Saturday, April 30, 2011

The look of a mom..

the look of a new mom....on no sleep...
morning hair....
in jammies...
messy bed hair...
but a precious baby in my arms...makes it worth every sleepless moment...
huge love and off to get everything ready for Alani's birthday party tomorrow, your kandee

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Have The Happiest Baby on the Block!

I'm pretty sure that my lil one is one of the happiest, smiliest babies I've ever seen....
but my sister gave a dvd and a friend gave me the book....

this book is amazing....Dr. Harvey Karp is like the "baby whisperer"....
if you need a baby shower gift or you are pregnant or have a baby,
or you have a "fussy", "cholicky" baby...
ANYBODY with a baby or planning to have one should read this book
(or watch the DVD....I personally don't have time to read anything right now!)
ha ha ha

Happy babies...and happy friday......your Kandee

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No matter how bad a day may seem....

this little face...makes me smile and laugh from my heart...
Alani, Blaker and Jordan all made me laugh so hard last night....
from guitar playing, to funny sayings...
no greater love is found than in the love for your babies...
huge love to all of you...
~may the hurts and pain of yesterday be overshadowed by the love and hope for today, your kandee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you ever wanted to just BITE your BANGLE!?

 Now you can!
This is such an awesome idea and as has been featured on TV shows as a Mama Must Have...
my sister actually gave me one of these at lil Cupcake's baby shower!
jewelry for mama, tha baby can chew!
you have to check these out, they look like real jewelry for mom, but baby (or you, if you're having one of those days! ha ha ha) can chew on on all the jewelry...

from pendant necklaces, that Stars like Tori Spelling these really cool bangle bracelets that come in all different colors!
I actually bought this one for my friend Kendra (who just had her baby boy yesterday morning!), when I went to her baby shower last week!

They are totally safe and feature non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

Or if you have a friend, school mate, boyfriend, or co-worker that keeps chewing up all the pencils and is their next present! ha ha ha

Check out all the fun "chewable" jewelry from TEETHING BLING here:

chewy turquoise bangles...your kandee

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Brothers, Youtube & Birthdays...

 After a long day of Alani-birthday celebration...Jordan held "lil' tiny" (aka Cupcake, aka Elyse)...while Jordan showed us some videos on youtube...
 Alani in her classroom, (striped shirt) working hard, writing her last assignment before we got to pass out her cupcakes!
Alani in her "birthday" hat eating a can see Blakey's "fastness" as he ran behind her...bonus: you can see my mom passing out cupcakes too.

Blakey saying of the day: in the morning Alani was telling me who she would marry...(her prince charming)....and Blakey said..."I'm gonna marry a big princess, like mama"....oh, he made my day, "I'm a big princess!"

cupcakes....big brother's holding babies....and being a GIANT princess, your kandee

Monday, April 25, 2011

Alani is 6 today!

I had taken these pictures of Alani, I had made the shirt and little leg warmer/knee protectors ,(it's so hard on their knees when they're crawling...), and little flower head band. The picture quality is not so's a picture of a picture..ha ha ha)

6 years ago today, my heart melted as I held my little, newly born Alani....
Today will be a short post, since we are having a big "special birthday" day...we are taking loads of cupcakes to her class today...
and wearing "fancy" outfits...
her princess birthday party won't be until the weekend....(we were going to try to have it this weekend, then realized it was Easter weekend)....ha ha
Off to celebrate Alani's big day!
hugs and slices of pink cake....kandee and the birthday girl

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flower Portaits!

 Here's lil Cupcake (real name Elyse...), who's 13 weeks old today! 13 weeks ago I was doing craft projects...went to bed and woke up in labor! ha ha ha
  Striking a pose!

Jordan got a picture of me and little cupcake....(he wasn't happy with our faces! ha ha)

little tiny, giving one last smile.....
and we off and running to church!

Hope this brough some extra smiles to your day!!!
huge love and little and big smiles, kandee

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to: the cutest way to wrap a present!

 It looks like a birthday cake, but it's a present, yes gift wrapping!
 My sister, Tiffany, has always been like Martha Stewart...she wraps the most incredible gift you've ever seen! She is like a gift artist!
And she makes the most adorable crafts you've ever seen too! Not only did she make me the hilarious "ornament earrings" for Christmas, but my awesome "grinch" slippers! She bakes the most beautiful pies you've ever seen too...she hand cuts and leaves and lays them on the crust like a wreath! She's so creative!

Not only did she decorate these amazing presents for Alani's birthday on monday, (yay!!!!) but at my request she did a tutorial, so now we all can dazzle people with our "cake presents"!
 Here's another precious gift with CUPCAKES on top!!! I think she got the cupcakes and Michael's craft store, along with the "puff ball"things and frilly yarn-stuff. The wrapping paper she said she got at some fun store that sells wrapping goods!

Now watch my good little sister, that made the video I asked her to, teach us how to make presents that look like CAKES!!!! (ha ha ha)

and I had to include this picture of the "cupcake" I made! hee hee I love this funny face!
cakes, cupcakes...and love from your kandee!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mommy and Me Matching Outfits!

 me and cupcake in our matching stripes!
I walked by the mirror after I put her little "gown-sack-suit" on...and laughed...."me and you match"!
 her big smile....(oh how I love this smile!)
 this outfit was a gift from a friend, and I love how the card said, "this outfit looked like a Kandee outfit!", it was from, I'd never heard of before, but they have the coolest baby clothes and gear, and my favorite lightweight, muslin swaddling blankets...
This is the whole "suit" soft, cozy, and cuddly!

Cupcake is sitting in my lap staring at the  pictures of her in her outfit as I type this...hee hee hee

huge love and Kandee and Cupcake

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you do after you poop?

My Blakey makes me laugh all the time...and he loves to make people "yaff" (laugh)...
he used to ask me all the time, "I make you yaff mama?"...
to which I would always reply, "ofcourse you make mama laugh soooo much!"

Today when he was asked, like most times when he's done "doing his business"...
"What do you do after you poop?"
and he normally says, "wash your hands!" (which means wash everyone's hands)
he said, "you yay (lay) down".....
I laughed so hard! After you poop, you lay down! ha ha ha

He also told his dad on the phone today, "babies poop and pee in their diapers, but daddy's take care of business"....ha ha ha....I guess that's what he thinks daddy's call it when they poop! ha ha ha
Later he walked through the kitchen and asked, "Can you warmy some whatever-you-call-it?"
Warmy means to warm-up....and then I realized he wanted more turkey bacon! ha ha ha
He then asked my mom for a "Pepper-don"....she asked, "A Pepperdon?"....and he said "yeah, a pepperdon you dip in sugar?"
(our weird family tradition my great-granmda used to give us, Cucumbers and we'd dip them in sugar)
My mom said, "oh a cucumber!"

I love everything my babies say!
huge love from me and my funny man, kandee

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Messy Hairs & Make-Overs!

 Lil' Cupcake looking just "ducky" in the morning...can you see her "bed head hair"..ha ha ha
yesterday my mom was in luck...(ha ha)....she received a "make-over" courtesy of Alani and Blake...
who "did" her hair with clips and lotion, massaged her face and neck AND EARS with lotion...
Blakey put on "yapstick" (chapstick)on my mom...and told my her:
"You have a cow-tooth (we still don't know what a cow-tooth is), I have to crack it off!" ha ha ha ha

AND finally my stylish lil' man's outfit of the day: (and yes, he likes to help pick out his clothes and accessories)
HAT: Train Conductor Hair - from the gift shop at the train museum
SHIRT: Animal Shirt - from a lil t-shirt kiosk outside the movie theater at The Grove
HOODIE: we love stripes! Good ol' Target
JEANS: I think thye are hand me downs from my friend!
SHOES: Airwalk slip-ons from Payless (he loves these!)

and me:
my 5th night of working until 3am trying to edit and blog...then being up all night with baby....and I'm still behind! I'm surprised if whatever I type isn't riddled with mispellings! ha ha ha

sleepless and cuzzling with my lil Blaker and cupcake while i type this...
your kandeezler

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coolest Baby Shower Idea & Blake's Outfit Of The Day!

(Blake's impressionistic masterpiece, that he said was "moke" (or better known to you and me, as SMOKE...ha ha, hangs on the left AND Alani's jungle inspired shirt on the right says, "BABY SILNO", which we don't know what "Silno" means or ...maybe that's what  she thinks they should name the baby!?)
 A bunch of blank onesie's hanging from a clothesline and a table full of fabric paints, pens, stencils and letter stamps....waited on a table for everyone's inner artist to come out and play!
 I went for a western theme...with a cowboy style shirt design....(this is the back)
 and here was the front...(i only used the pens so I'd be fast while mom was holding cupcake (real name: Elyse) for me...
my mom...who is an artist by nature and used to paint baby t's when i was a baby, painted this lil summery, palm tree scene!
This was such a fun baby shower idea!

Here's what you'd need to for this Fun and COOL BABY SHOWER idea:
 (great idea if you have a guys-invited baby shower too)
* a few packs of onesies and baby shirt in different sizes (0-3 months, 3-6 months and maybe 6-9      months)
* a few packs of cheap paint brushes from the craft store
*several different colors of fabric paints and fabric pens in your favorite colors (don't forget black too)
*stencils are fun too (i liked the leopard and zebra print patterns)
*a set of letters to stamp words or sayings is fun also!
*cardboard rectangles to insert into the onesie so the paint or pens won't leak through to the other side
*paper cups for water to rinse paint brushes
*paper towels to clean brushes and any messes
 Blakey is a man with his own style...from wearing his belts and hats sideways, to his love of wearing the 3-D glasses from the movies with the lenses popped out1

We went to a baby shower for my friend's over the weekend and this is what he helped pick out to wear:

Hat: blue hat from Target
Shirt: his fav Cookie Monster shirt from American Apparel
Jeans: I love the super cheap clothes for kids at H & M (these little man-jeans are from there)
Shoes: My friend, Jerry that does hair in LA, is friends with the guys that own Creative Recreation shoes, and they gave me these pair of super cool, striped and polka dot shoes! Blaker loves them!

And Alani is wearing cowboy boots today...
onesies, boots, and cooooookie monster....Kandee and her "kupcake krew"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake Can do A Baby Trick!

Me and Cupcake have something to show you:
Cupcake doesn't like pacifiers....but she sure can do a cute "baby trick"!

I hope this brightens your day...because it made us laugh! Everyone needs a little laugh!

love and laughs from me and cupcake, your kandee

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our 12 week portaits!

 Jordan was the photographer this morning, for our "im 12 weeks old" portait!
He didn't like the lighting in the first
then the lighting was better....BUT...we thought it looked like I'm the one holding the "i'm 12 weeks old" sign....(we laughed) sign should say 12,000 weeks old! Just kidding that's wayyyy off!

 Jordan fixed our sign- he drew an arrow pointing to lil' Cupcake! ha ha ha

all photos courtesy of: my Jordan

hugs and sleeping like a baby pictures....kandee

Saturday, April 16, 2011


 Cupcake (no that's that not her real name, just the name we call her, including all my kandee family online!) means serious business in her tie!
 cooking up a smile at big sister, Alani...
 I spent the night ordering "cupcakes" from Alani and Blake...Alani got to open up an early birthday present from Auntie...and it was this fun cupcake set....
the candles velcro on and you can switch the icing, and it comes with wipe-off pens to decorate...the pens look like icing tubes! So stinkin' adorable....I would have LOVED this when I was little! (I think the cupcake set is from Melissa & Doug, they make the coolest kids toys!)

after dinner we listened to Etta James and Nina Simone...
baked cookies and filled up bowls of cookie dough ice cream and fresh baked cookies!
It was the perfect friday night!

bowls of ice cream and play cupcakes...your kandee

Friday, April 15, 2011

Party Dresses!

 this was little Cupcake (aka Elyse) her party dress at my niece's party...
look how little she was....I can't believe how big she's gotten since this picture when she was just a few days old, to how big she looks above!

Last night, I sat in Alani's very pink "princess" room, holding Cupcake in my left arm, and writing all of Alani's birthday party invitations for her big 6 year old birthday party with my right hand! Alani licked all the enveloped shut, as I wrote party details, while Blakey played with the car from her dollhouse..
It's going to be a princess party...she had picked out her princess invitations and party things weeks ago...cinderella, sleeping beauty, and snow white decorated her invitations!

We had such a fun dinner. Jordan and I had laughed at dinner when I told him not to "bonk" into something...(I could've said, bump into something I guess, but I said "bonk")..he said he was too old for me to say "bonk" to him. He laughed hysterically as I told him not to "bonk-idly-bonk-bonk-bonk" into the car! ha ha ha

I love every second with my I go check on them when they are sleeping, my heart wants to burst with love as I kiss their lil' sweet faces...and watch them sleep and wonder what their little hearts are dreaming about...
party dresses...your kandee

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Season's MUST-HAVE sunglasses and teeth!

Blakey with his "buh-bye-zes" (surprises) from Grandpa...
you can't go wrong with turtle sunglasses....

I love how when we were playing Library party in Alani's room last night, when Blakey went to check out his book...he says, "my name is Bakey" (for Blakey)....he's so cute!
and while they were visiting at their dad's house...Alani's 2 front teeth fell out! I cried, because I didn't get to be there when they fell out...She looks so adorable with her lil' "tooth window"!

Yesterday was such a busy day...
a lot of overwhelming things to deal with...sometimes the best feeling is knowing that we can just go to bed and have a fresh new day in the morning! (and after reading everyone's comments after I asked: did anyone else have an overwhelming day?) problems did not seem nearly as overhwelming anymore!
So here's to our fresh new day...your kandee

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the road home...

 Little Cupcake ready to head out on the highway...sort of half way home
We left LA, which always makes me a little sad...
that's where I am from, that's where most of my precious family lives.
 this Bishop, California...the biggest stop on the drive home. And if we have to stop and sleep, which we did, this where we stop.
 Is this picture amazing? It is of the Easter Sierra Mountains, which is where Bishop is. This amazing photo hangs in the lobby of the cutest, Best Western hotel, I've ever seen! (click here to see more amazing inspiration and beauty I wanted to share with everyone!)
 there is a little creek running by the Best Western...see the cute little ducks?
 We got ate at Raymond's is like a tattoo shop meets biker bar meets an old record shop. Really fun, funky, and eclectic. There's an old yard rake that holds wine glasses, a Mr. T sign tells you to "throw your trash here, fool!", and a hilarious sign that says, "great food- lousy service"! Ha ha ha
and the sandwiches were incredible! I had the shredded turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo and the most delish macaroni salad!
we fueled up and made it home...
And I got to have all my babies home again! We had yummy dinner and played games...I gave baths...we read stories and had soooo many hugs and kisses!
We even had delicious macaroons for dessert!
Cute Blakey saying:
If the baby falls into anything I will catch her. If the baby falls in Hot Lava, I will catch her. I will always "be-tect" (protect her).

there is nothing that makes my heart happier than pouring love onto all my babies and seeing their lil' hearts soak it all up...and hugging and kissing and smiling with them!

huge love and back to my life where the only time I leave my house is to go to Wal-Mart, Target or to get groceries! ha ha ha
hugs kandee


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