Thursday, January 10, 2013

All dressed up and no where to go:

sometimes when we are in our jammies, and when I say "we", I pretty much, just mean Ellie...
like to put our shoes on, our "jack" or jacket on, and also a hat.
Alani, who was already in her jammies too, helped put the hat on Ellie...who by the look in her face, still doesn't look thrilled, because we were not going anywhere, besides bed.
Although, sometimes just  a dress-up necklace really is the finishing touched on your pajamas.

And rewind a few hours earlier and this was sitting on our dinner table....
 Yes, I had to make more of the roasted broccoli because it's so  d-to-the-licious!
And I made French Dips, with bread that I butter and cover in parmesan cheese then broil for a few is soooooo taste-tay!

PS. I didn't put make-up on today, or even do my hair. It was one of those kinds of days. ha ha ha
I'm writing this at night, but it won't be posted til' the if that was confusing, now you know why!

HUGS for Thursday, kandee


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