Friday, December 21, 2012

These Boots Were Made For Cleanin'

 Ellie love to sweep. And I mean, LOVES to sweep. If she sees a broom in someones hands, she is right there to try to take your sweeping job away.

My favorite though, was when she went and got Alani's boots (which we got at Target)...and clomped into the kitchen and began the "cutest lil' sweeping" job!
And my extra-favorite, is that she even had her super-sized boots on the wrong little feet! And her "teeth-together" smile kinda cracks me up too!

Ahhhh my lil sweeper....if only all my kids loved cleaning tasks! ha ha ha Although the do like vacuuming quite a bit! ha ha ha

Who loves folding laundry!?! ........and no one makes a peep! ha ha ha ha

Hooray! It's the last day of school today, before Christmas break! No more extra early morning alarm clocks....we're sooooooo excited! ha ha ha

And watch, tomorrow, we'll still all wake up at our early wake-up time! ha ha ha

Candy canes and boot-scootin'-sweepin, your kandee

Wanna SEE my other BLOGGY, CLICK CLACK on this.



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