Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to get more junk in your trunk:

 Blakey loves to make people laugh or as he says "yaff"! And one of his favorite "make you yaff" tricks, is to put his "blankie" (which is a Satin-y pillowcase my mom made)....in the back of his pants! It IS hilarious...because you see this little guy running around with big, a big, clown-like behind! ha ha
this cowboy had a lot of junk in his trunk....or rather "blankie in his trunk"! ha ha
Blakey was picking out "foncy" (cuz it sounds more fun than fancy) shoes for lil' sister...
"yet's play yike we're best friends ayani"
 Blakey said Alani looks like a mermaid....(when her legs are wrapped in the blanket:
he said: "she yooks yike a mermaid with a tail!"
I will miss when he starts pronouncing his "L's" the right way....ha ha ha.
something about hearing: "I YUV YOU!"....that is the cutest thing!
 me and little cupcake with our morning hair.....
everyone loves kisses in the morning...(well, after teeth have been brushed! ha ha)
off to finish packing...because I didn't get all of my to-do list completed yesterday...

junk in the trunk and love in your heart....kandee


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