Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Build Creativity and Trophies

 Blake calls for me: Mom, come see this?!?
Me: Ok, I'm on my way buddy!
Blake: This is my car trophy.
Me: Wow Blake! I love it!!! How'd you make that?!?
Blake: Like this, let's make a video.
And we did make a little video with my iphone, telling how he built it and why he built it and who liked the cars he used in the trophy. And who those people are in his life and then a quick- The End. Bye. Bye.
He watched the video a lot. He likes watching all the videos of him on my iphone or one of Elyse where she's making this high pitched squeal. He plays that one over and over over, til I ask him kindly to pick a new video. ha ha ha
And not just because I am his very proud mama, but I am really impressed with the ledges that stick out to hold the cars at varying heights. I may just be an overly proud mama, but I kinda think this is like art.

And every mama, should encourage their kids that what they've done is great- it will keep giving them the confidence to create.

All children are born as little's the growing up part that stops that artist from continuing to create, to play, to make believe.
Thanks a lot judgemental school mates, critical, negative teachers and all the "nay-sayers" of the world that like to put out the fire of others hopes, dreams, and things they've created.

I cheer you on. I cheer you on to cheer others on. Especially mamas and dads- become your little one's biggest cheerleader and watch them soar with the confidence and love.

huge hugs and tall lego trophies, kandee

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break Vacation

(photo source: justpasteit )
Jordan and Alani will officially be on Spring Break as of this afternoon...
and I am day-dreaming that we're all packing up to jump inside this's in the Maldives, or as I'm calling it: "The Mal-I-wish-could-dive-in-this-picture-ives"...
we really are in fact, not going here at all.. I don't even know how long it would take us to fly there. have no idea how I want to run and get inside this picture....
I'm just going to stare it at when I'm done typing this.....for a loooooooooooong time. Actually I just want to tape this picture right in front of my eyes so I can see it all day!
(photo source: justpasteit)
No, I am not going to the Maldives, for real.
But I am going to "mind travel" there right now! Wanna come?
Let's pretend we just landed, got to our hotel that's fancy (we can make it as fancy as we want- we're imaging it)...we just put our bathing suits on and we are tan and we all have six-pack abs and stuff (hey, we can imagine whatever we want!)....
are you ready to dip your feet into the warm water...?!?!
(photo source: justpasteit)
Then we can sit here after we've showered from our day in the sun and sand and kick back in our long wrap skirt and flip flops and enjoy a tropical frozen drink (sans alcohol because I as you know, I don't drink)...and feel absolutely relaxed!
(photo source: justpasteit)
Ahhh I can't take it....I feel like a dog that wants to be inside to bad he runs right into the glass door. I feel like I'm gonna run right into my computer screen because I want to be inside that picture so bad!

Did you know that the Maldives is the lowest country on the planet, with an average ground level of about 4 feet 11 inches  (1.5 meters) above sea level?

Alright, apparently my flight back to reality just landed and the only trip I'll be making right now, is to the laundry room to get my clothes out of the dryer.

I feel tan from our day in the sun don't you?!?

the smell of suntan lotion, your kandee

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Boots Little Man- my impersonator

This was last night-
Blakey put my Ugg boots on and said he wanted to make a video....
(he was pretending to be me and pretending to "talk like me"- I guess he thinks my voice sounds like this:
watch and enjoy and I will put what he was actually saying below, so you can understand just what "Kandee Johnson is saying":
"I'm Kandee Johnson...
But do you like my new boots?
Actually I don't really have new boots.
I'm just Blakey's mama.
And I'm just this.
And I'm wearing her boots.
The end.
Bye Bye."

I love his little voice. I will miss it when he's a big man and I'll try to remember what he sounded like when he was just a little guy...

hope this made you smile....
hugs and big boots, kandee

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Haircuts & Stuff

This is my Jordan.
He just got a hair cut, hair clipping, a hair shortening, a hair-length reduction, a hair chop, and edward scissorhands-ing.
I think he looks handsome.
He makes me laugh.
All the time.
Elyse runs to him with her arms up as soon as he come home from school, walks into the kitchen, or wherever she's at.
Blake's favorite room is Jordan's.
And Alani is always busy making him invitations to various imaginary parties she's having.

I worked out today- my Brazilian Boom Boom.
I'm sore already.
I took a break to type this from editing videos...
Breaktime is over...

hugs and haircuts, your kandee

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Dream Routine

 One of my favorite times of day, or should I say when I get to fill my babies up with cuddly love and get ready for dreamland...
I love giving my babies their baths...making them shiny and sparkly and smelling wonderful...
I love putting fresh, clean, cozy jammies on them...
Helping brush teeth til they are twinkly and shiny...
Getting little glasses of water...
Telling my girls what beautiful, precious lil' princesses they are....
Telling my Blakey and how I used to tell my brave and strong and what a great "super-hero" they are...

"I love you so big my arms can't open big enough!".....
Wrapping your babies in so much love that they fall asleep feeling cozy with love and blankies...
and watching them sleep so peacefully is such a sweet sight...
 and me and baby making "pre-bed-time-funny-faces"....
 And sometimes one of the important things is to pray for your kids with them...I pray for my babies with them, so they can hear how thankful I am for them, they can hear me praying for their dreams, their future, and I thank God for all their precious qualities...

Call your little man, your super hero- and watch how he will shine.
Call your daughter beautiful - and watch her glow.

sweet or later...but we're sending them and big good night hugs too....
your kandee

Monday, March 26, 2012

What's is in MY GROCERY BAGS!

 come with me....
into my kitchen
because we're about to see what I gots in me GROCERY BAGS (man if I hit the "v" instead of "c" and typed "GROVERY" one more time....I was gonna....get real mad like!)

#1. Peeps be aksin' me to do a "grocery store haul" or a "what's in your grocery bags" video for a yesterday after we returned home from our food shopping adventure at TRADER JOE'S, I's time.

#2. This is NOT my "real" grocery shopping trip - this was just stopping for "snack food and requests from Jordan" (who is a teenager and eats SOOOOO much food!). I really only went in to buy some MILK and left with wayyyyy more! ha ha ha I do my "real" grocery shopping at Whole Foods- because their fruits and veggies are wayyy better.

#3. Uh, I really don't have something to type for I'll just stop typing and let you start watching....
On with the show....or video or videy-show....

off to go make our Kale smoothies...because I always have kale...ha ha ha
grocery bags, kandee

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Extremely Awesome Make-Over

 This was me.
In the bathroom (er, I mean make-over salon) at my moms.
Getting a make-over by Blakey and Alani- mostly Blakey though.
He really loved my mom's turquoise eyeshadow pencil from Urban Decay- as you can see by my forehead.
And he had quite a heavy hand with the NYX hot pink cream blush- which is "very long-lasting", so long-lasting in fact, that after I used cleanser and a face could still see it!
Blakey said I need more things that were "park-a-lee" (sparkly)... I loved that he put blue eyeliner on my lips too!

"I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!".....
and I felt more bee-yooooo-tee-full than all the women in the world...because I had been made over with love....lots of love....
hugs blue eyeliner on your forehead is so "in" for spring....kandee


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Roomspiration: How to Use Party Supplies for Home Decor

I love lanterns.
I love polka dots and stripes.
I love little "pendant" garlands. (or whatever you call these)
I really love  Target for selling them - in the little kids birthday party supply aisle. They have such fun things there, like these little erasers that look like cakes of all kinds- strawberry shortcakes, birthday cakes...I love them!
I am going to use these to decorate, not a for a birthday party, but just to add some fun to the house. I am going to attempt, so check back to see what I did, to use the paper lanterns as a fun "paper lantern-ier" (like a chandelier but out of paper lanters, you get the idea!)...
I love the dreamy light that paper lantern's soft and you want to cuddle with it...
and the "pendant garlands", let 's just call them that....I can't decide if I want to hang them across the ceiling above the dining table, or decorate the kids play area with these all over the wall! hmmmm, well see.....
I'm just excited I have them to play around with...and they were like $3.99!

*To make a fun headboard design with the garland for you kids rooms. (they had more boy-ish colors too)
* You could hang the "garland" around the top of the room, like a border.
*You could make a "hanging-art-mobile" out of clusters of the paper lanterns.
*You could personalize the pendant garland, by stenciling the letters of your child's name, or a sweet message like : home sweet home, sweet dreams or happiness on each pendant to spell out the words.

For a few bucks you can give any room a "spring" zing, with a little make-over dazzle!
Can't wait to show you our "before" and "fun-after".....

stripes and paper lanterns, your kandee


Friday, March 23, 2012

Look Who's 14 months old today!

I can't believe my little lady is 14 months old still feels like I was just making "pregnancy vlogs"....
And today, little Elysey-pie discovered how fun it is to get in and out of my shower. It was not wet in there...but we did spend about 45 minutes going in and out of the shower- she really loved it, even though my back was gettin' tired of bending over to help her climb in and out for the gazillionth time! ha ha ha
 She either carried the soap or the squeegee (is that how you spell that, that doesn't look right)...
 But this was by far my favorite picture! Nothing like smashing your face up against the glass to make someone smile! She thought this was hilarious! And so did I!

huge and who knew a shower could be as fun as Disneyland, your kandee


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybe we'll find some gold...

 First off.
My computer was all weirdsmobile on me and upload my pictures all stripey and different colors- but I'm kinda' ok with it, because it looks kinda' artsy.
Now back to my b-log (that's my new b-boy name for "blog").
While Alani and Blake were at, Elyse and favorite lil' 4 year old, Blakey...went on an adventure.
Blake wanted to go ride his "tooter" (AKA Scooter...and I will be sad the day he pronounces it "scooter".). So we packed up his "pirate",  water bottle...seen here:

 I buckled my Ergo carrier, with Elyse in it, on my back.
This was our shadow.

And this was Blakey on his Toy Story scooty.

He got a little tired, so he would stand on it and I would push him. This was his favorite. I would pretend he was the captain and I was his "first mate"...and I would ask him..."Captain, do we have clear sailing ahead?", he would reply, "Yes!" and I would continue asking him questions about sailing the high seas and say "Aye Aye Captain!"...he said that was his favorite.

My favorite part was when, we first started on our "adventure walk"...and I asked, "Are you ready to go on our adventure Blake?"....and he said:
"Yeah, maybe we'll find some gold!!!"....

Elyse fell asleep and Blake continued to melt my heart as we pretended to be pirates...and I told him how much fun I have with him....and his little face lit up and his little eyes got all squinty as he smiled so big at me....

Who can you tell today, how much fun you have with them? Let someone, know how much they mean to you today...

That's where the real gold is...the treasure you leave in someone's heart....
gold for you heart, kandee


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Are My Sunshine...

 yellow makes me happy
this baby makes me beyond happy
these swan jammies we got at Old Navy make the jammie drawer cute
taking pictures with my real camera instead of my iphone makes my pictures better
this chair is cute but not very comfy - it was a cheap find and I loved the yellow velvet
i almost didn't buy those jammies- but they were on clearance...and they are one of my favorites
we hope this adds some sunshiney-ness to your day....

you are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you never know dear
how much I love you
please don't take my sunshine away

you can always find a little sunshine from me to you here....everyday....
huge love and sunshine, your kandee

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look what's BIG and back in my living room!

 The Barnyard Bounce House is back ya'll!
If you remember, or have watched my videos for a couple years, you may remember my "KANDEE PUTS SOMETHING LARGE IN HER LIVING ROOM" video, from my other youtube channel: thekandeejohnsonshow. (video below)

 This is what me, Blakey and Elyse do while Jordan and Alani are at school! ha ha ha
To re-cap- I bought this on super clearance at Toys R' Us, (so I don't know if they even make this anymore) for Blakey's birthday.
My sister and mom said they didn't think it would fit in my living room- and I took the advice of Justin Bieber: "I will never say never!"...and it fits!
It is worth moving my furniture around to make fun memories for my little ones! I hope later, in their hearts we can all laugh and smile and remember the "Barnyard that was in our living room"!

Let's travel back in time...and go back and watch when I first bought the Barnyard Bouncer, and put it up in my living room, in our old house. (jordan has now inherited the couch for his room. i lost the chair and coffee table in our move, and I finally threw out the green-cabinet thing I had made out of an old headboard I got at a thrift store- it did have a weird "thrift store stink"- but I had installed lights in it myself!

And first thing this morning, after they woke up, Blakey and Elyse were back in the bouncer- jammies and all!

IT would be fun if our entire house was "bounceable"!

Make a memory today- do something un-expected to make someone that you love's day!

hugs and bounces, your kandee


Monday, March 19, 2012

Panda Suits, Green Hair & How to Put Love in The Details

Little Panda compliments on her cuddly outfit all day long.
(yes, if you were a'wonderin' it's from the Mini Harajuku line at Target...I wish this was a permanent line at Targetty)
 This is Alani's outfit she picked for herself....and Blakey in his "fancy" sweater was stylin' for church.

Later in the day, Blake and Alani got their hair sprayed with temporary green color- which got Blakey tons of, "cool hair" compliments at Whole Foods.

We made a quick stop at Sephora to look for some "paraben free" foundation options- which didn't yield anything we quickly left...but as you can see, Blakers cool hair do. And like the little chivalrous gentleman he is, he rushes to open the door for the ladies.

And my heart melted when we were in Whole Foods...I set Ellie down to walk for a second and she ran ran into Blakey's arms and held onto him as he hugged her. He always puts the Fisher-Price app, on my phone, on for her to watch...he's so adorable.

And as I made Alani's lunch- her requests of:
An egg salad sandwich
Kiwi and Strawberry Slices
And some pecans -which she asked me to buy because she loves them, she said.

And I asked her to pick our her favorite color Sharpie pen (from my new 24 color collection- I told you I love it!)...and I wrote her and "i love you" note on her sandwich bag...she chose a light pink shade of Sharpie.

I "interviewed" Alani, as if she was already a famous dancer and singer (two things she loves), while she ate a snack...she beamed with confidence as I seriously interviewed her and asked her what she would tell girls who might be teased in school....she said with great confidence:
"You can't be a lazy girl and just stand there. You have to stand up for yourself." She is so precious. The best thing we can do, is fill our kids with so much confidence, love and "I believe in you-ness", that they know they are loved and that someone believes in them. The worst thing a parent can do, is ever humiliate or make fun of your kids. We don't allow teasing in our home. Teasing, humiliating, or making fun of someone is not the way to fill someone with comes from a place that is not based in love, and that is the only place we want to operate in- a place from love. A parent that humiliates a child- does more damage than they'll ever know...and it will scar a child for a lifetime. We want love to fill them up and give them wings to fly through all the hurtful situations that life will have.

The best feeling in the world, watching lil' Elyse, give Blakey a ton of goodnight kisses on the cheek as they got ready for bed.

A bath tub was scrubbed for bathtime...
Fresh jammies and lunches made...
And love was poured into the hearts of my babies with every little things I can do for is on the details....
what details can you put love in today?
huge hugs and love, kandee


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crafts, Cookies & How To Re-Boot

 Saturday- Crafts at Gramma's house.
This is a pencil topper kit from American Girl- gotta keep those pencils cozy.
I started one off for Alani, but she insisted my mom help her, because she said she had been sewing longer than me and therefore was a better "sewer", than my lesser number of years. ha ha ha
 Alani's wielding her needle and thread.
Alani, Blake and my mom baked cookies while I held the baby in my arms and watched "The Devil Wears Prada", with my Gramma. 

The best feeling in the world is holding a sleeping baby in your arms.

Sometimes we all need a day to "re-boot", to rest, to take a break from all the stressful things and thoughts of the week.

I had no idea how relaxing it would be just to spend the day at my Gramma's. We laughed, watched movies, ordered pizza, I had a make-over from Alani and Blake, maybe I'll post the pictures tomorrow- it was quite "transformational"...
Sometimes no matter how old you are, going back to your parents or grandparents house and spending the day with them, makes you feel like all the world's troubles can't bother you, when you're in the presence of the ones who have always made everything safe for you.

My Gramma's house always makes me feel peaceful. It feels like a little cozy place in the world, with all the things I have remembered since I was little. Her mexican pottery cookie jar, all her little figurines and things I've seen all my life.

We all watched Peter Pan as we ate Pizza. Jordan and his cousin, had come home from their journey snowboarding...

I'm sure other people did way more exciting things than me...but it was an amazing day to me. 

Typing this with Blakey on my lap and Elyse trying to help me type too- I've deleted lots of extra "words" she's typed....ha ha ha

huge, kandee

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Clay Necklaces & Icing Hair

This is Jordan, wearing the "clay necklace" that Alani made him last night.... I think it's awesome. He is a good big brother.

And tonight we went to the dance party and raffle at Alani's school.  We danced. She won some cupcakes. We did not win any of the raffle baskets. I dropped my phone countless times. I dropped my wallet countless times.
-This was due to me trying to hold a wiggle baby, attempt taking pictures to capture the moment, which didn't work out, and me trying to hold baby blankets, hats...a plate of nachos for Blake, and at times a water bottle.


As I sat with the baby on my lap, trying to unwrap a cupcake for Blake- baby tried to make an escape from my lap- which led me to send the cupcake flying into my hair, onto the side of my face and all over my sleeve- I leaped to get her speedy, little, walking self and with all the icing still all over me.
It was a very crowded place- I bet I looked really cool. ha ha ha ha

But the most important part...Elyse thought it was funny.

Friday night wrap up....I am exhausted. Baby has that fresh, bathed baby smell- oh which reminds me I have to go hang up her little baby bath seat. And now I'm gonna try to go to bed...
sweet dreams and happy "yay-it's-the-weekend", your kandee


Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Make Your House Smell Good

Scent is like the invisible decorating element of any home.
And since scent is so powerful, it can bring a memory back in a split second- I can still recall the way that my little friend who lived across the street from us when I was little - just how her house smelled- it is hard to describe but- kind of cinnamon-y mixed with the smell of how embroidered, or counted-cross stitch pillows look. ha ha ha

"love is in always in the details"
and the details can be the difference in a heavenly scented room versus one that smells, well, not so heavenly. I love walking into my room and I get a "fragrance hug" as soon as I walk in the makes my room feel decadent, delicious, and just a yummy place to be!

So come and "virtually smell" my house, because this is what's in my house to make it smell delish....

I went  into Pier 1 last week and had to ask the salesgirl, what the amazing fragrance was- they were on sale, so I this bird had to fly home with me.

It smells incredible- like you are on vacation, with the most amazing scent- it feels like I am sleeping in a hammock, by blossoming gardenias- uh-to-the-may-zing!

(This was from Whole Foods, I think)
I love this Gardenia one too, it's more citrusy- has some Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Tea Leaf aromas. And the reed diffusers last really long, much longer than "wall plug-ins", these can last up to 6 months.

It's nice to put one of these in your closet or bathroom too- so where ever you wander it smells delightful!

This candle was a gift, the box is so beautiful I didn't want to take it out. And this is the candle that you may have seen in the background of my videos on my nightstand. I've never lit the candle, because I don't want to ruin it! ha ha ha
And it smells like heaven!
Just read the fragrance notes: French vanilla, Mandarin orange, Meyer lemon, coconut, guava, plantain leaf, cassis, vanilla sugar, tiare flower and yuzu zest
I had no idea where to even get it, until I just looked at the bottom for a website to tell you guys about. (click the name above for the link)
I wish this was a perfume, because it's incredible! It's been making me smell heavenly wiffs, as I go to bed for months now, just sitting pretty in it's beautiful etched glass little container, next to my bed.

I once lived at a place that had Night Blooming Jasmine growing outside, and it was like yummy.

I'm not even kidding, that candle smells so good, I wish I could just rub it on me like perfume.....
yummy smelling stuff, your kandee

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My big man when he was little....

(Jordan and our family dog that we had since I was little. She looks very wooly here, but she was a Cocker Spaniel. She looks like a "Wooly Spaniel" here though.)
This was my Jordan- he now stands over 6 feet tall and wears a size 13 shoe. He has a man voice. And I miss the days when I could scoop him up in my arms.
He dimples would melt my heart...actually they still do, I just can't pick him up and squeeze him like I used to! My heart felt love like I'd never felt for anyone, the day he was my heart, he'll always be that precious baby, no matter how much taller-than-me, he gets.

fuzzy dogs and dimple smiles, your kandee


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventures in Sunglasses

I bought a few pairs of sunglasses for the kids when I was at the Melrose Trading post...
and nothing says cute like showing off your sunglasses and "two bottom teeth"!
Oh, and look at those little baby hands- they are so cute!
and that is about how long, Little Lady, kept them she was trying another pair on for about .5 seconds.
I love the funny little face she is making at me, and her little baby eyes filled with love....

We hope this brought smiles and some extra love from our house to yours.....

love and sunnies, kandee and her lil' lovey bear (AKA Elyse)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Date and Booty Checkin'

 We had our first "play date" with our friends, and their lil' cutie, Ryker. He's a younger man, but just by a month or so. Elyse loves babies. All babies love other babies. She kept saying "Bee-bee! Bee-bee!"
 People listen when you do that with your arm. ha ha ha
Oh My Cute- he had a little tie, screen printed on his t-shirt.
 Elyse: "are you sure you should be doing that?!? Boys do way crazier things than us girls!"
 Awww, my lil Ellie Bellie, looks just like me when I was a baby here....and Ryker is still lovin' the activity table (It's the Fisher-Price one, if anyone is in search of a baby activity table!)
Ok, she was not checking out his diaper-booty....although it looks that way, she was mesmerized, intrigued, and quite entertained by the tag on the back of his shorts.....
look at her face- it cracks me up!
See. That tag right there. Kinda' mesmerizing huh? See you eye keeps going right to it too!
ha ha ha

PS. I love how it looks like we coordinated their outfits too! We totally didn't.
(don't read that like a "valley girl" way of saying totally, "Like we totally, didn't".)


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