Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I loved about Thanksgiving:

1. The first people ready to eat were the ones that still don't have any or all of their teeth! Go figure!  It was like a crazy high chair party!
2.  My lil niece kinda liking the turkey hat!
3.  How serious how my Grampa looks carving the turkey..AND that you can see Jordan is still wearing the turkey hat, while watching tv! Because he was NOT too excited about putting it on!
 4. Jordan- with the hat still on.....and my brother-in-law, doing what I did just moments before...taking pictures of all the food!

 5. That me and my sister both had green flannel shirts on, that we both did not plan, and they were both from Target! ha ha ha ANDDDD......that we were taking pictures of each other taking peictures of each other.
6. That unlike the other "me and Jordan with turkey hats on" picture...I love Ellie's lil face in this one! ha ha ha

And for more uncontrollable fun, CLICK this to see what the food looked like that we cooked all day and that I cleaned up all night! ha ha ha

Yay it's like we get a loooooong weekend, this is how it should be every weekend, your kandee


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