Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Favorite Baby Food- non babies love it too!

These are some of our "must-have" baby-toddler snacks we take with us everywhere- except for the Plum Mish Mash- we though she liked it-
 but got a big "yucky face" (everyone has their own tastebuds- and I'm sure someone likes this flavor!).

When we are going out to do errands or for the day we always take:
Happy Baby Organic Puffs
(all the flavors are delicious- in the large can shown- we have Sweet Potato, and in the ziplock baggy, that are more pinky, those are the Very Berry ones)
Happy Baby Mango (this is our favorite- Blakey will drink one down in no time too! I even drank the rest of one she didn't want- and thought this is a great alternative to "candy bar craving!")
Diet idea anyone?!?- stave off a sweet craving with Mango Baby Puree! ha ha ha ha
Happy Baby Mango & Spinach

We like to take a bananas with us, or avocados too, but sometimes they are not as travel friendly- squished bananas are not fun to clean up!

When we fly:
I just pack the more "liquid" baby food packs in the suitcase and carry on the dry "puffs"!
When we flew last week, after we landed we had busted out our "puffs" and another set of parents with a baby, said, "oh, our baby love Puffs- that's what she calls all snack!" ha ha ha ha

BONUS love of the HAPPY BABY, or any of the baby purees that come in packaging like that- you don't need a spoon really! Baby can just sip it out like a straw.

We love these! Oh, we get them at Whole Foods or Target, too. And if you've ever played that awful game where you have to taste baby foods at baby showers- you know how gross, old baby food flavors can be!  But these ones are so good, I would actually eat them myself! ha ha ha

Wouldn't that be funny if we started seeing women with Happy Baby Mango Purees in their purses, just to sip down for that afternoon sweet-tooth-gimme-something-sweet-or-else-craving! ha ha ha Hey it's just mango, and better than a donut! ha ha ha It could happen!

purse full of puffs, kandee


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