Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday in Kandeeland

 We're traveling back in time Kandeeland style...showing all my babies back in the day... oh these pictures just make my heart melt and wish I could crawl in the pictures and hug and cuddle them one more time when they were tiny like this....
ABOVE: my Jordan, who now is way taller than me...and who you can see in our new video at the bottom!
 Here is my lil, princess Alani...with her sparkling blue eyes... never thought I'd have a blue-eyed baby, but she gets these from her Grampa's who both have blue eyes!
 My lil Blaker, and his twinkling green eyes, which I just love, because he has green eyes like my dad. This little guy is just adorable and incredibly good at basketball and baseball....he shocks me and Jordan all the time! ha ha ha
And my littlest, Ellie Belle (aka Cupcake)....back when she was only a day or 2 old!

Oh all my little babies, I cherish every moment when they were small and I just got to hold them and cuddle and fill them with the security and love of being in mama's arms. To let them feel the safety of mama's arms, feel your loving heartbeat next to theirs, and to be in the safest, happiest place for a baby...right next to mama.


hugs and love like a mama cuddle, kandee

If you wanna see how much bigger my Jordan is, watch this:


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