Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hotel Room Tour #3: 49er & Great America

All I've gotta say is look at those glamorous light bulbs...
This was our hotel from night 2 of our road trip for Blakey's race.
WHERE: The Biltmore Suites or Hotel (I can't remember) in Santa Clara, CA
It's right near Great America and the new 49er Stadium they're building.

6 hotels I called were totally booked and this was the last one that had rooms.
I'm one to appreciate a fine set of draperies. Ellie inspecting the table, while Alani tested out the couch.

The beds were fancy and it had an old, homey charm that I kinda liked.
The beds were amazing, and I wanted to see who made the pillows because I loved them.
Either that or I was ridiculously tired.

Ellie Bellie with her tired face....

Look, we even had a fancy mini sink..which Alani thought was really fun to brush her teeth at.

The shower was very showery.

Oh, Sunbeam 1500 we meet again.
Like we're ready for a shootout at the poof-ball  hair corral.

 And my only complaint is that I had to wake up too early. I love me some blackout curtains like hotel have!  And flashback to this post I did on my outfit and now you recognize the background, huh?!?

Well, once again, I'm typing this from yet another hotel room. I feel like a rockstar on tour or something, except without rockstar money, a tour bus, or crowds of people cheering my name, oh yeah and an entourage to make me look fabulous.

I've got a better entourage than all that anyway, they call me mom and they cheer for me but in a different way....ha ha ha ha, huge hugs your Kandee

PS. If you want you can watch me LIVE today on The Mom's View at 2pm PST, click here to see.

Annnnnnnnnd, I'm uploading  a brand spankin NEW video today, click HERE to see if it's up yet!


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