Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Smiles!

Alani came in to tell us goodmorning....
and she was so excited to make little baby smile!

I have never seen such a smiley little newborn!

she smiles more than all my other new baby's, but she cries a lot more too!
ha ha ha

I think we were up almost every hour of the night...

and we had to reschedule our appointment for the midwife the other day...
so now today is my official first day of leaving the house since almost 3 weeks ago!

Alani and borrowing blakey's helmet for dress-up with lunch time!
we're warming up for Valentine's day...alani picked out some heart socks to go with her heart Vans!
and my Blaker heading out to play with his tractors...
last night he asked me when he was in bed, "can you get me a nack (snack)? alrighty?"...
i started laughing so hard and told him how precious he was!

now i'm off to get ready for our big "first trip out"!?!

for some reason the first trip is always stressful/scary..ha ha ha

-will they like/hate being in the carseat?
-will we have a bunch of poop/pee accidents?
-will she like riding in the car?
-will we have forgotten things we need...not enough diapers...
outfits in case we have some potty accidents...
enough case she spits up or as we mentioned above, if pee leaks through to the blankets
ha ha ha ha...not as easy to travel with a newborn!

When you leave the house with a baby, sometimes it feels like you're packing for a vacation!

off to get ready...happy friday, your friend kandee


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