Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Place....

I love all things "candyland-ish" and anything that's bigger than normal, like the giant lollipops on "Santa's Gingerbread house at the Grove"....
Me and my littliest, Ellie, loved it even more than me! ha ha ha

Ellie's outfit:
Pink Sparkle Boots: Target
Leopard Leggins: Target
Striped Dress: Old Navy
 And sometimes she likes to stick her hand in her mouth like this , in pictures, and anytime!
 I was in love with the giant, disco-ball like, mirrored stars that hung over the "street".
And the best part is every, I don't know when, but they make it fake snow, with snow machines off the room tops, and it really looks like it's snowing in LA! It is just beautiful...the 40's Christmas music they play, the  abundance of twinkly lights on everything, the  20 story tree (it's not but it looks like it!)...it is just a happy, beautiful place to walk around and watch everyone else be amazed and take pictures of it snowing!

Twinkly lights, 40's music, and they put a Sprinkled cupcake in... (even thought the line is cray cray)...it was always one of my fav places in LA, now it's my "extra-favorite"....
hugs and twinkly lights and wishing I had a red velvet cupcake, your kandee



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