Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnancy 101: what to eat

Eat Giant Zuchinis! ha ha ha....I just thought this picture was hilarious!

Since I've gotten so many emails about "what's should I eat when I'm pregnant?"..."what vitamins should I take when I'm pregnant?".....
here I present to you...Kandee's Pregnancy 101: what to eat and what not to eat when you're pregnant!

I tried to eat as healthy as possible...but I did give in sometimes to cupcakes and crepes....
crepes in San Francisco on Haight Street
standing next to the Crepe trailer in London..posing with a Andy Warhol-esque Nutella piece of art!
(ha ha..from these pictures you'd never guess I've only left my house 2 times in the last month! Both to go to doctor appointments! ha ha ha...forget world traveller...I feel fancy when I get to come out and type in the living room when little Cupcake is sleeping!..ha ha ha)

So here are some links for the prenatal vitamins I show in the video:

Garden of Life VITAMIN CODE Raw Prenatal Vitamins www.gardenoflifeusa.com
or I just got mine at Whole Foods
FLORA SMART Probiotics-www.renewlife.com

Now let's get a watchin'! I made this so everyone will have a jump start on giving their future baby the best start possible!

huge love and prenatal vitamins...ha ha ha
your friendee Kandee


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