Thursday, December 2, 2010

How I Decorate For the CHRISTMAS!!!

YAY! Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!!!!
What a difference a year makes! This was me and Blaker last Christmas in front of our tree!
Wowzie....I can't believe how skinny I look! ha ha ha Compared to my big pregnancy tummy now! Ha Ha Ha....
I wanted to show you:
CHRISTMAS TREE: white Christmas I got at Target (I love it, because it looks white as snow!)
ORNAMENTS: I wanted a bright candy-colored tree....I got super cheap and colorful plastic ornaments (so they won't break like glass ones...especially with all my lil' hands trying to grab things around the tree!), at Wal-Mart...and the colorful-ball ornament garlands from Target too!
 CHRISTMAS WRAPPING: I used pink & green wrapping paper, fun sparkly bright green, glittery tree christmas name tags, and turquoise and hot pink ribbon..
 and on some, I tied these fun pink, plastic, gems!
 STOCKINGS: I think I got these fun fuzzy,lime green & hot pink stockings..and decorated the mantle in ginat candy ornaments from Target, with some glittery turquoise ornametns, that looked like they were sugared!
 I even decorated my little chandelier with hot pink beads, ornaments, and gold sparkly leaves!

Hope you like a peek into "kandeeland at Christmas".....
huge cups of hot cocoa and whipped cream....your kandee


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