Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We wish our last name was Disney...

It's official we have purchased the Disney Annual Pass.
Our other family member have had annual passes, my best friends have annual passes, and we are finally annual pass holders too, now!

Since my dream is to live in Disneyland, this is as close as I can get! ha ha ha ha Especially since they have no plans of letting me live there.

And this was "Princess Ellie" admiring her Ariel pen!

Waiting in line for the rocketships....Ellie is finally tall enough to ride them!!

And you gotta love the Buzz Lightyear ride. The line is shorter, it's nice and air-conditioned, and it feels like you're in an arcade game.

And my white nail polish, glowed in the backlights on the ride.

Even if you don't like caramel apples, the caramel apples at Disneyland are amazing. These Minnie and Mickey Mouse Caramel apples are adorable. But my favorite are the Caramel Apple Pie ones, that taste like cheesecake to me!

And last but not least, little Ellie Mouse, in her Minnie jammies. Which, if you are in love with them too, are from Target.

Huge hugs from Kandee Disney, I mean, Johnson.



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