Monday, March 12, 2012

Glam & Sparkle: The Art of Making a House a Home

Who likes anything boring? Who likes the word "chore"?

I like to make everything fun...especially when it comes to making your house sparkle and shine! Now here's my tips on how to "glam up" your spring house cleaning and how to look glam and have fun doing it- May I present:
 The Art of Making A House A Home: Spring into Glam Cleaning Tips:

1. You need to put on some fun music to set the mood. Maybe even dance while you sweep! I love Glenn Miller - he was a famous Big Band Swing leader...
In the mood- this song is one of my favorites:

when I hear his music, I want to be in the 40's with my hair in a "Rosie the Riveter" bandana, vacuuming my house and dancing in my heels- as I imagine all housewives then were like June Clever. Or the Glenn Miller station on Pandora is a good listen too.
2. Nothing smells as amazing as fresh flowers!
I love Stargazer Lilies. They are so fragant. I was about to walk out of Whole Foods, when I thought...we needed some fresh flowers to brighten up the kitchen. And the next day when I opened my bedroom door, the perfume-like fragrance of the Stargazers had danced throughtout the whole house. No Glade airfreshener could smell as amazing as these do!
3.  Get some Glam Gloves to dazzle up your cleaning fun.
I got these gloves at Home Goods for $3.99. 
You could use they to clean your tub, toilet, even to protect your hands if your coloring your hair, gardening...I love these.
I think when you use things that are fun, to do an un-fun job- it makes it way better! I bought a fun cow print broom to sweep with, a dish scrubbing brush that looks like a flower, and these gloves!

 4. Buy some yummy scented all-natural cleaners to clean with. Forget the toxic-smelling odors of cleaners full of chemicals...and try my FAVORITE of favorite cleaners (and handsoaps, laundry detergents- I love all their stuff and my cleaning cabinets are filled with them!):
The Honeysuckle Mrs. Meyer's Countertop Spray- smells delish, I have this as handsoap in my guest bathroom.

The Basil (this smells soooooo good!!!!!) Surface Scrub- I use for scrubbing my tubs til they twinkle and shine, before bathtime for my babies (it's chlorine free) and for making my kitchen sink sparkle.

I get mine at Whole Foods or Target and they have a new scent BLUEBELL, that I really want to sniff and smell!

I also filled  up an old-fashioned style, glass jar soap pump, like this one that I got at Target:
with my Mrs. Meyer's Basil Dish soap- it makes doing the dishes smell like a vacation for your nose.

You can click HERE to see my Rosie the Riveter hair do tutorial too, to really get you in the could even put on a ruffley, vintage looking apron and start swaying to Moonlit Serenade by Glenn Miller and you will put the Glam-bam-bang back into your cleaning routine!

and the best smell to come home to, or to welcome your kids home from school with- fresh baked cookies...yummmmsie...cookies and milk, your kandee with an apron on



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