Monday, February 14, 2011

My little Valentine's...

Everyday is a loved filled "Valentine's day" with the little loves of my life....
this picture is old but I love it....Alani is getting into my make-up case...and blake is wearing one omy shoes at a high speed of blurriness! ha ha ha

oh the little love that is wrapped up in the red jacket...I love this little Blaker so very much!

his "I yuv you's!"....mean more to me than a millions cards or flowers or chocolates!
 and my tiny dancer....Alani...twirling away...she is so sweet and precious...her smile lights up my whole heart!
(wearing her "go-go" boots, and whale jammies playing restaurant in the backyard, when we were at Grama's house!) Her imagination is mama heart just want to protect from all the mean people in the world...even in kindergarten...her friend she thought was her best friend, told her she wan't her best friend anymore....and my heart just wanted to break for can be so mean...I pray that I pour enough love into their hearts that it will help heal any mean-ness from the world!
and my big Jordan...he was my first baby to capture my heart like a mama's love..something so amazing, you can't even describe the perfect love that you have for your babies!
 and the tiniest and newest little love in my see the face of the little treasure that has been growing and developing in your tummy...where you held her in love for I get to hold her in my arms...with even more amazing....
Who needs flowers and chocolates or candle lit dinners...(although all that is very nice! ha ha)..when you have more precious love from all these little heartbeats!

huge love from my heart to yours...your friend, kandee
it is amazing how the size of your heart grows bigger...and bigger!


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