Saturday, February 5, 2011

YAY! Umbilical Cord Fell Off!!!

 I love this lil' happy face! Alani did my hair in two clips..which kinda made me look like I had Shrek ears...but lil' Cupcake (and yes we are getting closer to finding a name that suits here perfectly!)....thought my hair was funny! ha ha ha
And I was so excited to see that somewhere between watching an infomercial for the "Ab-doer"...and watching CNN (which I can't stand watching the just makes my blood pressure go up and makes me sad)...and us waking up....UMBILICAL CORD had decided to fall off!
For some reason I think the end of it was poking in her little tummy, and not feeling so good...
So yay! Umbilical is gone....they say it takes anywhere from 10-21 days for the umbilical cord to fall we're at day 13 and it's fallen off! Now I feel like I'm not hurting her tummy by holding her lil' belly against me! I don't want anything to hurt her...

Now I'm off to take a ridiculously fast shower before she wakes up!

happy saturday...your friend who's watched way too many infomercials during the night feedings...Kandee


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