Friday, April 5, 2013

New Princess Chair + pizza party = this post

This was my Ellie this morning.
In her Hello Kitty jam-bams on her "princess chair".

This is how our little table in the kitchen, where the kids eat their snacks and make lil' crafts and stuff. My sister got it for Alani before we had Ellie, so all we needed was 2 chairs...but now we need 3....

so Ellie brought her little princess chair from her room out to join the table party.
We got her little chair at Home Goods, and I wish there had been more!

This was last night, when she brought it out!
We had a pizza party for dinner. 
 And it's like a free toy with pizza purchase - the classic "barbie" table that comes with every pizza!
Ha ha ha ha ha

And yes, this morning Ellie sat in her chair and said "pin-cess!".....

Happy Friday Everyone, hugs and stuff, your kandee

DID you see my NEW HAIRCOLOR VIDEO yet....
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