Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thrifternoons & Treasure-tiquing

Yesterday, we went on a little adventure to our favorite antique/thrift stores.
Ellie got about 378,758,984 compliments (that is a slight exaggeration) on her outfit she wore yesterday.

I'm so glad my kids love looking at old junk treasures, as much as me.
Alani, Blakey, and Ellie all had fun showing me everything that caught their eye.
The drum major hat, up yonder, was my fav! ha ha ha

Thankfully in this store, they let the kids try out the toys, so Ellie went on ahead and tried out the rocking horse, while Elvis-the-slot-machine stood guard.
It worked so well that she was a high-speed-blurry-photo rocker!
The kids like this store, other stores, they know they can't touch or even dare to ride on anything that might come close to looking like a toy.

And then the tricycle was begging to be riden, or at least given a little attention.
 And then we brought my "light up letters home"!!!!
I'm so excited!!!!

Yay! I'm off to go try to film a new video for you guys! Hooray!

huge light up letters and hugs, kandee


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