Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little smile and a snowbird!

a tiny smile!!
(and kinda a funny face! hee hee)
and a peaceful sleeping face....which she doesn't do for long!
ha ha ha ha
I woke up to this!
yay! snow!
Do you see the little "snowbird"?
they run into the sticker bushes, which I had wished weren't there..but now I see the beauty of the sticker bushes...
they are shelter for the snowbirds!

I texted this picture to my sister and she asked what I named my bird?
I quickly texted back: SNOWBELL!
ha ha ha
she replied:
See! You can name things quickly! ha ha ha ha

Yes, I can come up with a wild snowbrid's name...but can't finalize cupcake's name!
ha ha ha ha ha

huge love and snowbirds.....kandee


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