Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Where'd you get that" THURSDAY!

Introducing- Where'd you GET THAT THURSDAY!
featuring my most asked about item of the week
even though we haven't gotten out of the house much...ha ha
whenever we have..everyone asks where I got the carseat cover for little Elyse (aka Cupcake)

leopard print

I even had a lady hunt down a pen at the doctor's office to write the name of the Carseat Cover down...and she was having a boy! (she wasn't gonna buy the leopard one ofcourse! ha ha)

So, in case anyone is in need of a cute carseat cover...I'll share it with you guys again, too!

This uber-cute carseat cover (which I've already blogged about before, because I love it so much!)...
I bought it online, when I went to a baby store and they didn't have any carseat covers, but the owner told me to go to BABY BELLA MAYA, and said they have the cutest covers ever! She was right!
and yes...that is a HOT PINK couch you see in the background....I've been a hot pink couch owner for almost 10 years...nothing says fun like a hot pink couch!
Cupcake even got the matching Blankie, Baby Bella Maya makes,  for a present!
We are VERY LEOPARDY in this picture! ha ha ha

smiles...leopard print...and cuddly cupcakes....
your friend Kandee


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