Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time to Celebrate

This is the face Ellie makes when you say: smile!
I love it!
Yesterday was time to celebrate:
Spring Break is officially on!
Alani actually had friday off too for a teacher work day, so we went out to lunch at out fav sandwich and soup place. Now I'm not much of a soda drinker, but when I saw they had Key Lime Cream Soda (cream soda's are my weakness), I had to try this:

 It was amazing!
(you can see snippets of Blake, Alani and Ellie's artwork in the background)

 Ellie, giving me the, "just one second while I think, finger)....

And for anyone that might wanna see what my lunch looked like. Mmmmmmmmmmm
Potato Brocolli Soup, a salad, and half a turkey, carmelized onion and pear sandwich...
And in the words of Ice Cube: it was a good day

And I filmed a loooooooooong requested video!  My smoothie recipe! Finally after 3 years of requests. I just kept thinking I had already filmed it, but really I just blogged about it on here!
ha ha ha ha ha

It will be up on my KANDEELAND youtube channel soony-soon-soon!

And I filmed another special request for my MAIN CHANNEL too!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Drooling over these rooms....

Oh my dream rooms!
Sometimes when I can't sleep at night, I go on Trulia (which is a site for homes for rent and sale, not for decorating! ha ha ha), but I'll go look at million dollar homes for sale, just to "dream about the dream homes"!
And the bathroom above.....I am beyond in love with! I don't even care that you couldn't really take a bath without everyone in the pool, seeing you! ha ha ha

I'm just posting these dream bathrooms below, but my heart belongs to that bathroom above! I mean, look at the mirror and table to put your make-up on. I'm drooling on my keyboard.

 I'm not too much a fan of the marble inlay floors, but if this was my bathroom I totally woudln't complain.
 And I'm in love with this kitchen!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bright, white kitchens. You add some beautiful lighting, those bar stools and I'm off to "kitchen love-land"...
I love looking at home decor ideas. I actually wish I could just ask people if I could come inside their homes and see what it looks like, but that'd be weird, so I just settle for looking on websites of homes for sale! ha ha ha ha

HOORAY it's FRIDAY...Friday Happy Dance, your Kandee

If you want to see my $20 Make-Up Challenge- where I thought it meant you buy $20 worth of make-up, was wrong, I guess you were supposed to buy your brushes and sponges for that price too... So CLICK HERE if you want to see me do a complete make-up looks (with brushes I already owned-ha ha ha) for less than $20...SEE IT HERE

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morning Hair: Bus Stop Edition

 This is the view you would have seen if you were standing with us waiting for Alani's school bus this morning. And yes that is how "awesome" my hair looks in the morning.
Ellie looks adorable all snuggly in her blankie.
She just stayed all cuddly on my shoulder, while we hugged and waved at Alani.

Today was picture day. Which is sort of crazy because it seems like they have school picture like 4 times a year now! This is the "spring protraits" I think.

We were in too much of a hurry to get pictures of her outfit this morning. But, she wore her dress with donuts and macarons on it, a pink cardigan, and her giant jacket to stay warm in. Because today didn't really look like a sunny, spring day.

And if you were curious as to the front of my hair......BAM!
The front of my hair looks like you could hang ten on that wave of bangs!
I'm gonna go, take a shower and re-tame my wild hair. Oh, first I have to go write my KANDEEJ blog post for the day- yeah baby it's throwback thursday picture time! ha ha ha And I'm gonna upload a video today, woot woot!

Hugs and happy hooray-it's-almost-friday-time, your kandee


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thrifternoons & Treasure-tiquing

Yesterday, we went on a little adventure to our favorite antique/thrift stores.
Ellie got about 378,758,984 compliments (that is a slight exaggeration) on her outfit she wore yesterday.

I'm so glad my kids love looking at old junk treasures, as much as me.
Alani, Blakey, and Ellie all had fun showing me everything that caught their eye.
The drum major hat, up yonder, was my fav! ha ha ha

Thankfully in this store, they let the kids try out the toys, so Ellie went on ahead and tried out the rocking horse, while Elvis-the-slot-machine stood guard.
It worked so well that she was a high-speed-blurry-photo rocker!
The kids like this store, other stores, they know they can't touch or even dare to ride on anything that might come close to looking like a toy.

And then the tricycle was begging to be riden, or at least given a little attention.
 And then we brought my "light up letters home"!!!!
I'm so excited!!!!

Yay! I'm off to go try to film a new video for you guys! Hooray!

huge light up letters and hugs, kandee

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ruffle Cat

 Here's Ellie's Outfit of the day, which we are calling "Ruffle Cats".
We've got ruffles and we've got cat shoes!
And some babies love headbands and hairclips, but not this lady.
 Moments after this she took her "band-aid" (as she calls headbands) off!

 She loves her "princess" outfit. It's from Giggle Moon. The make the most adorable little baby, toddler and bigger girl clothes.
I think we'll just frame this outfit when she outgrows it! ha ha ha

 And here's the cats.
These little kitty shoes, we got at Baby Gap. But the down side is, Gap makes the cutest shoes but they are not known for being comfortable. So we always have to bring another pair when she insists on wearing them, because due to their lack of comfort, they never make it to stay on all day.

 See it doesn't matter if you a toddler or an adult, they same question remains: is it really that hard to make a cute shoe that's comfortable!?!?!?

Hugs, cats, and ruffles from us.....we're off to go find back up shoes for today, ha ha ha

your Kandee


Monday, March 25, 2013

Colorful Things in our House

Colorful things make me happy.
We have a pretty colorful house.
These bow shoes we got at Old Navy, are now too small for Ellie. And I shold have thought to buy them in the next size up for when she outgrew them. They are so cute, and now Old Navy doesn't have cute shoes like these!

#3. Monkey Dish Brush
I just got this at Home Goods yesterday.
It think that doing the dishes with him, will make it more fun.
Who likes doing dishes?

#3.  Colored Sugar Balls
or as they say on their cute little bottle: 
"Boules de Sucre Mulitcolores"...
we got these at Home Goods too.
I love that store! I also got my favorite Zebra Rug there!

The other "colorful" part of our weekend was, that there was short in the wiring that pumps water into our we haven't had water all weekend.
It's like we're camping, and it really makes you realize how much we take for granted, things like running water, or even having water at all.
I was going to film and post a video that required the use of a sink this weekend, to post last night, but hopefully we will have water tonight and I can film it!

Huge hugs and I hope your Monday is filled with colorful fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Look Who I Had A Lunch Date With:

 We had a lunch dad with Cinderella.
Blakey, Ellie and I, that is.

Ellie likes to spice things up and pour salt and pepper on all my food. And she is liking it more in the "big chairs", than in high chairs now. We are getting so big and fancy.
 After strawberries vanished and grilled cheeses disappeared, Blakey had been eyeing the case of cheesecakes, and asked for the Reese's Peanut Buttercup cheesecake.
 Which he thought would taste better scooped up on his potato chip! Thankfully, i really don't like Peanut Buttercup cheesecake, so that one fork-full you see right there, is all I took.

OTHER THINGS: I put my workout clothes on in the morning, as if I was really going to work out, which i never did. After lunch we had errands to do, had to pick Jordan up, then had to head straight home, to be there before Alani got home on the bus. At least I felt fit or fast, wearing my running shoes all day.  If only wearing your workout clothes would burn calories like really working out.

Before bed, I helped Jordan hot glue some things for his Diorama for Spanish class. There's something about Dioramas that I love. Shoeboxes, filled with minature things- I just love it!

So excited it's friday!!!

Friday hugs....your kandee

And don't forget, you only have over the weekend to try to win the goodies in this video, Monday on my KANDEEJ blog, is where the winners will be announced!

Watch it like it's hot:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Once Upon a long time ago...

Awww, for this throwback thursday....I went back to me and when Jordan, my oldest baby, was little...this was me and Jordan taking a nap.

And me and my little lovebug, Jordan. Yes, that is a scrunchie in my hair.
My favorite is little toddler hands....ahhhh so cutie!

And for a bonus throwback video-style...remember this?!?

our chubby bunny still cracks me when I watch it....ha ha ha
 Get ready to enjoy a throwback video....look how little Jordan was:


throwback hugs, your kandee

And if you wanna see the Throwback post of me at my Prom, on my blog, CLICK THIS BABY!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life of sweet treats and "milker-falls"...

My lil' Ellie Bellie sippin on her "Blood Orange Dessert Smoothie topped with a lil whipped cream"...
And right before that I made:
Smoked Cheddar Quesadillas with Bacon and get ready for this...
Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam
(it is A to the MAY- zing!!!)
I got it at World Market if you dare to try it...
 Our little goblets, that I got at the Madonna Inn- which I love! I love the Madonna Inn and their little goblets!
I even snuck a picture of Jordan's totally looks out of place on his desk where he was "gaming".
 And earlier in the I try to blog and edit videos, little things like this happen all day...there was a little milk accident that required my attention! ha ha ha ha
I love being able to clean up these little accidents that happen from little hands that I love so much! Sometimes you just have to laugh at a "milker-fall", like a waterfall but of milk, in your kitchen!
 And in this picture, Ellie told me she was "dancing princess"! This was right before she became and extra "clean dancer" in the bathtub, and after I finally convinced Blake to get out of the bath!
sweet dream and whipped cream topped smoothies, your kandee

Wanna see my newest video on the youtube: CLICK THIS RIGHT HERE

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Cutest Shoes On The Block:

so the internet is a hard place to find things because there's so many sites it's hard to find stuff...but I found these cutie pie shoes so I'm sharing em' so you can find them too!

These boots are from Livie & Luca, and they are so cute I can barely stand it!
We also saw them at the store and they are so soft and flexible, I wish them made them in "kandee size"!
They made them in infant-youth sizes!

How cute are these?
 And these lil pink cowboy boots are on we bought some, and they will be appearing on a littlle lady named Ellie, soon!
 Look at the little vintage looking boots!
 The flower sandals....
And another favorite shoe company for little feet is, SEE KAI RUN , they come in sizes infant-8 years old.
We've owned and loved these babies! I've even bought old styles on ebay, because they are so adorable and you can't get them anymore.
Look at this lil shoe, you know me and that minty-green-pale-turquoise color!
 And finally someone that kicks down some boy cuteness too!
Hope that helped make your shoe shopping a little easier...
cute kicks, your kandee

PS. Don't forget to see Alani in my new favorites video, she models the "hello kitty forehead sheild glasses" hee hee hee

Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Make Shoes Look LIke NEW:

Ready to make some un-new shoes, look like they (almost) just came out of the box!?!
This works on any kind of shoe: leather, synthetic, plastic, you get it...

SHOE: Ellie's little soft leather shoe from MiniMe (we got em at Target)

 (my secret cleaning agent: BABY WIPES)

these brand spankin'-new-lookin' shoes:

You bet your baby wipes, we're gonna be "baby wipin'" more!

BABY WIPES are great because they prevent the leather from getting too wet and ruining it by making it too stiff, or by ruining any glue shoes too!

Sparkling closets full of sparkling shoes, your kandee


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