Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Home Sweet Airport

Awww, Reno, one of the most turbulent places to fly in and out of, and this is our "home airport". (In case anyone didn't know, although I'm from LA, we now live near Reno/Lake Tahoe)
And this was Blakey and Ellie in the Airstream trailer.
Alani has been visiting her cousin and grandparents on her dad's side, and we miss her, but she's having fun!

This is Ellie rollin' through airport security like a little boss. We get our trays out before we get to the table, and load up our stuff so it's ready to go. Shoes first, so we can throw em back on, laptop, then all our other bags, stroller, and purses.

And if you read my post yesterday, Battle of The Strands put us up in the most awesome suite at the Flamingo! Blakey was so excited, he said this was his favorite part, the tv in the kitchen!

And Ellie was the first one to the table for our room service breakfast! How awesome is that green glass chandelier?!?

Feasting on her strawberries, in of course, her Hello Kitty jammies.

Only in Vegas, baby! Ellie loved these glasses in the Flamingo gift shop. And no she doesn't suck on pacifiers, never has, but she found this in her bag, and just bites on it for fun! As you can see, it's aldo totally upside down. None of my kids have ever liked pacifiers.

And now that we've been home for 2 days, and trying to feel better from our little bout with a cold, we are packing up to head back to Vegas for Blakey's BMX race this weekend...

Off to try to film a video, do laundry and drink lots of my Apple Cider Vinegar + honey + hot water drink, huge hugs from your favorite "sicky", Kandee



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