Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is how we roll:

 This is how we roll......in the grocery store.
I roll in the big shopping cart....Blake and Alani roll in the little carts. (see ol' blue jeans, AKA Blake rollin' in his cart)
 CALIFORNIA GROWN baby....my mama is sick, so that's why we were making a special trip to Trader Joe's (it's a grocery store)...to buy her some food and sicky-stuff....
 and I thought flowers might make her feel a bit cheery.
 These are cold essentials....Throat Coat tea and coconut water.
 Alani picked out her awesomely colorful outfit...and Blake was coloring a great picture while I was at the checkout.
 And for dinner I made yummy meatballs, au gratin butternut squash and spinach, crescent rolls stuffed with cheese, and a salad.
 Alani made lovely name, "place cards" for everyone and set the table...I especially love that mine has a heart on it.
DINNER TRADITION: we ask each person what their favorite part of their day was. Jordan has made is strict rule....we DO NOT ask, or talk about the WORST part of our day... because we only want to talk about the good and positive! (i like his insistence on this...hee hee)
 Ellie looks questionably at her dinner......."hmmmmm, what is this stuff?!?" ha ha ha ha Even the Hello Kitty plate didn't help!
 We had a peppermint chocolate cookie cake...it kind of looked like a giant cake oreo for dessert.

And after dinner, Blake took many photos with my phone like this:

 this is an angry bird that he drew himself....it's an angry bird theme if you didn't guess it yet! ha ha

we even played a round of throwing a sticky angry bird and his Lightining McQueen cars on his wall...even Jordan came to play (Jordan is my oldest son, if ya didn't know)....we were all laughing so hard!

Cozy in jammies, we then read a Max & Ruby book, one of my favorite books as a kid, Jamberry...and we prayed for good, happy, wonderful dreams....gave kisses on cheeks and foreheads...swapped "i love you's"....and everyone went to sleep except me, who layed in bed, very tired and my brain wouldn't not let me go to sleep...ha ha ha ha

And my workout for the day...walking Alani out to the bus stop and back....I've really got start working out again...I do not feel physically fit at all anymore...and I used to run 5 miles a day...what happened?!? ha ha ha ha

Does it count that I put my workout clothes on to go to the store? bwaaa ha ha ha



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