Monday, April 11, 2011

things I love about this day:

 me and my sister trying on "fun-glasses" ha ha
 my mom with these motorcycle sunglasses on!
that i got to eat lunch with my sister...
i loved that i had no idea my mom took this picture until I downloaded my photos...ha ha (sneeky mom-arazzi)
being with my sister in Del Mar....and that she had come out of a store crying...because she was laughing so hard! she cracks me up!
i loved all the old vintagey things in this fun store....
 they even had cupcake toothpaste! ha ha ha (and no, I did not buy any! ha ha ha)
i love stargazer lilies....I smelled them! It's good for your heart to stop and smell flowers! hee hee

i loved this sunset...there is something so amazing about seeing the
"un-ending-ness" of the ocean...and watching your day end and the sun sink behind that horizon...knowing that somewhere on the other side of our earth..someone will see that same happy sun!

saying good bye to my sister...

I cherish every moment with her....and miss when she lived in the bedroom next to mine growing up...she was always there, just a holler away! ha ha ha
sisters, flowers, and sunsets...your kandee


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