Monday, April 1, 2013

Rabbits, Rocks and Ruffles: Our Easter

 This is miss Ellie in her "easter outfit"- collecting treasure after our lunch, which was after church, which was after us trying to get all fancy for Easter!
 She was filling her plate with marshmallows and chocolate "rocks". It really looked like little rocks, like the kind in aquariums, but it was choco-late!
Alani at the cookie and cupcake decorating station: getting a helping hand from Nana (AKA my mom).
Ellie with her cupcake that she just licked and then went back to her plate of marshmallows and rocks!

And the Ellie realized she likes seeing the Bunny when it's far away, but when it comes close for a picture we're not too sure anymore.

And then we have Mama Bear's desserts.....AKA my desserts:

 little creme brulee, raspberry cheesecake swirl, a chocolate mousse bowl that was gross, chocolate covered strawberries- you can't go wrong and then.......
Custom made S'Mores!!! I can white chocolate with salted caramel sauce, butter marshmallows (I didn't even know there was such a thing!), and white chocolate was almost too good!

We had such a great day. My
Grandpa came to church with us, all the kids looked so fancy and adorable, Blake ate only the sprinkled off his donut he got at church and sipped OJ with it...mmmmmmm

I thought about my dad, and how precious our last Easter was, that I got to spend it with him last year, and as I sat for  minute and could feel tears starting to spring up in my eyes, my little Ellie ran up to me dancing and smiling and her joy filled my heart and face with a big smile.

I'm so thankful for my precious babies, their joy, laughter, even their little has all been a blessing to my heart, and I love being able to be a mama and teach them how to love and how to share their love and kindness with everyone around them too.

And I'm thankful that Ellie likes to run. I'm sure I worked off all the calories from my dessert plate with all the chasing after her I did yesterday! ha ha ha ha

Happy April Fool's Day....I've got nothing funny to April Fool Anyone with today...ha ha ha
your Kandee



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