Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Things To NEVER SAY to Your Kids:

This is my lil' precious "cupcake" Ellie, with her sister's birthday cupcake all over her face. Our babies are such blessings and precious treasures just waiting for us to fill them up with love and confidence, and they are just waiting for us to teach them.
*Even when they do something wrong, it's a chance for us to teach them. I see so many parents when I'm out at a store, and the way they treat and talk to their kids is just awful. They are either talking to a toddler like they are an adult, talking to them in such a harsh and awful way, or they are being awful examples.
My heart broke as I was in Michael's Craft store one day and a little girl tried to reach for something on a shelf, and a bunch of things fell off the shelf, instead of her mom saying, "oh honey, are you ok? Let's pick all these up and next time ask for mama to help you"...the mom began screaming and cussing at the little girl and calling her names. My heart was so broken for that little girl in that moment, I went over to help pick up some things, to smile at the little girl, and tell both her and her mom: "it's ok, we all have accidents like this sometimes" and gave that little girl a big smile. I just looked at the mom and said, "part of being a mom is just helping our kids when they have little accidents, huh?" and I smiled, hoping to reach some loving part of that moms heart and remind her that being a mom is about guiding and teaching, not screaming and anger.

I've witnesses many things when I'm out and I could write a much bigger list, but these are the ones I've heard most recently:

I saw a young dad, grab away his daughter's little drinking cup and say: "MINE! That's MINE!"
And although he may think he's having fun joking around, he doesn't realize, he just taught his daughter that, that's what you do, you take something away from someone and say mine, and then you don't give it back!
*The worst part was- when he gave it back to the daughter, she did just like her dad and said, "Mine", then he got upset that she wouldn't share it with him. He just taught her the wrong thing to do, confused her, and then got mad, that she did, what he taught her to do!
NEVER PLAY THE "MINE GAME", always teach how nice it is to share, and how letting someone else play with a toy, will make them happy, and that should make us happy!

I see people asking kids all the time:
"why did you do that?"
"why did you hit your sister?"
"why did you spill milk all over the floor?"

No child or even teenagaer is going to give you the answer a parent wants to hear:
"well, the reason I hit my sister was because  she made me angry, and I had a moment where I was unable to my control anger, and I saw no other solution but to hit her".
"Yes, I spilled the milk because I was trying to be independent and wanted to get the cereal by myself, but I then realized I am not the best at walking with a bowl of cereal, so then it spilled"

*You are never going to get the answer you want to hear, especially from toddler, well even from a teenager, really.
*And you are beginning the process for them to learn to make up an excuse. And most likely begin to blame someone or something else, instead of feeling like they can always honestly tell you what happened.

And always make sure you stay calm, calm parents keep love in the lessons of life and and a lesson that really matters to the heart, is one that is taught in love, not in screaming and yelling.
*Find out if anyone is hurt- a sibling that may have gotten pinched or punched, you never know!
*If there is a mess, calmly say: "ok, let's clean this up first, then we can talk about what happened"
After they see that you didn't freak out over the mess or accident, their little hearts will feel it's ok, as long as you stay in a loving and calm manner, to talk to you about what happened.
*Angry parent who is mad, is a very hard person to want to open up to about the truth, for fear of even more anger.

The most important thing in parenting and in life: is to show love and love others. Even in teaching your kids what's right and wrong. If it's done from a loving heart, you will produce loving kids, that treat you an others kindly.

#3. "SHUT UP!"
Shut up is a rude and disrespectful reply. We were never allowed to say shut-up growing up, and my parents never said it to us kids. If someone is speaking to you or being loud, there are other ways to deal with that and ask people to be quiet.
And when I 've seen a mom say this to her little toddler in a shopping cart, it just made me sad, that a mom would say that to her child.
If your toddler, who will have a hard time being quiet- it's like asking a baby to stop crying and be quiet, is being loud, just practice whispering and saying "let's be quiet right now, then later we can  play and be loud, or sing songs and talk and talk, but right now let's be quiet and whisper"...and demonstrate by whispering or being quiet too.
*If you have an older child or teenager, that won't stop talking or is being loud, you start by being respectful and asking, "can you please be quiet/stop talking?", if they continue, you can say something like: "I asked you to please be quiet or stop talking, and you need to respect mom and listen"...

Now I have a much larger list of things I hear parents say that just break my heart...if you like this post let me know and I'll do another one on the rest...ha ha ha This is not a post on how to discipline your kids, just things I don't think parents should say to their children. Love always needs to be the strongest emotion your kids feel from you!

But for now, here's some huge mama hugs from Mama Kandee

and one of my favorite sayings from my Grandma Johnson: 
Don't feel bad if your kids don't obey you all the time, think about how God feels about all of us!


Monday, April 29, 2013

One of the BEST Birthday Party Ideas, ever

Sunday was Alani's big, birthday party day and I think we found the best girls birthday party idea, or place really!
Alani wanted her party at Snip-It's, a kids hair salon.
We chose the Hollywood Party- they even have rockstar options for boys, like Blaker! Yes, he got those awesome sunglasses in his "rockstar goodie bag" and the air guitar was his for the taking- he was in heaven!
The kids got to choose dress-up outfits, complete with Disney princess dresses! Ellie was a big fan of the wall of necklaces!

All the kids got to pick a hairstyle from the wall and get their hair done, and sprayed with hair color or glitter, Ellie wanted some glitter just like Alani!

The girls got goodie bags filled with fun little girl make-up and nail polish.
After they got their hair done, they did crafts and made foam door hangers with princess goodies and sparkles, they all got to put their make-up and sparkles on, then they got their nails painted and out on their sunglasses and feather boa's to walk the "red carpet" runway, and all the moms, ofcourse, take pictures like paparazzi!
 Blakey' making his runway debut! And they read off things like their favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up...all the kids LOVED this!
 He really LOVED this....
 And even Ellie got to walk the runway. But she was so fast, I couldn't get a non-blurry picture!
Then we had cupcakes, that they provide too, that were really yummy! And you know how I am about cupcakes. They Snip-It's even gave Alani a present too! She got a mirror and comb, a fairy wand, and some purple hair color spray!

They cleaned it all up, it was decorated so adorable in the party room, then we just left- no mess to clean up, no wrapping paper to fit in trash bags...they did it all! And it was cheaper than when you have to go out and buy party decorations and cake, and I didn't have to clean anything, did I mention that! ha ha ha ha

And the kids loved it! So that is my new favorite party idea!

Happy Monday Hugs, from the mom of the bday girl, Kandee


Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Shop For Swagger for the Guys Gettin Formal:

 I know it's a big deal for girls to go shopping for the prom or semi-formal dresses...but somehow the boys don't have all the options the girls have!

I took Jordan (my son) and his friend shopping to get their "fancy wear" for the semi-formal they're going to tomorrow! And it was no easy task!
We went to:
Then we went back to mall #1, after mall #2 failed us
And the boys changed their outfit color scheme 3 times.

This was about as colorful and fun as it gets for guys, the colorful tie table! 
 This was Ellie, shopping assisant #3, being pushed by shopping assistant #2, Blake.
 As seen here, in high action pushing AKA following Jordan where ever he went.
 And in between, formal rental store #1, a trip to mall #1, one trip to wait in line at The Men's Wearhouse, which, with all the other moms and their sons, looked like we'd be there for hours, so we left and took a yogurt break:
 We even stopped at my favorite vintage/thrift shop....and even though the boys liked the baby blue tuxedo pants and orange vests we found, no one was feeling the 80's piano tie, that I liked!
 Me and Blaker took a break trying on drum major hats, while the boys hunted.

 Meanwhile, back at our last Mall stop.... more shirt were tried on, more color schemes picked out. Both boys decided they wanted ties and suspenders.
And I have to say how proud I was of the boys looking for deals and sales. Everything they got was on was almost 40% off, except for their belts, and yes Macy's ended up being the winner for all our "formal style" needs!
 Then we went to dinner:
 And got a to-go box for our broccoli! Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha
 And when we got home, we had tie-tying lessons, thanks to me working at a restaurant years ago, that required us to wear dress shirts and ties. So I got teach "tie tying 101".
And then they struck a pose, trying their outfits on!
I love that they each picked out their own outfits, that they are not afraid to have their own style, and I loved that they both said they loved dressing up like that.

The greatest thing we can do as parents, and just people in the world, is to appreciate all our differences... different style, hair, way of dressing, and how each of us are unique. I love Jordan's afro. My whole family loves it: aunts, cousins, grandparents, even his teachers and principle have said how much they love Jordan's hair.

If there's any time to let your kids have the precious gift to express themselves and their creativity with freedom of style, it's when they aren't adults yet. I've always allowed Jordan to choose and have his own style (as long as it was scary or dangerous...ha ha ha), and I love his hair and his style.

The greatest thing we can do, is not judge people by how they look, but by the condition and content of their heart. Jordan is a well-mannered, gentlemen and I know that the greatest lessons I could teach him, are to be kind to everyone, always be a friend and stick up for anyone who's being bullied, and to not judge anyone else for how they look, but to look at people's hearts and they way they treat others.

And with that....we will be a house of FORMAL FANCY-NESS TOMORROW: Not only will I be doing some make-up for some girls for prom, but we'll be the place where Jordan and his friends will be getting their "formal fany-ness" on too!

Happy Friday, and if it's not too crazy I'll try to make a video about it!

IF YOU NEED PROM MAKE-UP HELP, you can watch these top:

OR this one:



Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Party Time for Someone!

 Today is my precious, sparkly eyed, Alani's 8th Birthday!
The invitations have been delivered, and her party will be on Sunday!

I can't believe this was so many years ago. I took this in my garage, and I remember she didn't really eat the lollipop, but it kept her from trying to grab the camera! ha ha ha
And then she tried to crawl with it and we had to put it in the trash! ha ha ha
I remember I had made her little "leg warmers/ knee protectors", her shirt, and made her little headband. I'm so glad we played "photo shoot", in the garage that day!

And then when she was a little bigger, but still small compared to how big she is now!
And look at little Blaker!
 I'm off to go finish up the surprise-ness for when she comes home from school, and to get ready to deliver cupcakes to her school! And I guess you'll see what we end up doing tonight, here tomorrow!

Huge bday hugs to anyone else who's birthday is today too!
Plates full of cake, your Kandee

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Happens When We Go To The MAC Store:

And we mean MAC as in make-up, no the computer store. Although I do love it at the Apple Store too!
I went to get a MAC Shy Girl (the perfect peachy nude) Lipstick, and my mom wanted a new brow pencil.
And my friend Jenay, that works at MAC, asked if Ellie wanted some lipgloss!
And you can tell, she said YESSSS!
I love how she's sticking her lips out to help! hee hee
And looking glossy and ready for the rest of the day!
Blake even loves the MAC store, he likes it because they let him take the little lip brushes, and for some reason he loves them, he thinks they are like tools! Well, they kind of are!

Glossy kisses, your Kandee

If you missed my make-over I did, you can watch it here:


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Start Your Day Like A Champion

 Well, you need to put your plastic gold medal on, ofcourse!
And then we drink our Breakfast of Champions smoothie!

WHAT BOTTLES ARE THOSE!?! (Since so many people asked! They are our favorite- they are made of glass with the colored protective rubber part so the glass doesn't break if dropped!)
We have the :


  BIG LIFE FACTORY BOTTLES (9 oz) and you can use them with the caps and just water bottles, instead of using them baby bottle with the nipple part. (yeah I feel weird typing the word nipple, ahhh there I had to do it again!)
They're made of glass, and I think water tastes better from glass, than even the BPA-free containers!

I use the big WATER BOTTLE IN PEARL to take running with me, and whenever I need a "water bottle!

And you MUST have some awesome morning hair like this:

And then if you want to finish your day off in total PINK STYLE. Alani and Ellie showing you how to paint the town pink! I did not pick out these clothes for them (even though I'm a pink lover), this is just how Alani dressed her and let Ellie borrow some of her "pink-cessories"! ha ha ha

And by following those simple steps.....you will be wearing a gold medal around your neck in no time! ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs from me and my little pink, champions, your Kandee

Ok, if my computer will work today, there will be a NEW VIDEO up on youtube today! (you hear that computer! ha ha ha)


Monday, April 22, 2013

How We Roll On the Weekend...Trophy Time!

There is something familiar to me about races, dust on your shoes, and trips to the snack bar that I love. My dad raced dirtbikes when I was growing up, and it just feels fun to be there.

And that's Blaker holding his 1st place trophy. My dad would have been so proud!
He was one excited guy. And when he wasn't racing, him and Ellie had more fun playing in the dirt with Jordan's empty soda can!
 There's Blakey coming down the home stretch, for the win! He fell in one of his moto's, the races before the main race, and he got back up, we all gave him some hugs, Jordan told him abou thow he used to fall when he raced BMX, and we had a "cheer you up walk" (where I told him how everyone who ever wins, always gets knocked down and falls, but you keep getting back up!)
And there he is after getting back up, getting 1st!
 This is what "Mama Cheerleader" looked like...

Afterwards we made a pit stop, and another old familiar, IN-N-OUT! Where i got the same shake I've gotten since i was a kid: NEOPOLITAN: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate all mixed together!
 Then we went to go get some bigger, shirts and pants, for my ever growing Jordan, who's now 6'1".
And Ellie would only hold onto Jordan's hand.
And Jordan and his friend were forced to watch Ellie's favorite video in the car, POTTY POWER, a  video to enourage kids about potty training! They boys were cracking up at the songs!

Then, we finished off the night with some BBQ for dinner at Dave's BBQ!
And that was how we rolled on the weekend!
Huge hugs from your homegirl, Kandee

Now I'm off to upload a new video on my main YOUTUBE channel today!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Look of Love

 There is a little ladies man on the loose, and his name is Blake!
Blake was in his own, 5 year old heaven, when all these girls came over to be models to film some tutorials with me.
He whispered in my ear, to ask me if he could get a picture with the girls!
Hana, Shawna, little ladies man, and Morgan!
As soon as they left he said, "those girls are cute!"...
And he's asked several times when they are coming back over!
I didn't know I had such a "ladies man" on my hands!  He said, "I don't care what color girls eyes, or their hair is, I just think they're pretty!"

I don't know if I've ever seen such a "girl crazy" 5 year old. Jordan wasn't like that at 5! ha ha ha

Off to get get the ladies man, some new BMX pants, because his pants are like capris!

huge Happy Saturday hugs, Kandee

And I it's crazy to me that this is where I was last Saturday:


Friday, April 19, 2013

This is how we roll....with Duck Dynasty

 Last night we made a pilgrimage to Walmart, where I got to get my picture with the Duck Dynasty Posse. Made me feel like I needed a beard.

Ellie brought some fashion, glamour, and pizazz to Walmart with her purse, fancy coat, and flower shoes.

We went to get Jordan some spray paint for his stencil project he was making to to a little DIY skateboard-grip-tape-design. HE would probably not like that I used "DIY" to describe what he was doing to customize his skateboard!

Jordan loves Duck Dynasty, but he did not want a picture with the poster-posse, at first anyway. He just saw how awesome my picture came out...just kidding. But I've become a total Duck Dynasty fan too! ha ha ha

And we couldn't leave with just spray paint, although I am a fan of the power of a can of Krylon.
We just happened to wander by the ice cream aisle, and there was some lonely ice cream that needed a good home.
So we took some home. I took my fav: Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.
And I just dig out the Heath Bar chunks like a miner digging for gold.

Yay baby...we're doing the happy friday dance, hugs and dancing, your Kandee

If you wanna see our lates vlog video of us gone mild in NYC, CLICK HERE.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emergency Rooms, Toys R Us, and Groceries oh my!

Some days start out and you have no idea what you will end up doing the rest of that day.
When I woke up, I had no idea we'd be taking Alani to the emergency room.

Or that Blake would figure out how to change the language on the ipad, and still know what each button was to press and play Cut The Rope while we were in the emergency room with Alani.

This was our view for a few hours.
Her and Blake had been playing, and she had a crash with a chair and her head.
The good thing is, sometimes when you go to the doctor for one thing, they discover something else.
(SIDE EXAMPLE: One of my best friends, went to the doctor for a bad sore throat, and found out she had to have emergency open heart surgery!)
Doctor said Alani was fine, just has a little bump on her head, but a good thing we came and checked out her head and her dizzyness!
You don't want to mess around with head injuries.
We found out the she may have allergies or an undiscovered inner-ear problem-o or infection, that was causing her dizziness-which was causing me to be even more concerned.

Ellie a a panda, playing with her "monkey baby"...it was a jungle in there!

Once we got the ok, that she was fine.... we headed off for a celebratory frozen yogi!
Rainbow sprinkles make lots of days better.

And then we made a special, "no buying- just looking" stop at Toys R' Us...
and I loved seeing these guys. I don't know what it is about Animal, maybe that he's hot pink, I don't know, but I love him!

Blake trying to find his way out of "girl stuff" and to go find the boy toys!
 And look what we found in "girl land":
Yes, you can have some One Direction, Niall -ness right at your fingertips!
 Alani who was adding things to her birthday wishlist... La-dee-da dolls were at the top of her list. She also picked her outfit out herself, which I might add, I also had shoes that looked like that in 8th grade.

"There's a kandee, dressed and Captain America on aisle 18!":

And then I found good ol' Punky Brewster in the "TV Flash Backs"...I used to love Punky! Punky Powerrrrrrr!
And Ellie had to take a ride with her good buddy Elmo!

And last but not least, we finished the day off with dinner at Whole Foods...
Ellie and I shared a Mamma Chia drink in Kiwi Lime (she loooooooooooves this stuff! She drank more than half the bottle!), asparagus, green beans and some stew.
 And that was our yesterday!

Off to go see what today holds! Huge hugs from your homegirl, Kandee

See our Girls Gone Mild vlog video by CLICKING THIS.



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