Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day in my life and Smiles!

  we had to try on our flower hat this morning! ha ha

today we are trying to pack....among a huge list of other things that need to get done...
we are going to LA ....hooray...
(as you probably already know, I'm from LA originally...but have been stuck  living up near Lake Tahoe-Reno area, hence all the pretty mountain pics....ha ha...proving you can be creative and stylish no matter where you live!)...
we are leaving for LA...and my sister's precious little girl will be having her 2nd birthday party down there! So excited I'll get to see all my family!!!
yay for little pink girly clothes to pack...and yes those are lavender baby "jeggings"!
little tiny....looking like she's tasting her princess shirt...hee hee
and even though Alani's birthday isn't until the end of the month....she wanted to make up her princess party-goodie bags today!

how my to-do list looks:
finish laundry
film video
finish editing video
type other blog
pack bags
make lots of snacks for little people
blow little noses and wash hands 670,857 times (ha ha)
dispense vitamins and gummy vitamin D, to help lil Blakey who now caught Alani's cold, get better
change lots of diapers
try to find a party outfit to wear...since none of my clothes are fitting me that great yet...
phone calls (i am not a fan of talking on the phone...ha ha...i don't even have my ringer turned on)
email checking....I get so many's just overwhelming to me
all while....
Alani and Blake are eating right now....and I'm sitting in the rocking chair, typing this with one hand while baby sleeps...
and I stayed up til 2am editing a video...then Blakey woke up all night with his lil' stuffy nose...then lil Cupcake would wake up when he went to sleep....I feel like I just layed down last night...but didn't really sleep! ha ha

off to go attack my list.....your kandee


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