Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to "Stay Cute":

 Ellie in one of my favs: her Panda Bear "Stay Cute" jacket or as she likes to call it, a "jackie"! If you look carefully you'll notice she put her boots on herself, on the wrong feet, and was very upset that she wanted me to change them! ha ha ha
 Hot Pink mini fake uggs, from Targetino or just Target, however you like to call it!
 Actually I think the leggins and the jacket, for sure, is from Target, it was from Gwen Stefani's mini harajuku sad they don't sell it all the time!
And this face just cracks me up......ha ha ha ha Forget "duck lips"....the new trends is just, "lower lip"...ha ha ha

and we're out like a light at bed time...your kandee


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