Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner and a Movie and NEW HAIRCUT!

 this is what would have been your view if you were in our living room last night..
There was a "bakery and pizza shop" open for business...ofcourse everything was "calorie free" (since it was all made of wood pretty much)
 there was even this beautiful cake....and my beautiful, Alani watching Tangled, our movie of the night!

And not to, toot my own "lasagna-making-horn"...but this was pretty taste-tay. I kinda made it all up- I made my own sauce, added some butternut squash I don't know if I could ever remember how to re-create it! ha ha ha ha But Jordan said it was really good, and that's hard to get him to say!
And the highlight of the day...was Blake who gave himself a haircut...the night before, as we were all getting ready for bed, I walked into my bathroom to see him with some pair of scissors I've never seen before (maybe he got them from Jordan's room..hmmmm), and he had cut these very "modern" shapes out of his hair.
I think this look might be very popular in the future, maybe like 2086 or something. We haven't decided how we will fix this look yet, but for now I want him to know I love his creativity and style, we just might need to make a few tweaks. I did see some friends over the weekend that not only had their little boy cut his hair, but he also cut his little sisters hair! So thankfully Blake only played barber to himself! ha ha ha

I love that lil' guy!

Happy last Kandeeland post of 2012! See next year! (yes, that is my favorite thing to say on Dec 31, yes I am cheeseball...and I love it!)
2012 hugs!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Morning Smells and Sounds

 The smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven...
giggles and little voices decorating the air...

And these little matching jammies...
I love seeing Alani and Ellie in their matching lil' horse jammies!
(they are from Carter's)

Nothing like morning hair, matching jammies and waiting for hot cinnamon rolls! And hearing Alani and Ellie playing in their lil' pink castle tent, talking about how pink is their favorite color...Ellie mostly just agrees, "yeahhhh" and "piiiiink".....

I hope you all have a great Sunday...huge hugs ans bowls of cinnamon roll frosting, your kandee

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Get An Awesome Passport Picture

 Yesterday we went to get Ellie her passport...(yes, we might be going somewhere outside of the US...woo hooo!)
And this was the awesome face she made ....
ha ha ha ha ha
She never makes this face, but it was kinda awesome. The lady at Walgreen's kept taking blurry pictures, and this was the only non-blurry one! ha ha ha ha

After we ping-ponged back and forth from the post office (they only do passports at certain times), then to the court house, then they sent me back to the post office to get a money order, then back to the court house! ha ha ha ha

THEN we did errands.....
the dollar store
the apple store (where Maddie, who said she watched my videos, and I hugged, fixed my iphone that wasn't letting me see my emails! YAY!)
world market to help my mom pick out goodies for my great-grammi's birthday party today
then to get a few goodies at Whole Foods
And this is what Blake looks like when he tries to get ice cream bars out of the freezer at Whole Foods!

 And this isan extra goodie I got for my Grammi for her birthday present goodies- she loves chocolate!
And I'm off to get ready for my Grammi's big 93rd birthday party!
Huge hugs and so much love, happy Saturday

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Drink Addiction: liquid love

 Hi, my name is Kandee Johnson and I've got a drinking problem.
Yes, I have a hot chocolate addiction.
Well, ok it's not an addiction, but I've just made this everyday for the last few days! ha ha ha
Once you've made homemade hot chocolate...not that stuff in a box or packet, but real homestyle hot chocolate with half and half and all the good stuff...
awwww man, it's just a hot cup of liquid love, I tell ya!
filling up our gingerbread mugs of yumminess after dinner last night....
all cozy and warm in our jammies.

 Blakey likes to stick candy canes in his and stir it up!

I'll have to post a video on my " liquid love hot chocolate recipe"'s psg (pretty stinkin' good)...

hugs and mugs of liquid love, your hot chocolate-bar tender (get it chocolate bar!? hee hee), kandee

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Once Upon A Christmas...last year

 I can't believe these pictures are from last year....lil' Ellie has gotten so big since then!
Not much more hair has grown, ha ha ha ha......
but my lil' cupcake will be 2 next months and it seems crazy like I was just posting videos that I was still pregnant...and now she's putting make-up on me as often as she can! ha ha ha ha
Remember this?!? feels way longer than 2 years ago sometimes and then sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday is so crazy that way!

Thanks guys for being a part of my days and life....thanks for ever clicking on here, so hopefully I can inspire you, make you smile, or maybe even make you laugh!

Huge hugs from kandeeland-throwback-thursday....

PS. I'm editing a "special" New YEAR's Eve" tutorial...hee hee hee CLICK THIS TO SEE WHEN IT WILL BE UP.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in our "kandeeland":

Our Christmas started off as all Christmas mornings should... in jammies, ready to open presents, with crazy morning hair.
Then Ellie got all fancy for Christmas- she got a Hello Kitty purse for Christmas...and before she put her jacket on she looked like this....(she also took the bow out of her hair after I took this picture.)

(Scotty dog dress from Baby Gap, leggins from I-can't-remember, and gold boots from Targetino (aka target).
 I made Christmas Cinnamon rolls, which are the same as regular cinnamon rolls, it just sounds fun to throw Christmas in front of it! ha ha ha
 And gingerbread man mugs waited to be filled with a fresh batch of Hot Salted Caramel Chocolate.
(perhaps a recipe video is in order! ha ha ha ha)
 Ellie got a Hello Kitty suitcase...she doesn't even need to go anywhere, she just loves to pull them around the house.

And the night before Christmas.....we took this was funny because the kids were just watching the old school, Rudolph the REd-nosed reindeer.
 Alani admiring ol' Rudy, and Ellie admiring Santa.

Our Christmas was wonderful. The kids were happy, and my favorite was waking up to their excited faces...they camped out in my room, so as soon as they woke up we raced to the tree.

I didn't know how the day would go, since it would be the first Christmas without my dad here on Earth. But I believe that he had God send some extra love and joy for our day from was the best present...
and in a world full of people asking for things, I received a gift in my heart, an extra gift of love and happiness, that I didn't ask for, that couldn't be bought in any store...
but a gift from heaven...
that I could feel my dad's love.
Thank you God, for sending that to my day...
"the most precious gifts given, can never be bought with money"...

I am a bit sad that I will have to take all my decorations down....I love them, but that would be slightly weird if I left Christmas trees up all year! ha ha ha ha
If you missed my "Holiday House Tour"....sit back and enjoy the "sweet candy-ness":

huge hugs from my heart to yours....may love fill your day, and hope start to grow with excitement for  a new day waiting to be lived, your kandee (notice how I left the "kane" off, ha ha ha)

Feel free to click on my KANDEEJ blog RIGHT HEEYAH to see what I posted for the day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Make-Up Lover Starter Kit and my lilt make-up artist

 This is a "mini make-up vanity" table....yes with a lipstick, powder puff square thing...and I bought it for my niece Audrey, thinking Ellie might be "too big" for it....well I was wrong....Ellie is in love with this toy....the vanity lights, light up...and Now I'm going to race to Target to see if they have any more left! ha ha ha
And this is my little Make-Up Artist.....making a funny face and showing off the awesome "make" she did on her face....somehow while I was putting my make-up on, she found a red lipliner and went to town...this is some serious "war paint"! I love it! She so proudly looked at me with her decorated face, and instantly made a precious memory in my heart!
And then my favorite, was the night before, when she strapped her baby doll stroller on like a backpack and walked all over the place....I was laughing so was too cute...she was like a turtle with a stroller for a shell!

We are off to get everything ready for Christmas Eve!!! Anddddd, I stayed up til 3am, trying to edit my holiday house tour video! So it will be up on youtube as soon as I finish it for a special treat today!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone....I'm sending as much love to my house and heart to you as I can.... and I know if this Christmas is hard for anyone, as it will be for my lil' family without my dad this year, we will celebrate with extra joy in our hearts that we have for him...
giant buckets of love, your kandee (kandee)

PS. My house tour pics will be up on my other blog in a bit too! (

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Friday, December 21, 2012

These Boots Were Made For Cleanin'

 Ellie love to sweep. And I mean, LOVES to sweep. If she sees a broom in someones hands, she is right there to try to take your sweeping job away.

My favorite though, was when she went and got Alani's boots (which we got at Target)...and clomped into the kitchen and began the "cutest lil' sweeping" job!
And my extra-favorite, is that she even had her super-sized boots on the wrong little feet! And her "teeth-together" smile kinda cracks me up too!

Ahhhh my lil sweeper....if only all my kids loved cleaning tasks! ha ha ha Although the do like vacuuming quite a bit! ha ha ha

Who loves folding laundry!?! ........and no one makes a peep! ha ha ha ha

Hooray! It's the last day of school today, before Christmas break! No more extra early morning alarm clocks....we're sooooooo excited! ha ha ha

And watch, tomorrow, we'll still all wake up at our early wake-up time! ha ha ha

Candy canes and boot-scootin'-sweepin, your kandee

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's VLOG-thursday! Hooray!

If you are a mom, or if someday you plan on being a will lose track of days, much like one of your grandparents..."what day is it?!?!"....

So, this week has been crazier than a room full of circus clowns...and I woke up thinking it was wednesday! Don't judge me, you know you've done that! ha ha ha

So I finally edited a NEW video for my "vlog" AKA Video Diary- randomness-mommy-vlog channel on the YOUTUBE!

Here's it is, it's the night after my skin doctor appointment, I went all crazy at Target buying fun things like Christmas Story "Lamp Leg" cookie cutters and kid-friendly chopsticks, and Swallowtail Bird Chip clips...that dollar section gets me every time!



And if you didn't see this, even thought it may put not "grossness fear" in your heart: CLICK THIS BAD BOY IF YOU DARE- I promise, you will never want to try make-up on in any store ever again!

I am giving myself a huge pat on the back for editing this video and getting it up...ha ha ha ha... I dont' know how people upload a "vlog" video everyday...maybe it's because they don't have kids, or have husbands that help them, ha ha ha ha ha

Hugs and lots of love and icing, your kandee

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Show, O Christmas Show...

 We had front row, or actually anywhere you could find free space to stand, seats for Alani's Christmas Show at school.
Ellie was dressed the fanciest and insisted on wearing her santa hat.
 Ellie's Outfit:
Gold boots- Targetta (target if you don't want to use the exotic sounding name, I made it)
Leggings) I can't remember but I wanna say Carter's or Old Navy...
Shirt- I can't remember at all, and I cut the scratchy tag out
Faux Furry Jacket- I think it's from Baby Gap
 This was the only time she wasn't running while I as trying to take her picture.
 Blaker cheering on Alani as she sang her two songs with all the other kids...they were so adorable.
Back to running again....then we headed to get goodies at Starbucks, at Blake's request. He loves the petit vanilla scones. We had a lovely time, soaking up sunshine in the cool air with our warm drinks. Then Ellie told me she went "poo poo" and it was time to go! ha ha ha
And don't be jealous of my photography skills here...yes I took this picture myself, today. I know, it's kinda awesome....ha ha ha ha I think my finger was like, "no, no more picture lady!"...

photoskills like a ninja, your kandee


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Place....

I love all things "candyland-ish" and anything that's bigger than normal, like the giant lollipops on "Santa's Gingerbread house at the Grove"....
Me and my littliest, Ellie, loved it even more than me! ha ha ha

Ellie's outfit:
Pink Sparkle Boots: Target
Leopard Leggins: Target
Striped Dress: Old Navy
 And sometimes she likes to stick her hand in her mouth like this , in pictures, and anytime!
 I was in love with the giant, disco-ball like, mirrored stars that hung over the "street".
And the best part is every, I don't know when, but they make it fake snow, with snow machines off the room tops, and it really looks like it's snowing in LA! It is just beautiful...the 40's Christmas music they play, the  abundance of twinkly lights on everything, the  20 story tree (it's not but it looks like it!) is just a happy, beautiful place to walk around and watch everyone else be amazed and take pictures of it snowing!

Twinkly lights, 40's music, and they put a Sprinkled cupcake in... (even thought the line is cray cray) was always one of my fav places in LA, now it's my "extra-favorite"....
hugs and twinkly lights and wishing I had a red velvet cupcake, your kandee


Monday, December 17, 2012

You got a little Reindeer on your back..

This lovely model, is none other than my Ellie....
she is modeling the finest in "reindeer back wear"!

This is NOT a backpack. It is actually a decoration for the back of dining table chairs, but Ellie thinks it is better as a backpack. ha ha ha

*we got it at Pottery Barn kids!
And this is the front of Ellie! ha ha ha
A little less reindeer and lot more leopard...!

(in case you wanted to know:
leopard dress is from Old Navy, Gold boots Target, hello kitty hat, from one of those kiosks at the mall)

big and little hugs from me and my reindeer, Ellie

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Friday, December 14, 2012

When moms go wild:

 ok, not really wild at all, but when you're a mom, sometimes just going to lunch is like a big "night out", in the middle of the day and it only last about an hour..ha ha ha ha But we had so much fun.
In the picture:
Katilette, the gorgeous and super sweet "Shaytards mama", and the beautiful blonde "model looking mama", who is equally sweet, Kayli...and you know that girl on the left, I think her name is Kandee.

This is what I ate...doesn't it look manly? A burger with a knife in it! ha ha ha
 And if we rewinded:  this is what I looked like on my way....
they are both "youtube mamas", and I have watched the Shaytards (Shay Carl and Katilette- are the famous parents of their "shaytard" family- that I've watched for years on youtube)....I feel YOUTUBE famous, because I made it into one of their VLOGS!!!!

See here:

And if you missed the video I posted yesterday on my main can watch my little "youtube vlog" (Im trying to do more vlogs) can watch that here too:

And if you still want to see more....I posted my BIG CHRISTMAS WISHLIST VIDEO yesterday too:

and the awesome part...I got more than 3 hours of sleep last's kinda' awesome...hugs from your Kandee (cane- I have to use that while it's Christmas time)

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My mom has done something huge!

I think my mom is kinda', pretty much, the awesomest. No awesomest is not a word, and yes I am probably, very biased. (hee hee hee)

So my sister has been on a mission to get my mom to tweet.
Mom said she doesn't know what she'd tweet, how it works, all that jazz.
My sister set her up a twitter account @mommashannonj

My mom is now on twitter and we had to celebrate it with a video....
so here's is my mom and I celebrating late into the night (ha ha ha...but not really) that it was 12-12-12 and her first tweet, and I bought us cupcakes:

enjoy: (and tweet my mom- she'll love it!)

hugs and cupcakes from me and my mom, kandee and the newest addition to twitter (aka my mama)
Go make her day and tweet her HERE

HURRY, my BIG, Kandee's ChristmasBeauty Wish List Must Have's video is up (but everything will sell out fast, so hurry!) ...CLICK THIS THING (and there's a giveaway too!!!!)
for the love of cupcakes, your friend, pal, homegirl, compadre, amigo... kandee, kandee johnson, kanjo, kandazzle, k-dizzle

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teeth on a plane

 We've got teeth and we know how to use em! ha ha ha
PS. I love Ellie's crazy size curl that just came to peek out and say hi!

Where we at: on a plane
Why: because sometimes you gotta
 Ellie will be 2 next month! Yikes! I know...and that means she will no longer be a lap child (they get to just sit in your lap and they don't need their own ticket)...but at 2, it's Ellie gets her own seat-time! ha ha ha
 sometimes when you look out the window on a plane it might look like actually looks like I'm on a NASA shuttle looking at Earth from space, huh1?!?
And this is Ellie's outfit of the day......

I've had major computer problems, so this post is late, my computer wasn't working, I didn't post my video I wanted to early...oh BUT IT WILL BE UP TODAY!!!! And it's an AWESOME ONE! Peep my youtube in a bit: CLICK THIS

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My lil' make-up lover....

Ellie loves "make" (what she calls make-up)
she love it so much, she tries to find and and all make-up she can get into...
She is good at finding it.
She found some foundation, that I thought she could not get into.
I can hardly get the thing open!
So I thought, "oh I'll let her hold it, she won't be able to open it"...and I'll put my make-up on, while she plays with my lil' "way to hard to open" foundation.
Not only did she open it, but she put it all over herself.
All in a matter of seconds.
Can you see the big chunk she scraped out on her face.....
and she quickly managed to clean it off her hands on her shirt....ha ha ha ha
We changed her, washed her face and hands.....and Alani and Blake thought it was hilarious how quickly she "decorated" herself with make-up! ha ha ha ha

My lil' make-up artist...or as she would say "make" artist.....

CLICKKITY CLAKCKITY ON THIS to see the perhaps, the non-sense I typed on my other blog at 3:32am about Target.


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