Friday, November 30, 2012

sweet evidence and the best of morning hair:

This is perhaps the best morning hair our house has to offer.
Which is only matched by the awesomeness of the face, Ellie is making.

And last night, I saw Blakey sneek out of the pantry, real quick and give me a funny little smile.
NOTE: funny little smiles usually translate into: "heh heh heh, I didn't just do something"
I later went into the pantry to get some of my new fav, SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDE tea (I didn't even need to put anything to sweeten it- and you know how much I LOVE me some sweetness!) from Celestial Seasonings- yes I blogged a picture of it here. I walked into to make me a cup of tea, while I edit a new video (that will be up on my Youtube today!)....I saw the "candy scene" above:
A pair of scissors (which were used to open the giant dot candies, you see above)
The opened Giant Dot (AKA paper button candies) Candy Package, which I thought I had hid on the top shelf, because I bought them to do a "candy make-up look".
I like how he found my good fabric scissors and that he stuck them in a lunch bag, for safe keeping. You want to be careful with the "good" scissors! ha ha ha ha

And we're out like the candies from their packaging, kandee, morning hair Ellie, and Blake the sneakey candy-opener

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beards and a Crock of Lies....

 When: last night
Who: Ellie and Blakey

 What: I heard lots of laughing coming from the I went to inspect the reason....I saw two "foam bearded" people giggling and brushing their teeth!
Blake is quite fond of his foam shaving well as his lil' best friend, AKA his sister, AKA Ellie
 He even put some in her her hair for extra fun.

Now we're almost ready for the "crock of lies"....but first, since it was rainy and cold today, I thought...."oh I'll make some biscuits and stew for dinner"...that will seem cozy, hearty and warm, right?!?
 NOW....enter the "crock of lies":
This is how pretty the stew came out- below....that simmered all afternoon in the crockpot. Which let a yummy aroma, dance through the air of the house, making you hungry just inhaling.

The big, "what a crock" that when I read the directions, it said it would just take a few minutes to prepare...
well, for me it took so stinkin' long...
by the time I finished peeling all the potatoes (which I'm not a fan of anyway)
chopping everything up
mixing the flour and spices and everything...
I don't know why it took me like 3 times longer than the time it said to "prepare"
But I think I know where the term "what a crock" came from now....
and it turns out, that Jordan told me he doesn't like stews, soups, or anything liquidy for dinners...
Blake's favorite were the carrots.
Ellie loved the potatoes and spit out all the celery.
And Alani loved it!
At least I had one stew fan! ha ha ha ha ha

I redeemed myself with dessert....maple waffles with salted caramel ice cream and whipped cream on top... heh heh heh

out like the trash on trashnight, your kandee

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Wild Date Last Night

 Sometimes I go wild. Really wild.
Sometimes we go so wild we bought Peppermint Brownie Cake Pops from Starbizzies.
Because- holla' holla' festive flavors!

THEN get ready because it's about to get wild.
My mom said she would keep the kids at her house while I went grocery shopping....ALLL ALONE.
Yes, I went on a wild date.
Me and my wallet went out on a date.
Remember when I used to post those "date with myself" posts?! (me and myself going to the bookstore and such)
 My wallet was so wild, she couldn't even stay zipped! I  was running down the aisles doing leprechaun kicks and cartwheels with my shopping cart (seriously amazed at how fast I shopped by myself)....
this is what was happening at my mom's house:
 they watched a movie and made snacks...
 I love Ellie's lil outfit...(yeah they were the overalls from the Mini Harajuku line- me heart Gwen Stefani lil' clothes and Targie)
 and while Ellie laughed and made this face.....
I was doing cartwheels in my mind over seeing these Christmas tea flavors....
and I rocked out all the drive home by myself....listening to the Christmas Music Station on the Radio.....

I'm a wild, wild, woman....your kandee

If you didn't see my NEW video yesterday, you better watch this, this is gonna help make your hair obey you:

You can even click this to see my kandeej blog for a "diagram" of it so you can see remember- plus, it took me a really long time to make in photoshop...ha ha ha CLICK THIS

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well, hello bedtime, we meet again:

This is what my legs look like before bed- all snug and cozy underneath my jammies (hot pink jammie pants and acqua thermal top from Targie AKA Target)
PS. yes I do have a dress form in my room, I don't just have a fake torso in my room! ha ha ha
The kids like to surprise me and put clothes and accessories on her.
 I love bedtime: me and elllie bellie cuddling in bed...while we watched a movie
she was blowing kisses and making me laugh....

ONE OF MY FAVORITE TIMES OF THE DAY: when everyone is all cozy for bed. Some days it just feels like my life is a serious of me laying in bed, thinking: "whoa, wasn't it just last night and I did the same thing?!?"
We have finished another day, we survived, we made it, we conquered it, we made it amazing.
I get to snuggle and cuddle and just soak up how precious they are and tell them how much I love them. Everyone should go to sleep knowing and hearing how much they are loved and how precious they are.

*laugh a little (giggling is always good before bed)
*snuggle and cuddle with your lil' ones (babies, puppies, a blanket, whatever)
* make sure everyone has a glass of water for the nighttime thirsties
*give lots of hugs and say lots of "i love you's"
* read fun stories or watch a fun movie (I love old movies!)
*tell each other how precious they are and tell them how much you love them
*sometimes we even dance around to lullaby music

and then off to dreamland.....
yes, dreamland we shall meet again....good night or good morning hugs, your kandee the hugger

and enjoy a little "help your hair look cuter super fast" video I uploaded today:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Schmack Friday

So, since I didn't want a big, giant flat screen tv from a store where guys were getting into fist fights over them running out of tv's, and I didn't want to camp out with the hundreds of people in front of stores, or perhaps even get shot at like at some stores with extra-crazy people...
I didn't even leave my house on "black friday" AKA The-craziest-and-most-dangerous-day-to-try-to-save-some-dollars-on-but-you-might-get-punched-at-Best-Buy-day!
There is no way I wanted to go to ANY store on "black friday".

We did go to some stores on Sunday!!! ha ha ha
Ellie above in the outfit she picked out...she called them "dammies", her name for jammies.
We did go to World Market- bought nothing but we had fun looking, I loved these polka dot gift boxes- and that it said "CREATE" above them!
And this shirt was in Forever 21.
and Ellie had fun walking everywhere...
She actually picked out her outfit today- she kept saying: "dammies" for jammies! She thought they were jammies! hee hee hee
I was too tired to go grocery shopping...
so we'll have to do that today...
we can only have out Kale Smoothies for so many meals a day...ha ha ha ha
and I'm out like the stuff on sale, on black friday, your kandee


Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I loved about Thanksgiving:

1. The first people ready to eat were the ones that still don't have any or all of their teeth! Go figure!  It was like a crazy high chair party!
2.  My lil niece kinda liking the turkey hat!
3.  How serious how my Grampa looks carving the turkey..AND that you can see Jordan is still wearing the turkey hat, while watching tv! Because he was NOT too excited about putting it on!
 4. Jordan- with the hat still on.....and my brother-in-law, doing what I did just moments before...taking pictures of all the food!

 5. That me and my sister both had green flannel shirts on, that we both did not plan, and they were both from Target! ha ha ha ANDDDD......that we were taking pictures of each other taking peictures of each other.
6. That unlike the other "me and Jordan with turkey hats on" picture...I love Ellie's lil face in this one! ha ha ha

And for more uncontrollable fun, CLICK this to see what the food looked like that we cooked all day and that I cleaned up all night! ha ha ha

Yay it's like we get a loooooong weekend, this is how it should be every weekend, your kandee

Thursday, November 22, 2012

and you thought your Thanksgiving Eve was boring...

Who: Ellie
Ellie, making one of the funniest, "thos is so not interesting" looks ever.
When: last night
Where: the living room
 Alani made this La La Loopsie figure out of play-dough...we took a picture, cuz' we're like that.
 I stayed home while everyone else went to go have fun and make a video (since the house would be quiet) which came out so awful, lighting is so ugly and gross, I can't even use it! bleeeeeeeh)
(me with the light that didn't even help make it look nice)
 our pile of "fairy pumpkins"....waiting to be arranged into something nicer looking than this.
I ate some onion soup and Jordan, and all the other boys in the family visiting, went to see 007 at the movies.

I boringly went to bed really early for myself...but the oven is on to bake up some yummy cinnamon roll goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...from kandeeland

and if you want an ab workout just from laughing, watching me workout, enjoy this:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to shop for Thanksgiving like a boss

(photo: courtesy of one, really-skilled-at-taking-blurry-pictures, 5 year old, named Blaker)

1. The first step to shopping like a boss, is to make a little or big list...which you can even see in this picture. Then don't bring a pen or anything, so you keep having to read the whole list to make sure you got everything.
(Blaker, using the tongs to retrieve some sample snacks for himself and Ellie...seconds after I took this, I stopped Ellie from picking up what he was dropping on the ground!)

2. Then, if you have 4 children like me, bring your 2 smallest ones, for a good time. The others were having a fun ol' time with my mom and sister at gramma's house.

3. Make sure you accidentally make some noise, out loud like I did, when I saw the price of turkeys, and then notice an older lady look at you very strange.
4. Make sure you also look in surprise as you see Christmas trees outside the grocery store on your way in. FYI: you can tell how windy it was, by the fluffy, wind-in-your-hair-action, in Blaker's lovely locks!
5. Stand in awe at all the variety of pumpkins and take a picture, to ensure that even more people look at you weirdly. ha ha ha ha ha
6. Last, but not least, make sure you buy the foil thing to cook the turkey in. Get your iphone out and give the thumbs up in the photograph- right when you think the coast is clear, and no one is on the aisle- only to look up and see yet another person looking at you weirdly. Like a boss.

7. Even more last...than #6., have the checkout girl comment on how brave and patient I am to come shopping with 2 kids....and I say: "This was fun! I have 2 more, but shopping with this guys is like a party!" We laughed, had a fun trip to the bathroom, they got snacks, laughed some more...we waved and said hi to people- Ellie's favorite...and that's how you shop like a boss!

turkey trays and blurry shoppin pics, your homegirl kandee

If you want to see how I "work out like a boss" watch this or CLICK THIS video I uploaded yesterday:

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

last night...

 looked a lil something like this...
Jordan sitting next to me texting someone....after showing me the tricks he does with his kendama
 a bunch of lil' cuties in jammies playing...I love having my sister and her precious lil girls here too!
 a picture of me in my jammies that I somehow accidentally took of myself...perhaps this is my new "good side" ha ha ha
 Alani and Blake sitting at their lil' table looking at the Christmas lights at the neighbors house...we love Christmas lights...and I love that my neighbor put them up on the last day of October- more time to enjoy the beauty!
 South by Southwest High Chair Festival...Ellie in her high chair with my cutie pie niece, doing leg tricks in the high chair behind!
*we ate a delicious dinner my mom made
*it's so fun to have my sister and her precious lil' family here
*it is really windy
*I hope you have an awesome day- even if it feels like tons of things go wrong, don't let it steal the smile from your face!

tuesday hugs, your kandee

*If you didn't see my "heart shaped cinnamon roll and "cinnabon" frosting it here:

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Monday, November 19, 2012

The new cool: mini-vans and crocheting

 This is the face I made when I had to return my rental car mini van.
It looks like rows of never-ending seats.
But hooray for my car being fixed.
Note: this was the one day last week when I left my house.
Don't judge me- I didn't put make-up on or do my hair- sometimes I do that.
(Remember we were all super sick.)

The kids were with my mom and grama while I did that...and they did this:
 Alani crocheting away after grama gave her a crochet lesson- while watching Herbie the Love Bug.
 Blakey also got a crochet lesson.
His yarn matched his shoes.

and later that lil Ellie Bellie all cuddly and ready for bed!
and whoop! whoop! I'm so excited that my sister is here to visit me for Thanksgiving! 
And if you missed it- I posted this over the weekend-
you can either you pre-made cinnamon rolls, or you could make them from scratch and shape them the same way and make this icing- yummy treat for visiting family for Thanksgiving....

hugs and heart-a-mon rolls, your kandee

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Our week in Kandeeland: shirts on our head

Ellie came out with all these goodies we got at Disneyland, that she had put on all by herself:
*light up necklace
*minnie mouse ears
(*bonus- we also seemed to have brought some sore throats and my food poisoning too! ha ha ha)
Then she did this!
 She cracks me up.
I this is my water glass- yes it has a mustache. Ha ha ha This helps no one drink from my germy water by mistake! I love this lil silicone mustaches- they're for wine glasses, but I don't drink water glasses- consider yourself ready for Movember Mustaches! (i think I got em at Home Goods, I can't remember)

I'm so excited because I'm going to have some special guest coming to visit for Thanksgiving! Hint: one of them rhymes with "mister"...ha ha ha ha

And wait until TOMORROW!!!!! I'm going to be uploading the most yummy, cute, and adorable recipe video! You're gonna "heart" it!!!

if you missed seeing all the junk in purse video- CLICK HERE


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