Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby has left the building!

We made  a big trip out of the house yesterday! Our first stop was Great-Grammy's house (well, her great-great Grammy)...who hadn't seen her yet!
Grammy was so excited to see her! I love my grammy so much, she always makes me laugh!
We even got all fancy and I gave her a bath...and I even got a shower! Woo Hoo! Talk about getting glammed up! (this was right before her bath!)
and my little love bug...sleeping beauty!

She even slept while I held her and vacuumed today...other things I do with only one hand because I'm holding her with the other:
try to type an email
try to upload pictures
try to upoad a video
(note how frequently I used the word TRY! ha ha ha)

and now I'm off to rescue my moms arms...whose holding the baby while I type this! ha ha ha It's amazing how heavy a little 10 pound baby can feel after you've been holding them for a while! ha ha

huge love..from me and my growing biceps from all my baby holding..your kandee

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yay! Cupcake's been here 5 WEEKS!

her little smiles just melt my heart!!! I don't care how much sleep I'm not getting, how tired I am, how behind I am in all my work...her little smile just says: "mama, I love you....thank you for taking care of me!"....and my heart grows a little bigger!
look at this amazing sunset we saw last in-house photographer Jordan took this picture for me...
I like how the reflection of the kitchen light looks like a white Un-identified Flying Object in the right-hand corner....ha ha ha..but it's just the recessed light in the kitchen...ha ha ha

sunsets and 5 week olds....your kandee
(who dreams of leaving the house...ha ha ha)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

He's a Heartbreaker!

look at this lil debonair Jordan when he was only 7....
now it's harder getting a picture of him than it is to get a picture of a unicorn or a yeti!
He said girls at school say he looks like Bruno Mars!
i was going through some old photos...and I just wished I could go back in time and my HUGE Jordan would be that little guy, with a smaller voice, and he'd tell me the sweetest, funniest things!

He did help me film a funny video the other day...but refused to be in it...his face was in it for about .5 seconds, and he made me re-edit the video to take his "ear" out (because that's about all you saw of him!)...ha ha ha

It feels like 50 years ago (even though I'm not event that old!), since he was little Princess's (aka Cupcake Elyse!) size...

Me and lil Princess had a looooooong night last night, I practically wore holes in the carpet walking her around, which was the only way she wanted to  be held, carried, or moved! I should be in shape in no time with all this walking around and breastfeeding! ha ha ha.....I finally got a stretch of sleep for about  4 hours..I even had a fun dream, I think! It was great...
My mom is rocking her away in the rocking chair right I'm gonna go take shower...and see what else I can do with a few minutes of not  having a lil precious in my arms!

huge love and hooray for Saturday...
 your friend Kandee

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dolphin Hair, Blizzards, and SNOW in LA!!!

morning smiles....
my favorite her his funny lil's longer on top, not really mohawk-ish, but sort of...and Blakey came and said, "I YIKE (like) her DOLPHIN HAIR!"...
I love how he didn't say SHARK hair, because he thought it looked like a dolphin fin on top!....My sweetheart...just thought of a sweet dolphin! ha ha ha
and when I woke up and it was BLIZZARDING can't see all the snow flying in this (iphone picture)...but it looks like a Campbell's soup-storming-outside-commercial...

The best part is seeing the national news and them saying..."SNOW IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY"!!!
ha ha ha ha mama rocked baby in the rocking chair, because she doesn't like to sleep too much on her own in the day I could make some videos yesterday! whoo hoo...fresh new videos...
Boy, I really couldn't get much done without my mom's help!
I love you Mama!!
snowballs and dolphin hair,
your friend

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Where'd you get that" THURSDAY!

Introducing- Where'd you GET THAT THURSDAY!
featuring my most asked about item of the week
even though we haven't gotten out of the house much...ha ha
whenever we have..everyone asks where I got the carseat cover for little Elyse (aka Cupcake)

leopard print

I even had a lady hunt down a pen at the doctor's office to write the name of the Carseat Cover down...and she was having a boy! (she wasn't gonna buy the leopard one ofcourse! ha ha)

So, in case anyone is in need of a cute carseat cover...I'll share it with you guys again, too!

This uber-cute carseat cover (which I've already blogged about before, because I love it so much!)...
I bought it online, when I went to a baby store and they didn't have any carseat covers, but the owner told me to go to BABY BELLA MAYA, and said they have the cutest covers ever! She was right!
and yes...that is a HOT PINK couch you see in the background....I've been a hot pink couch owner for almost 10 years...nothing says fun like a hot pink couch!
Cupcake even got the matching Blankie, Baby Bella Maya makes,  for a present!
We are VERY LEOPARDY in this picture! ha ha ha

smiles...leopard print...and cuddly cupcakes....
your friend Kandee

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

woo hoo! we got to leave the house!

making a funny face in her carseat in the doctors office (don't worry I had un-clicked her seatbelt straps and was about to get her out of her seat when I took the picture...we dont' travel with her straps all loosey-goosey! ha ha)
and got to leave the house for the 3rd time in a month! hooray...and ofcourse the same thing that's gotten us out of the house the other 2 times..ha ha ha...
a doctor appointment.....this was the first with her pediatrician
she's doing great...and weighs 9lbs 9 ounces already! growing girl!
waiting for the always seems like it takes them forever to finally come into the room...especially when they tell you to take all baby's clothes off...but I was prepared with a fuzzy zebra blankie...

look who came with us...Hello Kitty! ha ha ha she doubles as a diaper bag too....ha ha ha...I just had to throw a diaper and extra clothes in her just in case we had an accident at the doctors!

And after our big outing...I was starving...came home and devoured 2 blueberry bran muffins (so healthy...)...a diaper change....and a nursing lil cupcake....
I'm typing this right now....hooray for getting out of the house!!!

look at how beautiful the moon looked, stil up in the sky in morning....the moon must have thought the sunrise was so beautiful that he wanted to stay up a little bit longer....
morning moons and hello kitty purses...your kandee

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnancy 101: what to eat

Eat Giant Zuchinis! ha ha ha....I just thought this picture was hilarious!

Since I've gotten so many emails about "what's should I eat when I'm pregnant?"..."what vitamins should I take when I'm pregnant?".....
here I present to you...Kandee's Pregnancy 101: what to eat and what not to eat when you're pregnant!

I tried to eat as healthy as possible...but I did give in sometimes to cupcakes and crepes....
crepes in San Francisco on Haight Street
standing next to the Crepe trailer in London..posing with a Andy Warhol-esque Nutella piece of art!
(ha ha..from these pictures you'd never guess I've only left my house 2 times in the last month! Both to go to doctor appointments! ha ha ha...forget world traveller...I feel fancy when I get to come out and type in the living room when little Cupcake is sleeping!..ha ha ha)

So here are some links for the prenatal vitamins I show in the video:

Garden of Life VITAMIN CODE Raw Prenatal Vitamins
or I just got mine at Whole Foods

Now let's get a watchin'! I made this so everyone will have a jump start on giving their future baby the best start possible!

huge love and prenatal vitamins...ha ha ha
your friendee Kandee

Monday, February 21, 2011

No Wet T-Shirt Contest for me!

Yes, I guess I have a new super power then too!
Every mama is a superhero....and we can make lots of our super serum (aka milk) much that when you feel it come in...(a tight feeling when the milk fills up your boobs) spring a leak...and without your proper "SUPER HERO" nursing pads (boob pads)...
you will look like you've entered a wet t-shirt contest! Not good!

I blogged about the "best" nursing bras...
and I mentioned the NUK nursing pads....
well...hold onto your boobs
because I've discovered something even more amazing for your leakin' boobs...
(click here to see where to get your boobs in some! ha ha)

why I think these are the BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE NURSING PADS:
*they are made of all natural material, no chemicals in the processing
*so thin you, no one will notice your pads through your shirt!
*you don't feel "wet" boob feeling
*they don't leak
*they are the most comfortable nursing pad I've ever tried
*and they don't get a weird odor like other pads

They are a little more expensive than other disposables...BUT they last way you're getting more bang for your buck! (so I bet they end up costing the same for the same amount of time you'd plow through those other nursing pads!)

and my little angel this her ruffle pants!

love, bubbles, and boob pads...your friend kandee

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthdays and month days!

wowzie! not only am I stupefied that I have a 14 year old...but that lil Elyse-cupcake...has been here for 4 weeks! j

she wore her flower head band for about....well as long as it took to take the picture! ha ha
I love this one with her eyes closed and a smile!
yesterday...Jordan's requested I make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting....for his birthday's s my cupcake recipe just cake may not be pretty...but is sure was DELICIOUS! ha ha ha

the birthday boy trying to hide from the camera...

Big Brother Blake...showing lil Elyse...his green Blankie...
Alani and lil cupcake already share a love for Strawberry Shortcake!

we like leopard print
and the glittery, snowy, view from my window...

I love babies....and baking them cake!
love and chocolate icing...
your friend, 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

14 years ago Jordan was born!

my precious Jordan was born 14 years ago today! From the moment I knew he was growing in my tummy, I was in love!
oh the sweet hours that I held my Jordan like was just me and him every day! He brought so much love into my life...and has been my inspiration...
I can't believe I have a 14 year old! ha ha (aww look how cute he was!)
he's been melting hearts since he was tiny.....
my favorite was when he was about 3 and said his name was Spoon Stoots! ha ha ha

Jordan, playing at the Malibu Country Mart...we used to go there after church sometimes...have lunch, get Vanilla Blended drinks from Coffee Bean, and play at the park...
I feel like God blessed with a priceless treasure from Jordan, and there is something so special about him....he is smart beyond belief...kind and thoughtful...and is hilarious!
We have the best time together....we share the same humor...and crack each other up!

Jordan, I love you with all my heart....
I would give up my life for you...
you mean the world to have since the moment I knew God was designing you inside my belly...
I love you more than words can say and I will always be here to love you and cheer you on!
I love you Baby!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
I can't believe you are 14...and you're so much taller than me!

a very proud mama of a now, 14 year old....
off to bake your chocolate birthday cake!!!!

the birthday boy's mom...kandee


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