Saturday, March 24, 2012

Roomspiration: How to Use Party Supplies for Home Decor

I love lanterns.
I love polka dots and stripes.
I love little "pendant" garlands. (or whatever you call these)
I really love  Target for selling them - in the little kids birthday party supply aisle. They have such fun things there, like these little erasers that look like cakes of all kinds- strawberry shortcakes, birthday cakes...I love them!
I am going to use these to decorate, not a for a birthday party, but just to add some fun to the house. I am going to attempt, so check back to see what I did, to use the paper lanterns as a fun "paper lantern-ier" (like a chandelier but out of paper lanters, you get the idea!)...
I love the dreamy light that paper lantern's soft and you want to cuddle with it...
and the "pendant garlands", let 's just call them that....I can't decide if I want to hang them across the ceiling above the dining table, or decorate the kids play area with these all over the wall! hmmmm, well see.....
I'm just excited I have them to play around with...and they were like $3.99!

*To make a fun headboard design with the garland for you kids rooms. (they had more boy-ish colors too)
* You could hang the "garland" around the top of the room, like a border.
*You could make a "hanging-art-mobile" out of clusters of the paper lanterns.
*You could personalize the pendant garland, by stenciling the letters of your child's name, or a sweet message like : home sweet home, sweet dreams or happiness on each pendant to spell out the words.

For a few bucks you can give any room a "spring" zing, with a little make-over dazzle!
Can't wait to show you our "before" and "fun-after".....

stripes and paper lanterns, your kandee



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