Friday, December 28, 2012

My Drink Addiction: liquid love

 Hi, my name is Kandee Johnson and I've got a drinking problem.
Yes, I have a hot chocolate addiction.
Well, ok it's not an addiction, but I've just made this everyday for the last few days! ha ha ha
Once you've made homemade hot chocolate...not that stuff in a box or packet, but real homestyle hot chocolate with half and half and all the good stuff...
awwww man, it's just a hot cup of liquid love, I tell ya!
filling up our gingerbread mugs of yumminess after dinner last night....
all cozy and warm in our jammies.

 Blakey likes to stick candy canes in his and stir it up!

I'll have to post a video on my " liquid love hot chocolate recipe"'s psg (pretty stinkin' good)...

hugs and mugs of liquid love, your hot chocolate-bar tender (get it chocolate bar!? hee hee), kandee


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