Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to shop for Thanksgiving like a boss

(photo: courtesy of one, really-skilled-at-taking-blurry-pictures, 5 year old, named Blaker)

1. The first step to shopping like a boss, is to make a little or big list...which you can even see in this picture. Then don't bring a pen or anything, so you keep having to read the whole list to make sure you got everything.
(Blaker, using the tongs to retrieve some sample snacks for himself and Ellie...seconds after I took this, I stopped Ellie from picking up what he was dropping on the ground!)

2. Then, if you have 4 children like me, bring your 2 smallest ones, for a good time. The others were having a fun ol' time with my mom and sister at gramma's house.

3. Make sure you accidentally make some noise, out loud like I did, when I saw the price of turkeys, and then notice an older lady look at you very strange.
4. Make sure you also look in surprise as you see Christmas trees outside the grocery store on your way in. FYI: you can tell how windy it was, by the fluffy, wind-in-your-hair-action, in Blaker's lovely locks!
5. Stand in awe at all the variety of pumpkins and take a picture, to ensure that even more people look at you weirdly. ha ha ha ha ha
6. Last, but not least, make sure you buy the foil thing to cook the turkey in. Get your iphone out and give the thumbs up in the photograph- right when you think the coast is clear, and no one is on the aisle- only to look up and see yet another person looking at you weirdly. Like a boss.

7. Even more last...than #6., have the checkout girl comment on how brave and patient I am to come shopping with 2 kids....and I say: "This was fun! I have 2 more, but shopping with this guys is like a party!" We laughed, had a fun trip to the bathroom, they got snacks, laughed some more...we waved and said hi to people- Ellie's favorite...and that's how you shop like a boss!

turkey trays and blurry shoppin pics, your homegirl kandee

If you want to see how I "work out like a boss" watch this or CLICK THIS video I uploaded yesterday:

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