deeds, and all have noble qualities. Most people see movies with “super-heroes” in them and only think that someone is a hero if they can shoot lasers out of their eyes. By the way, that’s how most people choose they’re heroes too. They don’t look at the people in their town, neighborhood, or city for real heroes, they look through the screen of their T.V. for the fake heroes. Most people don’t give the real heroes enough credit for their actions. Like when someone goes out of their way to fix a tire on your car, Or something like that. I think that the real heroes aren’t the people with incredible powers, they’re the ones with incredible hearts.
    One example of a hero is Michael Oher from the movie The Blindside. The movie is true story about the real Michael Oher. In the movie and in real, he is a very selfless, polite, kind, and protective person. Those are all great qualities that all heroes should have. An example of his protectiveness is when he was driving his new truck to a store with someone else with him. Michael was in his late twenties at the time and the other person with him was about half his age. They were having fun on their way there. They were singing to a song they liked, but that was distracting Michael while he was driving. When he looked back at the road, there was another truck that had backed into the street. Michael veered to the left, trying to stay out of the way of the truck, but he wasn’t fast enough. They crashed into the other truck, and instinctively, Michael reached his arm out in front of the young boy in the passenger seat to keep him safe. When the Paramedics got there, they said that if Michael didn’t throw his arm in front of the young boy, that the young boy would’ve been killed by the impact of the airbag. One other thing I think is cool about him is that his life was so tough, but he never let that pull him down. He has a great skill in overcoming adversities. For example, he was homeless for a long time while he was a teenager, but he still went to school. He still stayed happy. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about not having a place to stay, but I know it didn’t make him upset about other things. That’s why I also think he is a very inspiring person. I think Michael Oher is a perfect example of what I think a hero is.
                                    In the end, what I’m trying to say is that everyone can be a hero, it’s just if they choose to be or not. You don’t have to be bitten by a radioactive spider and be able to do things that spiders can, to be a hero. You just need to be willing to help others, just because you want to. Not expecting a reward, not just doing it because it’s your job. Only because you want to or feel it’s right to. You can’t be pessimistic about things. You have to always look at the good side of things, and if you don’t see one, look for it. There are good examples everywhere of heroes. Take Michael Oher for example. He injured his arm to protect a child from an airbag. A construction worker saved a man in New York from getting hit by a train or the soldier that dove on top of a grenade and sacrificed his life for the others soldiers around him that would’ve died from the explosion. Also, you can look up people that have rough lives, yet they stay optimistic.
Just like Henry David Thoreau said, “Cowards suffer, heroes enjoy.”  

one proud mama....kandee

Saturday, December 11, 2010

some days...

are so wonderful I wish I could re-play them again and again...
in this was one of those "oh I love this day" days....
I had lunch with my precious sister that always makes me laugh, and my mama.
we had a yummy lunch...and earlier that day, I had gone to the Ben Nye make-up factory...
I more meeting and work things to do, but later I met up with my mom and sister again...and it was so lovely...
Today is sort of not one  of those days I want to replay over and over...
my mind feels so incredibly overwhelmed...
I only got 5 so hours of sleep, between sitting up with my little Blaker, who still has a cough, giving him sips of water and brushing the side of his precious lil' face with my hand, til he would fall asleep.
Then I couldn't get my big, uncomfortable pregnant self back to sleep for hours...

I think I'm tired...and my brain is on overload...

It's one of those days where you just feel like crying and eating a whole cheesecake! ha ha ha ha

off to find a cheesecake...your kandee

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Countdown has Begun!

only 5 weeks left..that's pretty much means only one more rent payment and baby's here! ha ha ha

one of my least favorite parts of my midwife check-ups is the "weighing-in" part....
I stepped on the scale, hoping that my boots weighed 20 or 50 pounds, ha ha ha 
AND IN THIS CORNER (read this in your best "boxing announcer voice"):
we have heavy-weight mama, Kandee Johnson, weighing in at a sturdy: 172 pounds...
yes that's almost 50 pounds more than before I had baby!

Nothing a little Breast Feeding can't melt away! ha ha ha
I rejoiced, when I found out your burn as much calories, making milk in one day as going on a 5 mile run!

I've breastfed all my babies until they were each about 2 years old. God designed the best food for babies and it's totally free! ha ha ha

I HAVE TO GO FOR ONE MORE ULTRASOUND: to make sure a couple things are ok...
maybe I'll film it, so you can "come along" with me!
5 weeks and counting....your kandee

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something unusually amazing!

this little precious...his name is Samuel
I prayed for this baby last night...and as I carry my precious baby in my tummy right now...and could only imagine what his parents are going through...
I finished reading about him and was so inspired and encouraged...

I hope you are as inspired with peace by what the daddy of this baby I was...
ALL I can say is this might be one of the greatest lessons in how to have PEACE in the middle of an AWFUL situation!

Click here to read about little baby Samuel...and his amazing parents! CLICK HERE

love and so much thankfulness in my heart...and big prayers for tiny Samuel, your kandee

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giant Christmas Cravings...

and they say pregnant women have cravings....
nothing says satisfy your cravings like a 2 story ice cream! ha ha ha ha
Me and my sister, Tiffany, "fake licking" the giant ice cream outside of the Santa's House, at the Grove!
I love the Grove...I love how many twinkly lights they wrap around everything
...I love that I had the best red velvet cake at Cheesecake Factory...I love that they play Christmas music, and have the biggest Christmas tree I've ever seen!
red velvet cake....your kandee


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