Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ellie's 2nd Birthday Party: Our crazy Party Day

 I think Elmo has got to be the #1 birthday party for 2 year olds (My niece always wanted an Elmo party when she was 2!)...
Ellie wanted ELMO too!
My mom made the adorable, Elmo cake above! (we used NO-TASTE red, because red icing normally tastes disgusting)-
 This was the Elmo table with Elmo goodies everywhere!
Now to rewind, this is how our day went:
5am wake up to get to airport to fly home.
We had to buy Ellie her first plane ticket, because when they are 2 they need their own ticket!
The birthday girl asleep in the Oakland Airport.
Land at home around 10am...
went to have an early birthday lunch- we were starving...Ellie kept saying: "eat!"
She ate Potato and Sunchoke soup (my mom explained to me what a sunchoke was- it tastes like artichoke)
Went to Toys R Us to get her presents:
she rode on the Elmo ride before we headed out

Went to Michael's Craft to buy Elmo cake pan for my mom to bake!
Went to Party City to get Elmo party goodies.
Went to get groceries and stuff to bake cakes and Tangerine Italian Soda bottles...they matched the orange of Elmo's nose.

Headed home to clean the house before party.
Felt like I almost made my lungs explode trying to blow up 15, measly balloons.
Ordered pizza.
Cleaned some more.

 My mom made her this cake too, which Blake decorated the top...he poured almost the whole bottle of blue sprinkled out and said he made it like the ocean! ha ha ha

 Ellie trying on her Elmo hat!
 Ellie playing a lil' birthday duet with her fav "piano-playing-partner-of-the-night", Shaun.
 then she left him to play solo....she was on to the next exciting thing...
 Opening presents...she loved her Minnie mouse dress!
 She really liked the icing....
Giving my grampa a kiss....
he's Danish, English and Welsh...
and his Danish-ness, is the reason I like sweets so much! 
ha ha ha ha
He was teaching us a funny little Danish song last night...
Jordan and me, were laughing so hard at the words!

 Elmo smiling at me this morning as I ate a piece of cake for breakfast....don't judge me. ha ha
My happy little 2 year old is now bouncing all around in her jammies...

And I had the setting on my camera all messed up, and realized half of my picture didn't even come out... Me and my awesome photo skills! ha ha ha ha

Happy Birthday to anyone who's birthday is today!!!!
Hugs and Elmo cake, kandee and her official 2 year old!


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