Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcake has a name!

the only name I had liked before Cupcake was born was....
Naomi...but when she was born, she didn't look like a Naomi to me very muchl! ha ha ha

My mom and dad named me after they saw me (they had an entirely different name picked out before I was born!)...and I couldn't imagine my name being anything besides, Kandee!

I loved the name Ellie and thought is was so cute....
but thought maybe a "longer", more fancy sounding name was in order...
so Elyse Kailani (alani liked this because it was like her name a little for the middle name) her name!
she will always be Cupcake...or my lil Dolly, or pumpkin, or sweetheart, or lil' lady...or any other precious name that drips with love from my heart to hers!

But officially it will be Elyse!

huge love from me and CUPCAKE!...your friend kandee

Alani still offered up baby names this morning:
Rosabelle (which I did like, and thought sounded like a Disney princess)
Sallisa (sal-ee-sah) - which is a combo of her 2 fav names Sally & Lisa!

And Blakey still likes: Princess on the Boop Boop
ha ha ha ha

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