Thursday, January 31, 2013

I want to jump inside these pictures:

 Have you ever just looked in a magazine or catalog and wanted to live in the rooms you see? Dare I mention Pinterest....?!?
This pale blue, wallpaper and chandelier...done deal, I want to lookout that little crossed pane window! Dont' you?
 I want to read books to my girls and have tea parties in this room...I can just smell the fresh baked cookies....
 Pink wallpaper, ruffley curtain, pink loves!
 More tea party-ness and any CHANDELIER...and I'm all over it! I want chandeliers in every room! ha ha ha ha
If you want to day-drool all over these too I saw them all in the POTTERY BARN KIDS catalog!

I just want to jump inside and live in it! ha ha ha

Daydreaming as I type this, your kandee

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Few of Ellie's Favorite Things:

We all have things we just love, things that are our favorites...
if this Minnie Mouse cell phone was a real and Ellie would be phone twins, because I love this too!
Here's lil'  Ellie Bellie's favorite things... they also, all happen to be all things she got for her birthday!

#1. In her favorite pink car - the only bad part is the cute eyelash and red lip decals for the car weren't in the box!
#2. Playing with her favorite pink Minnie Mouse "cell phone"- they have them at Target!
#3. Wearing her favorite pink Minnie Mouse jammies
And one of her favorite bday presents of all! Some fancy Naturino Patent Leather Biker Boots with Swarovski Crystals...
 Ok, I wish they made these in my size!

Ellie got the best bday presents...huge thank you to Auntie Carrie for the gift card...not only did Ellie love what she got, but she loved the giftcard itself! ha ha ha ha

I was thinking of doing an "Ellie's Monthly Favorites" video on my 2nd youtube channel: TheKandeeJohnsonShow, like how I do my monthly favorites on my main youtube channel, KandeeJohnson...comment on facebook or twitter to let me know, i think it'd be so fun and funny to see what her favorite things of the month are!

Huge hugs and still wishing my phone could look like hte Minnie Mouse one, your kandee

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Most Wild Hairstylin' around:

 I forgot to post these pics of Ellie doing  Nana's (my mom's) hair.... just look at her "ta-da" face! ha ha ha
 My poor mom, getting her hair brushed head whacked with a brush by the most dangerous hairstylist her leopard jammies!
My beautiful and kind mama, letting her hair be "done" by Ellie. I think my mom looks so pretty even without any makeup on, as seen here!

Ellie's leopard jammies are from Carter's in  case anyone else loves them too!

wild leopard print and wild hairstylin', kandee and her lil Ellie

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Face, Lunch Dates & Kisses, oh my!

Sometimes we get so excited in Target, we make this face! 
Yeah, that's right, that's toilet paper in my know you buy it too.

Earlier in the day...I had a lunch date with one of my favorite guys, Blaker....and Ellie. Jordan was at friend's house and Alani was at birthday party #2 of the weekend.
Yes, he's throwing me an "i love you" sign! 
I love this little man so much!
 Later, we went to Chili's for was Alani's Saturday night dinner request....
and lo and behold they have some pretty taste-tay Parmesan Sweet Potato fries and some dipping sauce that probably had 398,398 calories in it! ha ha ha
 SIDE NOTE: Ellie left this hat on the entire time.
 Then I got a text from my friend that I needed to get the Vine app...
to which I downloaded it and filmed our first Vine video (the bumsville part, I heard that it's only on iphones right now, but the android version will be out soon!) This is my screen grab and my 54% battery, which is good I'm usually at 2% battery.

And here's another video we made....
Good night kisses from Ellie:

Me: Say Goodnight
Ellie: Nite
Ellie: Dreams
Ellie: Luh You (love you)

happy monday...let's make this week AWESOME....hugs of awesomeness, kandee

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The greatest present and my guilty plate:

 I got Ellie this "First Fitness" Trampoline, with a handle...and it is HER FAVORITE birthday present.
She jumps on this thing all the time. And when she's not jumping on it she likes to watch movies on it!
 Last night we watched Stewart Little 2 (ha ha ha, the "2" was just popping up on the screen when I took this!)
 Ellie enjoying her seat!
And then this was my "guilty plate".....
my plate of birthday cake that I ate...
And after dropping Alani off at birthday party #1, of the weekend, she will be going to birhtday party #2 in a few hours...
yay it's saturday!!!! weekend hugs, kandee

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Look Cool When You Slip and Fall

 This is me trying to keep warm in the rain yesterday...
walking out to meet Alani at the bus stop...
with my skater dude, Blake.
 He's so cute. He put on his hat and sunglasses. And then, just to be safe, we just carried our skateboard.
Then the awesome-mest part (yeah, I know that's not a word and I used it anyway...I'm a vocabulary-rebel-without-a-cause)...
this morning as I put on my warms-mobile shoes, my UGGS, to walk Alani out to the bus...UGGS are NOT GOOD to walk on slippery things like ICE skated would've been better....
I SLIPPED into a really cool breakdance/disco looking move....
I was holding Ellie all wrapped up in blankies and I just didn't want her to fall, so I just fell with my legs all twisted was aweome!
poor Alani just looked at me saying:
Ohhhhhhh mommy!!! Are you alright?!!?

OH YES! I said, trying to get myself up without slipping again!

We talked about all Alani's birthday parties she will be going to this weekend, gave her a HUGE hug and told her how much I love her, and to make sure to share her love and kindness to everyone she talks to...then we wave, A LOT...especially Ellie! And she yells, "bye Lani!" "lani cool" -which means "Alani school"...and we say yes, and try to walk back home as fast as we can because it's cold...and me and Blakey giggles about how I fell down! ha ha ha

hugs and yeah, there's no way to look cool when you fall...ha ha ha ha
slippin in her Uggs, kandee

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ellie's 2nd Birthday Party: Our crazy Party Day

 I think Elmo has got to be the #1 birthday party for 2 year olds (My niece always wanted an Elmo party when she was 2!)...
Ellie wanted ELMO too!
My mom made the adorable, Elmo cake above! (we used NO-TASTE red, because red icing normally tastes disgusting)-
 This was the Elmo table with Elmo goodies everywhere!
Now to rewind, this is how our day went:
5am wake up to get to airport to fly home.
We had to buy Ellie her first plane ticket, because when they are 2 they need their own ticket!
The birthday girl asleep in the Oakland Airport.
Land at home around 10am...
went to have an early birthday lunch- we were starving...Ellie kept saying: "eat!"
She ate Potato and Sunchoke soup (my mom explained to me what a sunchoke was- it tastes like artichoke)
Went to Toys R Us to get her presents:
she rode on the Elmo ride before we headed out

Went to Michael's Craft to buy Elmo cake pan for my mom to bake!
Went to Party City to get Elmo party goodies.
Went to get groceries and stuff to bake cakes and Tangerine Italian Soda bottles...they matched the orange of Elmo's nose.

Headed home to clean the house before party.
Felt like I almost made my lungs explode trying to blow up 15, measly balloons.
Ordered pizza.
Cleaned some more.

 My mom made her this cake too, which Blake decorated the top...he poured almost the whole bottle of blue sprinkled out and said he made it like the ocean! ha ha ha

 Ellie trying on her Elmo hat!
 Ellie playing a lil' birthday duet with her fav "piano-playing-partner-of-the-night", Shaun.
 then she left him to play solo....she was on to the next exciting thing...
 Opening presents...she loved her Minnie mouse dress!
 She really liked the icing....
Giving my grampa a kiss....
he's Danish, English and Welsh...
and his Danish-ness, is the reason I like sweets so much! 
ha ha ha ha
He was teaching us a funny little Danish song last night...
Jordan and me, were laughing so hard at the words!

 Elmo smiling at me this morning as I ate a piece of cake for breakfast....don't judge me. ha ha
My happy little 2 year old is now bouncing all around in her jammies...

And I had the setting on my camera all messed up, and realized half of my picture didn't even come out... Me and my awesome photo skills! ha ha ha ha

Happy Birthday to anyone who's birthday is today!!!!
Hugs and Elmo cake, kandee and her official 2 year old!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Ellie's Birthday Today!

 This is amazing that 2 years ago today....Ellie Belly Boo Bear (totally not her real name), looked liek this little tiny bundle of love...
 And then last year, on her 1st birthday....and this is one of my favorite pictures because it has my dad in it....I know he's watching in love, from Heaven...
 Ellie looked a little bigger, but still way smaller than she does now.....
 Here was a pic from her 1st birthday party ever!

Hugs and we're off to go will be up tomorrow...I think it's gonna look a lot like ELMO...she loves ELMO!!!

Happy Birthday to anyone else born on this date too, kandee and her birthday girl

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Get Your Eye-poked on a plane:

WHO: Ellie and that girl named, Tootsie Roll...I mean Kandee.
WHERE: on a Southwest Airlines plane- gotta love free bags and sit anywhere you want.
WHAT: Maybe something about the altitude makes Ellie want to poke my eyes out.
 We are both in "work mode": Me trying to edit a video with my "what-the-percent" battery power, and Ellie working her hard on her fav app: It's a fisher price one, but she just mostly likes the ads for toys with the babies!
 Ellie taking a cuddle break....
 And then back to business...she had one headphone and I had the work!
I could get used to just working on planes....I'm almost like a flight attendant, but not really, we just both are working way up in altitude...ha ha ha

Off to the airport again today....bwaaaa ha ha ha, we're heading home  and it's someone's birthday tomorrow.....Ellie  Bellie is turning 2!

happy almost birthday hugs, from me and the almost-birthday girl, Kandee and Ellie


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