Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Face, Lunch Dates & Kisses, oh my!

Sometimes we get so excited in Target, we make this face! 
Yeah, that's right, that's toilet paper in my know you buy it too.

Earlier in the day...I had a lunch date with one of my favorite guys, Blaker....and Ellie. Jordan was at friend's house and Alani was at birthday party #2 of the weekend.
Yes, he's throwing me an "i love you" sign! 
I love this little man so much!
 Later, we went to Chili's for was Alani's Saturday night dinner request....
and lo and behold they have some pretty taste-tay Parmesan Sweet Potato fries and some dipping sauce that probably had 398,398 calories in it! ha ha ha
 SIDE NOTE: Ellie left this hat on the entire time.
 Then I got a text from my friend that I needed to get the Vine app...
to which I downloaded it and filmed our first Vine video (the bumsville part, I heard that it's only on iphones right now, but the android version will be out soon!) This is my screen grab and my 54% battery, which is good I'm usually at 2% battery.

And here's another video we made....
Good night kisses from Ellie:

Me: Say Goodnight
Ellie: Nite
Ellie: Dreams
Ellie: Luh You (love you)

happy monday...let's make this week AWESOME....hugs of awesomeness, kandee


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