Friday, November 16, 2012

Our week in Kandeeland: shirts on our head

Ellie came out with all these goodies we got at Disneyland, that she had put on all by herself:
*light up necklace
*minnie mouse ears
(*bonus- we also seemed to have brought some sore throats and my food poisoning too! ha ha ha)
Then she did this!
 She cracks me up.
I this is my water glass- yes it has a mustache. Ha ha ha This helps no one drink from my germy water by mistake! I love this lil silicone mustaches- they're for wine glasses, but I don't drink water glasses- consider yourself ready for Movember Mustaches! (i think I got em at Home Goods, I can't remember)

I'm so excited because I'm going to have some special guest coming to visit for Thanksgiving! Hint: one of them rhymes with "mister"...ha ha ha ha

And wait until TOMORROW!!!!! I'm going to be uploading the most yummy, cute, and adorable recipe video! You're gonna "heart" it!!!

if you missed seeing all the junk in purse video- CLICK HERE


PS. I'm ultra proud of myself! WHY?!? CLICK and see the banner I made, yes all by myself!


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