Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby on a Plane: Home of the first Starbucks

This was Ellie just the day before last, in Seattle, home of the very first Starbucks... and home of my friends wedding...hee hee
This is my Ellie (Bellie)...on a plane the other day, heading to Seattle...we had to get up soooooo, early, she is just wearing her ballet jammies!
And that blonde lady in the background, reading her book, is my mama.

Then we fly by, the majestic, Mt. Ranier..... doesn't it look like a fairytale mountain from a movie?!?
And after an outfit change...into her "ready-for-the-cold", ewok or bear (you be the judge) outfit....

 we got it at Baby Gap...and she will wear it for hours and not want to take it off! She also put her boots on herself and REFUSED to let me take them off and put them on the right feet!

I have so many pictures to blog about, and she was quite the dancing machine at the wedding too! ha ha ha

off to go edit like crazy to get my "new" hair video up today,
I love you like a loving person, kandee


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