Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you do after you poop?

My Blakey makes me laugh all the time...and he loves to make people "yaff" (laugh)...
he used to ask me all the time, "I make you yaff mama?"...
to which I would always reply, "ofcourse you make mama laugh soooo much!"

Today when he was asked, like most times when he's done "doing his business"...
"What do you do after you poop?"
and he normally says, "wash your hands!" (which means wash everyone's hands)
he said, "you yay (lay) down".....
I laughed so hard! After you poop, you lay down! ha ha ha

He also told his dad on the phone today, "babies poop and pee in their diapers, but daddy's take care of business"....ha ha ha....I guess that's what he thinks daddy's call it when they poop! ha ha ha
Later he walked through the kitchen and asked, "Can you warmy some whatever-you-call-it?"
Warmy means to warm-up....and then I realized he wanted more turkey bacon! ha ha ha
He then asked my mom for a "Pepper-don"....she asked, "A Pepperdon?"....and he said "yeah, a pepperdon you dip in sugar?"
(our weird family tradition my great-granmda used to give us, Cucumbers and we'd dip them in sugar)
My mom said, "oh a cucumber!"

I love everything my babies say!
huge love from me and my funny man, kandee


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