Friday, June 29, 2012

Am I going to die!?!

As I headed to the freezer to get some ingredients for me and Blakey's favorite smoothie (blueberry, kale, acai, and orange)...he asked me:
Mommy, am I going to die?

I answered:
Yes, one day we're all going to die.
Then we'll get to go to heaven.

And as quick as I answered that he asked:
Can you just put a little kale in it? It tastes better when you just put a little in.
ha ha ha ha ha

And just minutes later, after I whipped up our smoothie-ness.
Hand Blake his little cup...his cup accidentally slipped form his hands, and shot smoothie all over him, all over the floor, all over the walls, all over the carpet, all over the chair.
It took me 20 minutes to clean it up and clean him up!
He required a bath too, which we always think is fun.
Ellie always tries to climb in, too.
And then to make me smile, Blakey put Ellie's favorite new glasses on...a guaranteed smile maker.
 Oh what blessings my little babies are. That bring so much joy to my heart, they are God's gifts to my heart.

Smoothies on the floor and a smiles from my little ones, your kandee

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elton Ellie & The Night Bugs

 My precious babies have brought joy during my heartache...
Ellie came out with these glasses and I laughed as she reminded me of Elton John with her big, round sunglasses. And at how the glasses smashed her little nose, and the sides of her mouth down!
Then as Blakey got all cozy for bed he said, "Don't let the night bugs bite, mama!" Oh my lil' sweetie...I loved that he didn't say "bed bugs", but night bugs!

from Ellie-ton John and our "night bug free" sleeping, your kandee and her smile makers

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My smile in the morning...

these mornings have made it made hard to wake up and find my heart hurting over my dad not being here...but shortly after I'm awake this little face smiles and says "hiiii!"....
and my heart smiles....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The most tragic day of my life- the day I lost my superman

(me and my dad on Father's Day, last year)

I apologize for writing the same post on both my blogs...but this is all my little broken heart can type for now) For the first time...I don't know how to start typing. I don't know if this is going to feel good to write again or if I'm going realize I am not ready to write again...
Last wednesday was the most tragic day of my life.
I got a call telling me that my dad had been in an accident and was no longer here on Earth.
I got the call just hours before he was supposed to pick me up at the airport.
To hear the words that he had been helping someone move and fell through a window, that cut an artery and that he wasn't here on Earth anymore- shattered my heart, my life, my thoughts, and the lights went out in my world...and they will never come back on without my dad.
(me and my dad on my 1st birthday)
 This has been, as I know it is for anyone who's lost someone they love, the most painful things I've ever experienced. My dad was my hero, my, correct that, my dad IS my HERO, he IS my Superman.
My arms may not be able to reach him, but he is holding my heart.
I don't know when I will return to blogging- I don't know if it will feel good to write again or if I just can't yet. I don't know when I'll edit another video to put on Youtube.
The hurting in my heart is not describable using the word "pain".

At the top of this page is a picture of me and my dad on Father's Day last feels hard to even think that Father's Day is here, and my father was taken from this Earth just days ago. To anyone else who has lost their father, or any loved heart breaks for you. I wish I could just cry with you, because sometimes when your pain is so great- words don't help. One of my dear friends just called me and cried with me...crying unlike normal crying- this was aching howls from my heart.

Someone posted something on my facebook, something their grandma told them, and it has helped my heart, they said their Grama told them that "Sometimes God picks the flowers for heaven when they are at their most beautiful in bloom"...

My dad was the most encouraging, inspiring, and positive person. As I sat reading through all his texts and watching all his videos...he was encouraging me still. His words will live on in my heart. He lives on in my heart. I love him so much more than any limitations that our human vocabulary puts on emotions.

This Fathers Day...I may not have my dad here on Earth, but I can celebrate him from my little spot on Earth. I know, without a doubt, that my dad is in heaven. And just like he always made everything on Earth here, pretty for me....he is up in heaven making it pretty for me. And my life will never be the same without him. But I want to go forward in the rest of my each day to the fullest, in honor of my dad.

My dad had texted me this:
"you never know how STRONG you are, until being strong is the ONLY choice you have."
Being strong is the only choice I have.
My dad was strong. I am his baby....I can be strong too.

My dad is, was, and will always be my hero. I cannot say much more, because my eyes have cried more than they ever have, my heart hurts more than it ever has, and the feelings inside are ones I cannot even describe in words.

My Grandma always said:
This pain in life is inevitable. But my dad wouldn't want me to miserable.

I can hear my dad, in my mind, telling me that "You can do it! You're strong!"

Oh dad! I love you so dearly...
And as my precious friend told me, "sometimes God takes things from our Earthly grasp, so that we may fix our gaze unto  heaven"....

I don't even know if this sounds good, makes sense, or anything...but I want to thank you all for your outpouring of love, kind thoughts, caring words....
that have truly felt like drops of love on my heart that has felt crushed beyond repair.

My dad is so happy in heaven...and I can't wait until I run into his arms again. Oh what a great day that will be. Until then, his words, love and encouragement will be the wind beneath my wings...

On this Father's day...
I am thankful that I have my Heavenly Father (God) and that I have my Father in Heaven (My Dad) ...they are home...and are waiting for me.

If this Father's are celebrating your daddy in heaven...may these songs comfort you like they did to me today, I heard this song today, as I drove home with a car full of my dad's things...

I saw in my dad's emails today....that he read my blogpost the day he went to Heaven. I saw that he read my posts every day...
And I know my dad would say: "You keep inspiring everyone around you!"

At this time I don't care about the latest beauty product, hair gadget, or fashion trend...all of that seems so unimportant and so meaningless. I don't know when I'll feel back to writing again or making my videos- it may be sooner because my dad was so proud of how I could encourage others, but after I write this, I feel like I can't say when because my heart still hurts.

I will celebrate today, this little Earthly celebration of our fathers...because I know my dad is smiling and knows how much I love him up there in Heaven...

And this is now one of my favorite videos of all time on Youtube...because it has my dad in it:

My dad always said, "Make today better than yesterday!"...
(if I ever got a tattoo, that's what I'd get tattooed on myself!)
and today dad, I will, I will make today, better than yesterday because I love you to Heaven and back....
you were the best dad in the world and now in Heaven....
there is no other daughter that loves her father more than I love you, your Kan Kan

"all I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong, take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yay! My Sister's House and sidewalk chalkin'!

 Oh...3 weeks ago I was at my sister's but we were at the hospital because she was in labor...and now we are there just to have fun and hold new baby, Audrey! (who, I didn't happen to take a picture of yet-I'll post one tomorrow for sure!)
This was "cousin creative chalk drawing time"...Elli, Alani, Blakey and Sydney drawing up a storm! Literally- well they drew the rainbow after the storm anyway.
Blakey painting the patio "sunshiney".
This is what fun looks like....dolls face down, motorcycles on their side, car doors open, a plastic seashell full of under-ripe apricots picked by little hands....I told my sister it looks like a "crime scene"...ha ha hah a
And I always try to come bearing goodies...this time is was lemon shortcake cookies from Panera Bread, for my sister...she loves them.
And it's always fun to hold babies when you're little. Alani carrying Sydney around before bedtime...
And eventually, after everyone watched an American Girl Movie, camped out all slumber-party style in Sydney's bedroom, everyone fell asleep...
And me, Ellie and Sydney were the first ones up this we went and ate some yogurt and waited for everyone to wake up!

happiness is being is being with the ones you love....and my sister makes me laugh all the time, kandee the cookie bringer


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enchanted Roomland

 If you walk buy a  Pottery Barn kids store, you almost can't help going in...the lighting the decorations just lure you into enchanted room-land!
I am in love with the little Farm Table and Chair above- and yes, you can get the chairs in different colors, from sage gree, to robin's egg blue, to red, or white. I want this table supersized! ha ha ha
(I don't own the table, but I the little lady in the picture, is mine!)

 Next Up: I am equally in love with these tin flowers for your wall! Kinda reminds ya of my old flower wall huh, but wayyyy bigger! I love this!
And then, I'm kinda in love with these ruffle curtains- it's like a dress for your window.

 And now our lovely model is showing off a fine and delightful little pink kitchen, which we all love! I love, love, love this kitchen!
 And there is a little "Rachel Ray" cooking away in all her pinkness!
(little lady outfit breakdown: Sweater-Target, Dress- Old Navy, LEggins- Target, Mocassins- Bobux)
 And say the other table is too girl, check out the for masculine, boys farm bench table.
And look how cute their little mermaid decals on the white wainscoting....bring on the enchantment of cute decoration!

Man would I have gone bonkers for that pink kitchen when I was little, kandee

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Lollicuts And Blaker Bieber

 Mix lollipop and kids haircuts and you have Lollicut. When you google "kids hair salons LA"- they come up and pair that with the fact that "style saavy" celebrity mom, Tori Spelling trusts them to cut her kids hair- we headed there.
The kids were so excited to go here!!
 Then it's time to pick out the sweet car you want to get your hair cut in...Blake picked the race car.
 He sat in his Formula 1 car, while he finally got the "Justin Bieber" hair cut he's wanted. After I texted "Blaker Bieber's" new hair to my sister- she replied, "I wonder if Justin Bieber knows he has a 4 year old, little boy fan?!" ha ha ha
 Alani picked the pink Barbie car, ofcourse! She got the cutest "semi a-line bob".
 After Blakey got "bieber-ized"...he rode in the space racer.
 Then we headed across the street to get snacks and cash and Whole Foods- Lollicut only takes cash and I only give debit cards! ha ha ha
And although Blakey has an "Alfalfa" hair sticking up in this was only the wind- they did not cut that for his hair! Although I could see a trend on the horizon! ha ha
And Alani after, with her new hair...which she love, love, loves!
And yes, if you wish they made her skirt in big sizes're with me too! It's ofcourse  from the Harajuku line at Target!

And then before bed we had a movie party and watched The Lorax and Puss and Boots...

And now we are off to the face the day in style with new do's and Blaker Bieber.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Wow You've Got Your Hands Full" Travelling!

This is what my lap looked like today...while people were still boarding the plane and you can still have your phone on and your tray tables down....
This is the row on the plane that Alani and Blake chose for use to sit in (as I already mention on my KANDEEJ blog).
You see on Southwest you pick your own seats once you're on the plane. Alani and Blake were walking ahead of me and chose these seats while I tried to carry Ellie, my computer bag, my purse and her travel-diaper bag....
This is Blakey, who as you can see from his pose, is not happy with his non-window seat. Alani got the window seat, and even though he was promised to have the window seat on the next flight...."we" still had crossed arms like this.  He un-crossed his arms about .5 seconds later when I said he could play his Hot Wheels game on my phone.
And this was Alani-the -window-seat-winner. And yes Jordan did ask me, "Did you purposely dress them all in neon?" which I replied, "Yes, that way I can keep an eye on them easier!"...It's much easier to keep track of all your kids if they are easy to spot on their neon colors!

Favorite quotes of the day:
When I walked onto the plane with all my kids and all the bags hanging from my arms.... said, "Wow! You've got your hands full!"
And again I heard the same comment getting off the plane.
Oh and I heard it when I was going through security.
And I heard it again, waiting for the stroller in the jetway.

As long as you stay happy, calm and mellow...and remember that if you make moments happy and fun nothing, needs to be get a happy, fun mom and happy fun kids. This was the first time I flew without my mom there to help me with all the little kids...but it went great. We had fun and we made everything fun, I brought snacks for the plane, and ofcourse water (after we went through security) and gum for the kids to chew (not Ellie though) so their ears would pop easily in the altitude change...and we had a fun flight.

But my favorite was when Blakey said, as we walked into a store with some teenage girls in it: "All these girls look so fancy." To which they all laughed and said how cute he was, which gave him the fuel to say even more things to them....ha ha ha ha

I is tired, me am sleepy, I need sleepy tired time to type tootired...ZZZzzZZZzzz KandeeeezzzZZZzzz

Oh and if you missed it- here was my MOMMY VIDEO I uploaded this week- yay it has my sister in it:

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peek into our Friday Night Of Fun...

 This is how we do it on Friday nights....
we go out, big time!
We've got VIP status at all the best grocery stores.
In this picture you'll see Blaker walking in front of me (in the orange and green hat)
Alani is ahead of him...
Jordan's friend who was spending the night (in the black shirt)
And Jordan pushing the cart (in the striped shirt)
And I ofcourse was behind them all, carrying Ellie and taking this picture.

We had fun in the grocery store then headed home...where the boys unloaded the car and helped put groceries away before sneaking off with some snacks...

Then I did more laundry, got everyone cozy for bed, put everyone to sleepytime and dreamland, did more laundry..and now I'm up way too late typing this....

Bam Boop Sha-pow...that was my friday night, kandee

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Friday, June 8, 2012

We like to show off our grill...

 and by grill...I mean our lower teeth. Yes, we, and I use the term "we", just to refer to Ellie-but with my assistance of typing here... we like to show off our lower 3 and 1/2 teeth.
 and a little more...tooth.
And now you can clearly see all 3 teeth, that 1/2 a tooth is hiding real well though. Gold stars for half tooth hiding so well.

And some days I'm just a big mushy-hearted-crier. Last night, after everyone was freshly washed and shampooed, conditioned and lotioned, and jammied, all my little ones were running in my room playing. Just seeing all their legs running around and all their little voices laughing and giggling...big tears of joy rolled out of my eyes.
Out of all the things in this world that we go through every day, that we think about, focus some part of our time on, most of everything, at the end of your life would seem meaningless...but those little giggles that could be heard in my room...they are what's meaningful.
They are my heart...and yes, the mere thought of how much I love them...made tears, blurry up my eyes...
At the end of my won't matter if I always knew what was happening in the news, with celebrities, the latest reality show, what was happening on facebook or twitter...
but it will matter how many moments I spent soaking up and pouring out love and cherishing moments with these little souls that I get to take care of and love....

hugs and giggles...and maybe a tear splashing through the computer, kandee

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(you can click on the little Youtube logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it bigger)

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's In Your Labor Bag?!?

Since my sister just had her baby, I thought it would be fun to make a video with her BEFORE she had her baby about what she was taking to the hospital.
Now as you know, I had Ellie at home, so I didn't need to pack a bag, BUT, for my 3 others babies, I did have them at the hospital, so I have a little bit of experience with what you'll want at the hospital or birthing center, if that's where you're having your little bundle of joy!
(We will ignore how I could go on and on about how amazing my home birth was! ha ha ha Because it was truly the best labor and birthing experience ever!)
Here's the LIST OF WHAT TO PACK, A SPECIAL VIDEO WITH ME AND MY SISTER (BELOW).... Some of you may not be going to a hospital, but may be going to a birthing center too, so here's our video of "What's in your labor bag" and a full list of what you might love to take:

For Mommy:
Your id & insurance card
Slippers or Flip Flops (I myself prefer the flip flops, they felt more "sanitary" on the bathroom floors)
A Robe (those hospital gowns are not so great- robe's are great for getting in and out of the tub too)
Lip Balm (trust me, you don't need to add chapped lips to your list of ailments)
Rubber Bands (for your hair, because your hair will drive you crazy without one)
iphone, ipod or cd player and portable speakers (I played Jack Johnson, my sister had Frank Sinatra)
cell phone charger- we forgot this and had to have my sister's father-in-law bring us a charger!
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Hand Lotion (I am just a person that goes nuts with dry feeling, hands)
*IF YOU WEAR CONTACTS- make sure you bring your glasses and contact solution gear
SNACKS- great snacks are nuts (no allergies ofcourse), yogurt, popsicles, electrolyte powder for water to give you energy
Face Cleanser & Moisturizer
Body Wash, Body Lotion, Razor, Shampoo & Conditioner (so you can feel like a new woman after labor and take a shower)
Loose Fitting Pants and Shirt (to wear home)
Big Granny Panties (no thongs- you won't wear a pair of those for a few weeks, at least!)
Some Pad Equipment (just think of it as, your worst period ever, after you have a baby)
Candles- some people like to bring those fake candles for softer lighting, check with your hospital, they may frown on real candles
Magazines- me and my sister wanted to look at magazines before her labor really took off, and all the nurses could find for us was a GOLF magazine, really!?!
Nursing Bra- And my favorite is THIS ONE. Believe me I've tried them all, from Target, Walmart to Motherhood to online!
Your Birth Plan- research your birth plan options then write a birth plan to help the hospital staff know your wishes.
Cash or Spare Change- I wanted to go buy something from the vending machine!
Socks- you might want to bring a cozy pair of socks in case your feet get cold.
*AND POSSIBLY stash an old towel or waterproof pad in your car, in case your water breaks or is leaking on the way to the hospital- yes, that happens!
CAMERA-And don't forget your camera to capture those first pictures of the baby!
Bottled Water- sometimes hospitals just have yucky tasting tap water- and Electrolyte Water is helpful in keeping you hydrated.

For Baby: 
BABY GOWN (to bring baby home in, way better than pants and a shirt- we love gowns)
SWADDLING BLANKET (to swaddle baby up in)
DIAPER CREAM- I love Dimpleskin- the best Diaper Cream EVER! I apply it at every diaper change, and my Ellie never had a rash!
DIAPERS - the hospital will provide disposable diapers of their choice, but you might want to bring your own and especially of you are using cloth diapers. Bring at least a dozen or 2. Your, cover of choice, your cloth wipes, and a soiled bag to take the dirty ones home in.
And make sure you put an INFANT HEAD SUPPORT IN IT (the ones that come with the carseat are to flimsy and scratchy) like this is great:

And here's some pictures I took as we arrived at the hospital with my sister...
My brother-in-law, Bryon in the green shirt- helper man at the hospital in the orange, and my sister, Tiffany- in the red shirt with the baby belly...ha ha ha
 My sister, Tiffany, making and excited, "here we go" face!
BELOW: I made my sister put on a face mask, because it smelled so awful in the emergency room entrance- even the nurse said she can barely stand being in there!
 Me and my sister, after she got her gown on and before me and my brother-in-law began "show-tunes" style, dancing for my sister to Frank Sinatra!
 And after she had taken her contacts out, and had her baby....looking beautiful without one drop of make-up and one minute of sleep all night- no make-up could make a mama look as beautiful as all this love does!

You're going to do great....If I have gone through labor 4 times, you can do it too! ha ha ha Just imagine me holding your hand saying: "You can do it! Just imagine seeing the after picture, holding that beautiful baby!"....
huge hugs and lots of bags full of goodies, kandee

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How we party down in Target...

 Now, to know me, is to know how many treasures I find at Target...ha ha ha ha
And this is how we party down at Target. Target is a good time. You don't even need to buy anything.
The kids played "dj", picking out music to sample from their "cd bar". They were quite fond of Jewel's Fisherprice kids album.
And as you probably saw on my other blog, yesterday, this was guest "outfit-of-the-day" as well as being my guest "cart-rider".
 And this is a great idea! A soft, rubbery, toilet-potty chair for the "big" toilet....this is a brilly-ante idea! The WeePod from Prince Lionheart. I love their wipe warmers too! And it comes in other colors too!
 Next we found some cool stuff in the little girls "room decor" aisle.
Alani like this La La Loopsie Stuffed Doll....we did not buy it, as we already went to Target knowing it wasn't a toy buying day, just a looking day.
 And this- I had to take a picture of, because my sister loves horses...and she would've loved this as a little girl. The Pretty Horse Collection wall decals!
And Alani looking for treasure in the $1 bins at Target.
We had fun and bought total essential things like new bath scrubby things- you know those plastic net-ball-things that you wash with in the shower!?

And we had Chinese food for dinner...yum. Target and Chinese food, it was a good day!

horse decals and dollar store bins, kandee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Secret Rice Krispy Ingredient

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make your Rice Krispy Treats extra delicious...and I'm gonna share my "TOP SECRET" Rice Krispy Treat ingredient with you....
Alright, I may not be the first person to do this, but I don't know of anyone else who has! ha ha h


What you do:
After you've melted your 1/ stick of butter and added your bag of mini marshmallows-just pour about 1/2 to 1 full teaspoon (depending on how much yummy, vanilla-ness, you want- I actually put like 1 1/2 teaspoons!) mix it with the butter-marshmallow goey-ness, until it's all blended together. Remove from heat and add your 12 oz (or almost an entire small box) of rice krispy cereal!

And you will have the most yummy, delicious Rice Krispy Treats ever! We made them last night!
You could go crazy and add lemon, butterscotch, whatever flavors you think would be yummy!

Happy Rice Krispy Treat Making!!!

sticky treat fingers, kandee


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