Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Mama Love for your heart:

I'm writing this because I know and get many emails and messages from girls and guys, who don't have a mom, who's mom is waiting for them in heaven, or maybe they have a mom that they wish wasn't their mom...
and I want to everyone to know that me and my mom, wish we could pour out all our "mama love" on everyone. I was so blessed to get the mama I have, I wish i could let everyone borrow her, because she has raised me with so much love and wisdom...and I want to pour some mama" love-dom" (love + wisdom) out on you too!

I want everyone to know that you are loved.
You are beautiful.
You are each so talented and have special dreams that are your own and the world needs to see them.
That even on your worst day, to know it's ok, and save this hug I'm sending from my heart, to feel on that day.
That when a guy tells you your ugly, worthless, or that he can get any girl he wants, or that it's your fault that he cheated....don't listen to him.
You're precious, valuable, smart, and deserve to be treated like you are the most treasured gift in his heart.
And if you've never been treated that way, wait until you do, and don't settle for less than being a priceless and treasured gift to someone.
And always know, that even when it feels like you've made a huge mistake, sometimes those valued mistakes teach us the biggest lessons help us grow into being wiser and better people.
And when you feel all alone....know that I'm sending you a hug, and remember me saying, "you're never alone...the Greatest person you'll ever know is always with you!"
Whenever you feel like a failure or your worthless...know that you were created like a precious of a kind, beautiful in ways beyond what the eye can see, and you are a priceless gift to this world.

And most importantly....I want you to know you are loved. More than you can ever imagine.
Let your heart shine it's beauty more than any make-up could ever try.
Let your heart dream, we all need to work out our dream muscles.

This week, you make it amazing. Don't let anyone steal your smile or joy. If someone has junk or bad stuff to say to you...know that "out of a man's mouth comes the condition of his heart"...
people who are miserable, are obsessed with making everyone in their path miserable too. Don't listen to the lies of of a hurt, miserable, gossiping, judgemental, angry person.

Let the words roll off you like, water off a never even has a chance to stay on!

I love you and I hope these words, reach into someone's heart that needs to hear them today...someone that may have a mom, needs a loving mom, or someone that God may be sending a message through me, from their mama in heaven...
I love you, your kandee

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