Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Party-time

Ellie sitting in the airport, waiting to fly home...
LA was my home and the place I was born so I'm always sad when I have to leave...and back to the place where I call home now, and I'd say to cleaner air in Lake Tahoe/Reno area, but it's super smokey from all the fires in Northern California.

We returned home, to the kids who had spent the weekend with their dad...and I promised Blakey we'd go bowling on Sunday, so me and Ellie caught the early flight to get home!

We raced to Whole Foods to get some groceries and snacks...then got the kids and headed to go BOWLING!!!!!

Ellie's bowling shoes are the cutest and the smallest size they had!

 It was kind of a group effort whenever someone went up to bowl, as you ca see! Lots of cheering and clapping: "GO...(insert the bowler's name) GO!!!!"

 Ellie watching her pink ball roll down to almost get her a strike...that weird pink thing is like a "bowling ball aiming dragon/dinosaur", you just launch the ball from the top and it rolls down it's back! It was prett-yyyyyyy cool.

We could't decide, "Pinky Tuscadero Bowling Ball" or the "Lemonade Ball"....but we found Pinky was the best!

Alani took these awesome high action shots! I did NOT throw both bowling balls, I just held, Lemonade Ball, in my left hand with tossing Pinky Tuscadero......

Waiting to see how many pins we knock down........

And I got a strike!!!

Ellie poses in her bowling shoes....

After a quick tour through the arcade...we went on a few carnival rides outside....I had to squash myself into this "gator-coaster" was so painful being smashed in there I just kept hoping it was our last time every time we circled around! ha ha ha

Happy Monday guys.....huge hugs from your Kandee in her Kandeeland, where you are already a member of my little sweet land.

Huge hugs and so much love, your virtual BFF, Kandee

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"My heart is cracked...."

Yesterday we went shoe shopping after school....
and Ellie didn't get a pair because she already had these awesome pink moccasins...
But that didn't stop her from trying on every pair of giant shoes with hello kitty on them that she could find....

My Blake is not liking Kindergarten. He told me he cried at every recess and at lunch, which broke my heart. He said he loves me so much and misses me so much.
So today I went with him to his class, and helped set up peechee folders with the kids name on them....but he still was not too happy.
I told him I'd come back in an hour to bring him a special cherry-berry-protein smoothie to go with his lunch...

When I returned the teacher said he still cried while I was gone. And that he said he was too sad to eat his lunch the day before and just cried at lunch time. I cried hearing this (not in front of him of course)
At lunch he told me his heart is cracked because he misses me so much.
After lunch I stayed to play with him and the other kids at recess. I drew pictures of animals for them and had them name them, Ellie really liked one little girl that kept holding her hand.
Blakey told me to draw a picture of him and me holding hands, and draw God above watching over him and asked me to pray for him, for God to watch over him. He asked me to kiss his hand so it would stay with him and told me our hearts are connected. I told him, they are, and I'm thinking about him all day and how much I love him. He cried back in his class again. I told him I'd see him real soon, and I'll be the first face he sees when he walks out the doors!
I cried after I left him at lunch. I cried when I got hurts my heart to know his lil heart is hurting...and I just wish I could stay and sit next to him all day. I wanted to go and hug all the little ones that were crying...oh Kindergarten, I remember when I cried because I missed my mom too!

My little guy and his truck lunch box and the smoothie I brought him...

Huge hugs and the reason my blogpost is so late is because I was not at home to write it, but trying to comfort my lil' Blakey at school..., hugs from mama Kandee


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of High School and Kindergarten

Yesterday was back to school for us, and it also happened to be "internet outage in our whole area" so I wasn't able to post my blogs or anything! But these our the lunch boxes that decorated the counter....

Blakey started Kindergarten, and Jordan, went to the high school, well, he's a sophomore, but the Freshmen don't go to the high school, they stay at the middle school here,  which I think is awful. So both my boys had "new school" firsts today. Alani was just back at school with just  a new teacher and class!

We sang songs on the way to school, loud clapping songs, to help get some of their energy and "loudy-ness" out. I reminded them to be quiet and listen to their teacher, and if other kids are being loud and naughty, not to listen or talk back to them, and to be nice to everyone, and especially if someone is being left out or all alone, to go invite them to play or eat with them, and most importantly that my love is in their heart all day long.

I dropped Blakey off and stayed to help in his class, which he loved, Ellie helped too! I still cried as he walked into the school in line with all the kids. He didn't cry, just me! ha ha ha

Me and Ellie headed home and it was so quiet...
My internet was out, so we detailed the refrigerator, vacuumed, I found a letter my dad wrote, and I cried for a really long time, I really miss him. My eyes were like leaky faucets yesterday...little Ellie ran and got me a napkin, she's so cute, that made me laugh!

Blakey wanted to ride the bus home with Alani, so after we asked Jordan all about his day and baked him a pizza, we had some yummy snacks baking in the oven for the kids, then Me and Ellie, and Minnie Mouse headed out to greet the kids at the bus stop!

And this was our view walking back home.... we talked all about their classes, the teachers, how lunch was, what they learned, what their favorite part of the day was. And they all ran to Jordan who was waiting at the door for them too!

After dinner, to celebrate the first day of school, we had a Boston Cream Pie, which Blake decorated with his little Planes was delicious!

Everyone was really tired, so I tucked them in (except for Jordan, he's too big for mom to tuck him in! ha ha ha) I prayed with them and prayed for their day, and that they would know mama's love was in their heart all day long, even if we're apart.

And I was so tired, I fell asleep in all my "day time" clothes, AKA not my jammies, and woke up at about 4am, with all the lights on and everything...

Today I'm baking cookies so when they come home it smells yummy and a treat is waiting for them! I used to love that when my mom had fresh baked something for us, I could smell it before I got inside the house!

Huge hugs and trays of cookies, your Kandee

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Candy in bed Kandeeland

These 2 visitors came to make sure all the sheets on my bed were completely messed up...
Blake brought down all my "giant candies" from my "collection room" to play "candy fights" which is pretty much like "light sabres" with the candies, which I quickly put to a halt...ha ha ha

And then Blakey fed his cookie monster shirt some cookies.....

And last night we had some comfort food, or comfort food to me anyways....good ol' In-N-OUT!
And the best milkshake to order is NEOPOLITAN flavor which is strawberry, vanilla, chocolate all mixed together -but we didn't do any milkshakes because dairy is no bueno when you're still sick! We opted for the lemonade!

And now we are packing and I'm trying to edit a video for you guys for tomorrow, a sneek peek at how I set up my make-up table and how I film my videos to show you guys!

Off to do laundry and pack the car for Blakey's BMX race this weekend in Las Vegas! I don't think I've ever been to Las Vegas twice in one week! hee hee

Huge hugs and so much love and laundry, your Kandee


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Home Sweet Airport

Awww, Reno, one of the most turbulent places to fly in and out of, and this is our "home airport". (In case anyone didn't know, although I'm from LA, we now live near Reno/Lake Tahoe)
And this was Blakey and Ellie in the Airstream trailer.
Alani has been visiting her cousin and grandparents on her dad's side, and we miss her, but she's having fun!

This is Ellie rollin' through airport security like a little boss. We get our trays out before we get to the table, and load up our stuff so it's ready to go. Shoes first, so we can throw em back on, laptop, then all our other bags, stroller, and purses.

And if you read my post yesterday, Battle of The Strands put us up in the most awesome suite at the Flamingo! Blakey was so excited, he said this was his favorite part, the tv in the kitchen!

And Ellie was the first one to the table for our room service breakfast! How awesome is that green glass chandelier?!?

Feasting on her strawberries, in of course, her Hello Kitty jammies.

Only in Vegas, baby! Ellie loved these glasses in the Flamingo gift shop. And no she doesn't suck on pacifiers, never has, but she found this in her bag, and just bites on it for fun! As you can see, it's aldo totally upside down. None of my kids have ever liked pacifiers.

And now that we've been home for 2 days, and trying to feel better from our little bout with a cold, we are packing up to head back to Vegas for Blakey's BMX race this weekend...

Off to try to film a video, do laundry and drink lots of my Apple Cider Vinegar + honey + hot water drink, huge hugs from your favorite "sicky", Kandee


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, Hello Kitty Backpack:

This is pretty much the cutest backpack I've ever seen: a Hello Kitty backpack with ears!

It' is almost as big as Ellie, and she insisted on wearing it all day long. As you know, if you read my KANDEEJ post today, we were in Vegas for less than 48 hours, but had an awesome time. My computer is broken, so this is the only picture I have to post....oh computer.

But we got this at the giftshop in the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. They had the cutest Hello Kitty things, that I've never seen before, and if my computer was working I could totally upload them! So hang on, if the Apple store can fix her up, I've got some cool stuff to show ya!

Sometimes I really wonder if I should keep writing this blog, I don't know if people really enjoy it, read or even know it exists, ha ha ha ha ha.

Huge hugs from a not-feeling-very-well, Kandee

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sleeping like Champs.....And Challenges

Blakey fast asleep with his "Dusty Crophopper" from Planes! He loves this guy....
meanwhile on the next bed, this little "Youtube Play Button Champ" was still raring to go! ha ha ha ha

And high action Ellie...
and very soon after, this lil sweatband champ, fell fast asleep...

And as I normally do, once everyone is fast asleep, I get to work blogging, editing, ot in my case, not editing because the I realized or disovered that the video I filmed was ruined, and rendering me with nothing worthy of editing! That's when I say: awwwwwwww poop!

Ha ha ha ha....
but as I truly believe, sometimes when life gives you poop, turn it into manure and plant some flowers! Your options are to either make something beautiful from the messes, and maybe from that hard circumstance, it will cause good things to grow from it, and a blessing hidden in the mess!

Huge hugs no matter how hard your day might be and always know, you're not alone.

Your friend, Kandee


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We wish our last name was Disney...

It's official we have purchased the Disney Annual Pass.
Our other family member have had annual passes, my best friends have annual passes, and we are finally annual pass holders too, now!

Since my dream is to live in Disneyland, this is as close as I can get! ha ha ha ha Especially since they have no plans of letting me live there.

And this was "Princess Ellie" admiring her Ariel pen!

Waiting in line for the rocketships....Ellie is finally tall enough to ride them!!

And you gotta love the Buzz Lightyear ride. The line is shorter, it's nice and air-conditioned, and it feels like you're in an arcade game.

And my white nail polish, glowed in the backlights on the ride.

Even if you don't like caramel apples, the caramel apples at Disneyland are amazing. These Minnie and Mickey Mouse Caramel apples are adorable. But my favorite are the Caramel Apple Pie ones, that taste like cheesecake to me!

And last but not least, little Ellie Mouse, in her Minnie jammies. Which, if you are in love with them too, are from Target.

Huge hugs from Kandee Disney, I mean, Johnson.


Monday, August 5, 2013

California Adventure Break

So I was busy at Vidcon, learning stuff, getting to give hugs and meet everyone in real live-ness, and give out hugs, real hugs, not just computer ones....
while my Mom took the kids to Disneyland, which is right next to where Vidcon was held! So I took a quick break the last day and ran over to go on a ride or two with them before I had to head back!
Blakey got a ride from the "mommy-back-rider-service"....we headed over to the Cars ride, where we waited for almost 2 hours, but it was worth it!

And my phone was left in the stroller, while we waited in line, so I have no pictures of the ride or us waiting in line....although we made friends with the people in line in front of us and behind. We were all guessing the things on their "heads up" game on their phone, which is the best game ever! I think we were the only group of people, that didn't know each other but was laughing together! ha ha ha

And, if you read my KandeeJ blog today, you know I've had a crazier than normal day, and that is why this post is up late...much later than normal.

Sometimes I really wonder if I should even bother writing this post. I don't know if people like this "bonus blog I write"....I hope you do, even if it's just one person that reads this today! hee hee

Huge hugs, from a "knowing-I'm-getting-stronger-from-all-the-things-I'm-going-through-today", Kandee

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hotel Room Tour #3: 49er & Great America

All I've gotta say is look at those glamorous light bulbs...
This was our hotel from night 2 of our road trip for Blakey's race.
WHERE: The Biltmore Suites or Hotel (I can't remember) in Santa Clara, CA
It's right near Great America and the new 49er Stadium they're building.

6 hotels I called were totally booked and this was the last one that had rooms.
I'm one to appreciate a fine set of draperies. Ellie inspecting the table, while Alani tested out the couch.

The beds were fancy and it had an old, homey charm that I kinda liked.
The beds were amazing, and I wanted to see who made the pillows because I loved them.
Either that or I was ridiculously tired.

Ellie Bellie with her tired face....

Look, we even had a fancy mini sink..which Alani thought was really fun to brush her teeth at.

The shower was very showery.

Oh, Sunbeam 1500 we meet again.
Like we're ready for a shootout at the poof-ball  hair corral.

 And my only complaint is that I had to wake up too early. I love me some blackout curtains like hotel have!  And flashback to this post I did on my outfit and now you recognize the background, huh?!?

Well, once again, I'm typing this from yet another hotel room. I feel like a rockstar on tour or something, except without rockstar money, a tour bus, or crowds of people cheering my name, oh yeah and an entourage to make me look fabulous.

I've got a better entourage than all that anyway, they call me mom and they cheer for me but in a different way....ha ha ha ha, huge hugs your Kandee

PS. If you want you can watch me LIVE today on The Mom's View at 2pm PST, click here to see.

Annnnnnnnnd, I'm uploading  a brand spankin NEW video today, click HERE to see if it's up yet!


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